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At the city of Sunyshore, along the shoreline, the Lord of the Distortion World, Giratina, lays buried under a pile of meteorites. Standing on Garchomp on the bridge overhead, Cynthia's Grandma exclaims that it is a perfect attack, and says the ambush was certainly out of Giratina's expectation, something which it could not have anticipated or evaded. Truth be told, she still finds it a bit amusing that it would appear at Eterna first, but it has eventually come here after all.

Heavily injured and with blood running down from his nose, Charon climbs out of the water onto the shore, and could not understand how anyone could correctly guess Giratina's entry point from the Distortion World. Cynthia states that Giratina has been living in a world where there is no sun. Logically, it would be seeking a place that is bright, warm, always bathed in sunlight, and Sunyshore City fits all of the conditions perfectly.

The Team Galactic Commander grunts that there are more and more intruders in his scheme, and states that it is still too early for him to give up. He conjures up the remaining strength in him, and tosses a smoke ball towards Cynthia and her Grandma to temporarily blind their sight while sneaking under the bridge hoping to flee the scene. However, he quickly finds himself surrounded by the Sinnoh Pokedex Holders and Dialga, Palkia, and Cresselia, who have gathered under the bridge to prevent his escape.

Dia and Pearl remark that the same trick cannot be employed twice, and Platinum states that there is no way he could flee now. Yet, Charon refuses to yield, and says he has not lost yet as Giratina is still under his control. In fact, he has already identified the unique numerical values for Dialga, Palkia and Cresselia as well, making him capable of controlling every Pokemon he wants. He believes that he should start with something more interesting, however, and emits a signal from his controller to Giratina, who is still lying in the rubbles along the shore. The Lord of the Distortion World fixes its gaze on the portal which it came from, and Dia and Pearl gasp that the opening is starting to shrink in size.

Charon laughs that all those who are still inside will be trapped in the Distortion World forever, including their other companions, Cyrus, his stupid Commanders, and even the remaining legendary Pokemon. He states that if he could not make the mythical creatures his own, they might as well cease to exist in this world, so it would not matter to him anymore.

Pearl orders Chatlord to snatch the control device from Charon, but just as it is about to make contact, the old Scientist presses a few buttons on his machine and causes the little Chatot to lose control of itself and turn around to attack Pearl instead. The trio jump in shock at the Chatlord's sudden change in behavior, and Dia and Platinum quickly send Beh and Rapidash forward. However, the two Pokemon easily fall under the control of Charon's device as well, and the Team Galactic Scientist giggles that he can handle any amount of Pokemon at the same time.

Suddenly, something knocks off the control device from Charon's hands, and makes it crumble into pieces as it crashes onto the ground. Chatlord, Beh and Rapidash instantly regain their senses, and even the portal to the Distortion World stops closing. Dia, Pearl, Platinum and Charon widen their eyes in bewilderment when they see that it is a robot made up of airplanes, trucks and liners who has made the ambush, and Charon furiously demands to know what it is.

Dia gasps that it is his Proteinman Omega toy robot, and Pearl, whose face is cringing with disbelief, hopes that Dia isn't suggesting the absurdity that the toy robot acted out of a heart of justice and thus came to life to help them out.

Charon angrily picks up a boulder and prepares to crush the robot, but the thing raises its arms, and to the old man's astonishment, unleashes a field of high-voltage electricity, which fries the man and makes him tumble backwards. Dia then sees Rotom seeping out from the robot, which instantly becomes motionless, and realizes with a start that the plasma Pokemon has taken possession and controlled his Proteinman Omega robot.

A familiar voice comes on to say that it isn't exactly an unimaginable fact, and Platinum looks up to see that it is Prof. Rowan, who is standing on the bridge next to her father, Sir Berlitz. The professor states that there are old documents which described a Pokemon capable of entering toy robots to play, and he has already suspected that it was Rotom that the records were talking about. Dia is pleasantly surprised to learn of this special ability of Rotom, and grins that it is now his robot anime pal.

At that moment, Palmer and Riley have brought everyone else in the group out from the Distortion World through the portal with the help of Regigigas, Heatran and the lake guardians, and gather around the Sinnoh Dex Holders. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter also step out from the portal back into the real world, and mock Charon for being defeated by a toy.

A voice from behind remarks that it doesn't seem appropriate for them to make such comments, and the three turn around to see Cyrus, their Boss whom they have been searching for all this time. The Commanders get elated that the man has finally returned, but Cyrus decides to deal with Charon first, and hovers over on the Mini-Noses of his Probopass.

