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In his little house by the river near the border of Cerulean, the young and gifted inventor known as Bill is trying to fix the Pokemon Transfer Machine he has created for trainers all over the world. Crawling into a bullet-shaped cell of the high-tech machine, the young man moans how delicate inventions always take time to manage. Yet he fails to notice that the hook on the cell door has caught the tail of his shirt, and as he moves deeper into the confined little space, the door slams shut and auto-locks with a snap. Bill freaks out immediately and bangs around in the strong confinement of the cell helplessly as he watches the auto-timer slowly counts down. In an adjacent cell, a little Rattatta looks on, confused.

Out in the woods between Route 24 and 25, another pokeball falls off from Red's belt as the boy bends down to pick it up with an annoyed look on his face and complains how inconvenient it is to carry around so many pokeballs. Since his departure from Misty's mansion, Red has encountered various wild pokemons and made plenty of successful captures. He stuffs the fallen ball back in line with at least a dozen other pokeballs on his belt and notices an odd looking Rattatta walking by, pulling on a small piece of log with a rope. Red silently crawls up behind the funny creature that looks to have a human face, thinks of it as a rare specie of the Rattatta line and digs out a new pokeball to attempt a capture. Just then, the weird little thing starts talking to itself and the boy instantly freaks and bolts up from the bushes he's hiding in. The creature immediately spins around to calm the boy down and assures him that itself is a human being.

It turns out that the creature is Bill and he explains to Red about his merging with a Rattatta due to an accident in the Pokemon Transfer Machine. He introduces himself as a famous inventor and pokemon critic and just as he's about to go on bragging about his works, a Fearow swoops down from the sky and sweeps him up with its claws. Apparently the bird has mistaken Bill for a real Rattatta and the disfigured young man cries out for help. Red takes a look at his three still confused pokemon, Pika, Poli and Saur, and decides to help the man anyway.

Red orders a razor leaf from Saur but the Fearow soars even higher to dodge the spinning leaves. Bill yells out that the best way to take down a flyer is to freeze its wings or paralyze it and that grass attacks would be useless. Red withdraws Saur as Pika and Poli release a combined ice beam and thunder wave, but the bird tilts itself and the attacks hit Bill instead. Frustrated, Red gives chase after the Fearow and thinks on a strategy when Bill shouts out that the boy has to find some way to halt the bird's flight. Red gets an idea when he spots a cluster of dark clouds in the sky. He orders Pika to leap high up in the air and the little rat starts sending sparks to the clouds. This immediately triggers a thunder and zaps right down at the Fearow. The bird plunges to the ground in front of Red while Bill is thrown onto the edge of a cliff.

The boy walks up to examine the bird but it suddenly gets up screeching and prepares to attack. Bill looks down from the cliff as the bird starts to twirl itself into a spiral and the young man recognizes the move as the dangerous drill peck. He shouts out warnings to Red and the boy stands his ground alongside Poli, with a determined look on his face. Bill covers his eyes with its Rattatta hands as he watches the sharp beak of the spinning Fearow pierce right into the Poliwhirl, but a few seconds later he opens his eyes to discover that the bird has actually been frozen from its beak. It turns out that Poli has fooled the Fearow with a double team and frozen it with an ice beam. The young scientist sighs with relief as the boy chuckles light-heartedly.

Later, back at Bill's little house, Red pushes a handle on the delicate machine and lights begin to flash between the two bullet-like cells of the Pokemon Transfer Machine. A few moments later Bill emerges from one of the cells in his human form and thanks the boy for his help. Bill demonstrates the feature of the machine and explains that it can transfer both pokemons and items away for storage. The two formally introduce themselves to each other and Red tells Bill of his dream to become the ultimate pokemon trainer. Bill compliments on his great endeavor and says the machine and storage system should come in handy for him. He says that Red should lighten his load and rips a pokeball off the boy's belt, only to discover it contains the Fearow that attacked him earlier. The young man slips in fear and lands his bottoms on the floor as Red watches all this with a chuckle...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

009: VS. Fearow!

Volume 01

Red meets Bill
Red catches a Fearow