Upon seeing Cyrus, Charon immediately gets nervous, and hurriedly flips himself over to bow his head onto the ground. He states that he has been striving to obtain all the legendary and phantom Pokemon for the sake of Cyrus and Team Galactic, but Cyrus shows no emotions to the words, and reaches his hand out. Saturn and Mars remember the man's fondness of pinching people for punishment, and anticipate a painful time for Charon.

However, Cyrus simply picks up the broken control device from the floor, and after studying it for a while, sees that it works by generating Pokemon-specific signals. Each Pokemon species has a particular numerical value in their make-up which they are weak against, and the device can measure, extract and turn this value into a corresponding signal which wavelength is capable of targeting a specific Pokemon and exert control over it. In fact, it can generate multiple different signals at the same time, which is why Charon can manipulate a group of Pokemon simultaneously.

Cyrus compliments that Charon is truly remarkable in his work, and notices from the device's record that it has also been put to use at the Spear Pillar, a revelation which causes Charon to panic. Saturn immediately realizes the implication behind, and yells that Charon had no concern about the Red Chain or the creation of a new universe after all. All he cared about was using the device to control Dialga and Palkia, and by clashing their powers against one another, opens up a portal to the Distortion World where he could get to Giratina.

Charon quickly denies the accusation, and swears his utmost loyalty to Cyrus and Team Galactic. He assures Cyrus that he has simply overdone things a little and had no intention of betrayal, and promises to do better next time. He holds up his left arm, and offers to let the Team Galactic Boss pinch him on the back for punishment, the spot where people feel most pain when pinched.

Cyrus remains silent for a few moments, and after addressing Charon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter by their names, makes the astonishing announcement that he is now disbanding Team Galactic, and the Commanders are free to go. Saturn gasps in surprise as Mars widens her eyes in shock, while Jupiter puts on a frown and seems not too happy about what she hears. Cyrus then orders Probopass to use Magnet Rise, and goes airborne again on the Mini-Noses.

However, Jupiter calls out after him with an annoyed tone, scoffing his words as nonsense, and says Cyrus has the responsibility to fulfill his role as their Boss until the very end. She cries that she has no idea how to go on living with Team Galactic gone, and tells the man to take her with him if he is leaving. She turns to Mars and Saturn, challenging that the two of them have obviously no grand plans for their lives outside Team Galactic either, and the two Commanders could only put on embarrassed looks at the accusation.

Cyrus lets out a sigh upon hearing Jupiter's plea, and in the next instant, the three Team Galactic Commanders find themselves lifted into the air by the man's Magnezone. Mars grins at Jupiter for voicing out for them as Saturn sweatdrops at the situation, and Jupiter puts on a content smile as she crosses her arms in her usual cool demeanor.

As the former Team Galactic Boss gets ready to leave with his three faithful Commanders, he turns to address Dia, Platinum and Pearl one last time. He compliments them for shining with the light of a noble Soul, willing to sacrifice their lives for their duties, and thanks them for being respectable warriors with a dignified and complete Heart.

With that, the four begin to depart, and Charon cannot believe that everyone is letting these people who command one of the most evil organizations leave just like that. A voice says Charon is indeed right that bad people as such must be chased down and arrested to pay for their sins, and in the next instant, the International Police Officer, Looker, jumps off the bridge with his Croagunk to place a handcuff around Charon's wrists, stating that it shall start with him.

Platinum is extremely grateful to see that Looker has recovered from his injuries, and the man assures her that he is doing completely fine now. Buck, with a bandage over his head, also enters the scene to greet his Battleground companions, and Mira, Cheryl and Marley happily gather up to him.

Platinum is relieved that everything turned out well at the end, and in that instant, something gigantic straightens up itself behind her, causing water from the shoreline to splash up and shower down on her like a drizzle. Dia and Pearl gasp that Giratina has recovered, and hurry over to protect the Lady. However, two powerful beams of energy shoot out from the portal to the Distortion World, and strike at the ghost Dragon from behind, slamming it back onto the ground again.

The attackers reveal themselves to be Volkner and Flint, and the two jump out from the portal with their Electivire and Magmortar, declaring that they still have yet to determine the winner in their battle against Giratina. Yet, it is clear that they have earned the last glory of the fight, as Giratina now lays defeated along the shore, obviously having worn out from the climatic struggle with the other legendaries. The two man high-five each other, and Flint giggles that they are strong after all, while Volkner grins that it gets embarrassing to put the statement into actual words.

As Giratina trembles on the ground and struggles to get back up, it soon finds Dialga and Palkia towering over itself with warning eyes. It gets their message instantly, and with a grunt, turns around to dive back into the portal, which gradually closes up after it. The dragons of time and space then share a nod with each other, and both spread their wings and tails to fly up into the skies.

Dia states that Giratina has finally returned to the Distortion World, and Pearl wonders if Dialga and Palkia are going back to the Spear Pillar. Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie also begin to make their departure, and the boys believe that they are heading back to their separate lakes. As for the other legendaries, Ghee is now a member on Dia's team, and it seems that Rotom has decided to stay with them. Palmer shall keep Cresselia with him from now on, and Buck, together with his Battleground companions, remarks that they will escort Heatran back to the Stark Mountain. Marley bends down to Shaymin, who is still in its Sky Forme, and invites it to join her, which the gratitude Pokemon happily accepts.

Riley wonders what has happened to Darkrai, and the cloaked Team Galactic grunt spots that it has hovered off towards the open seas. He sighs that intended or not, Darkrai will always bring nightmares to those around it, and feels sorry for the shadowy creature, as it is apparently yearning for a place where it could really settle down.

On the bridge, Prof. Rowan states that Giratina, Rotom and Shaymin have showed them that there are Pokemon who have the ability to change formes. Sir Berlitz grins that apart from Pokemon evolution, they now have Pokemon transformation to research on as well, and he could definitely foresee some very busy days ahead. A voice replies that there is nothing to worry about as she and Platinum will also assist in the research, and the two man turn around to see that it is Prof. Willow Berlitz, Sir Berlitz's wife and Platinum's mother.

Cynthia remarks that it seems they are having a happy ending after all, and her Grandma hollers that it is time for her to overdose on Route 20. She urges Cynthia to hurry up and get Garchomp going right away, and the Sinnoh Champion giggles that her Grandma never changes her bossy attitude. Dia, Pearl and Platinum are shocked that Cynthia is leaving already, and rush over to her. Cynthia explains that she is treating her Grandma to a Moomoo Milk feast at the Café Cabin in return for the special training, and the old woman hopes that the three young trainers will continue to better themselves as well.

Just then, something rings in Looker's pocket, and he reaches in to pull out a mobile phone, gadget 12 of the International Police Arms, named the International Smart Satellite Phone. He sees that it is a call from his Chief Officer, and answers to learn that he has been assigned a new duty by the international police force. He questions who shall continue to pursue the Team Galactic Boss and Commanders who have fled, and the Chief Officer replies that he has already chosen a successor for Looker's current job. He wants Looker to go hunt down the commanders of a secret organization in another region, Unova, and says he should be looking for people known as the Seven Sages. Listening nearby, Cynthia gets a little intrigued upon hearing about the Unova region, but Grandma starts to get grumpy about all the delay, and cries that she could wait no more.

And so, Looker straps on his Galactic Jet, gadget 5 of the International Police Arms, and gets ready to leave. He turns to Platinum, and wishes her best of luck in her quest as a Pokemon trainer and scholar. He remarks that there is no need for sorrow, as departure is the beginning of the next meeting. Starting on the Galactic Jet's engine, the police officer hopes to see the young girl again soon, and speeds off into the air, leaving behind a cloud of smoke which Platinum chokes on. Next to her, Dia comments that in their case, it is more like meeting is the beginning of departure, and Pearl tells him to stop saying stupid words.

Suddenly, Looker plummets from the sky and lands in front of the trio again, causing the three to bolt with a start. The police officer states that he has forgotten something all this time, and he would still not have remembered it if his boss did not mention about another region. He reaches into his pocket to take out a blue coloured global object which has a red core and sparking yellow spots around it, and passes it to the young trainers.

Dia can see that it is an egg of some sort, and wonders why Looker is giving it to them. Looker says he has no idea either, but it was an egg which he obtained before this current mission, at a region known as Fiore, from two Pokemon Rangers who were protecting it. A young girl accompanied by the Rangers requested that he pass the egg to a trainer in Sinnoh, and it appears that they want the egg hatched.

Looker then remarks that they should say their goodbyes once again, and takes off into the air without another word while Dia, Pearl and Platinum remain a bit baffled by the item they are bestowed upon. The three young trainers spin their heads around, wondering if the whole Distortion World incident is really over now, and Dr. Footstep believes that it is the case.

Crouching on the ground to study the footprints scattered along the shoreline, the chubby little man states that he could no longer see 'conquer', 'destruction', 'rage' and 'spite' from Giratina's prints. The Pokemon Association Chairman says although they do not know exactly how Giratina is feeling now, it has returned to its own place and the portal has also disappeared. Dia, Pearl and Platinum feel relieved by what they hear, and each puts on a content smile. They grin that things are finally over, and share a fist-bump with each other, just like they did at the Spear Pillar.

Palmer points out that things are not really over to be exact, as Platinum still has one remaining facility to challenge at his Battle Frontier. Platinum recalls with a start that she has indeed not taken part in Palmer's Battle Tower yet, and the man looks forward to her visit. Pearl finds it amusing that his father will battle the Lady, and Palmer once again reminds him to call him daddy.

Platinum giggles at the interesting interaction between Palmer and Pearl, and says she has one request from Dia and Pearl before she goes for the Battle Tower challenge. The boys wonder what it is, and Platinum grins that she has not seen their Manzai performance for quite a while. She hopes to watch it again, and both Dia and Pearl are more than glad to do so.

And so, peace and order gradually return to Sinnoh. The six Gymleaders finally recover from their injuries, and are greeted warmly by Byron on their discharge from the hospital. Dia's Mom still practices the contest moves which she is so fond of with her Glameow, and Prof. Rowan gives Roseanne a headache every time he gets too consumed by eating and leaves all the work to Sir Berlitz and Prof. Willow Berlitz, who are always accompanied by their butler Sebastian. For Looker, he has arrived at the region of Unova, and gets ready to set foot on a metropolitan city full of skyscrapers.

It is your name that will be remembered. It is the beautiful memories of your journey so far that will remain. So come! Seek the final victory in the brutal battle, and you and the Pokemon you fight along with will be recorded on the stage of Sinnoh…

Stepping on stage which was built ad-hoc, Dia and Pearl greet their one and only audience, Platinum, and introduce themselves along with Beh and Chatlord.

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemon!! Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~

As the sun shines brightly high up in the clear blue skies, the adventure of the three Sinnoh Pokedex Holders also draws to a conclusion…

Sometime later, at the Daycare Center of Solaceon Town, Dia munches on his waffle, and playfully pokes his finger at the little Pokemon in front of him. The blue sea-angel-like creature sprouts a single antenna from a float-sac like structure on its head, and has blue circles decorating its eyes and a red jewel in the center of its belly. It giggles as Dia pokes at its head, and Dia remarks that its entire body feels like water.

Pearl barks that they are supposed to be raising it, and tells Dia to stop playing and start training. Dia answers by swallowing the food in his mouth, and proceeds to ask the little Pokemon to try unleash the move Heart Swap, where it sways its arms and causes heart-shaped lights to glow around itself.

Platinum giggles at the two boys' behavior and is soon approached by the old couple Grampy and Granny who are in charge of the Daycare Center. The two are accompanied by another blue coloured Pokemon almost identical to the one Dia is playing with, but has two antennae instead of one, and yellow circles around its eyes instead of blue.

Grampy says it is the first time they see something like that after so many years of working at the Daycare, and Granny remarks that while the blue egg they brought initially hatched into this two-antennaed-Pokemon, named Manaphy, they soon found another similar-looking egg next to it, from which the one-antennaed-Pokemon hatched from. Platinum observes that although the two Pokemon share many similarities, they are still technically different Pokemon. Granny believes that the one-antennaed-Pokemon is named Phione, and points out the interesting fact that it isn't the pre-evolution form of Manaphy either.

Pearl remembers little is written about these two Pokemon in Charon's memobook as well, but Dia recalls having seen a picture of Manaphy at Mr. Backlot's Pokemon Mansion. He muses that everything about Pokemon is so fascinating, and thinks that Pokemon eggs are especially so as they carry so many mysteries about them. Platinum agrees that research in Pokemon eggs is a very interesting area of study, and watches in amusement as Manaphy and Phione interact with each other.

Granny laughs that Platinum is surely a scholar's daughter, and Grampy states that the personality of the trainer who hatches a Pokemon egg actually has a lot of influence to the Pokemon born. Platinum is surprised to hear that, and Grampy recalls a young trainer who came to their Daycare Center in Johto many years ago, who hatched an egg with a personality so similar to himself…

At one point in his life, this trainer whom the Daycare couple talked about was about to face one of the biggest challenges in his life. Standing amidst an ancient ruin where the ground is laid with worn-out stone tiles, he held a billiard cue over his shoulders and stood close to his team of trusted Pokemon. He took a wary step forward, and pulled out the version VI Pokedex from his bagpack to his aid. As a sweat trickled down his face, he felt frustrated at the current situation, and wondered how things have come to this.

The boy placed his faith and hope in his partners, and started dashing forward towards the mighty creature standing in front of him…

-- Fin. The Eighth Chapter --

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

441: Alternate Dimension Battle XI

Volume 40