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On board the luxurious liner, S.S. Anne, Red and his Poli are surrounded by a gang of electric pokemons led by Lt. Surge as the sailors flood into the room. The gymleader promises a torturous punishment for the boy and questions his reasons for intruding. Red defiantly accuses Lt. Surge and his crew of stealing pokemons from the residents in Vermillion and the man laughs it off by saying they are simply helping the creatures out of their misery in a boring city of peace. Red gets up and prepares to face off the gymleader but the man says the boy stands no chance against the pokemon he has appointed to guard the liner. The shadowy creature Red met earlier appears behind Lt. Surge as the man says pokeballs can't even restrain this pokemon and that the boy wouldn't be able to survive a single attack. An electrabuzz looms into view as the handcuffs on its limbs snap open and the creature roars and hurls a thunderpunch towards Red. The boy narrowly escapes the attack and is shocked to find the ground of the room charred and cracked in an instant.

Poli secretly opens its eyes and begins to send a small pool of water towards Lt. Surge and his Electrabuzz on the floor as Red continues to stare down his opponents. Lt. Surge gives another grin and orders the electric pokemon to attack again but Red suddenly orders Poli to fire an ice bream and freeze the water under his opponents' feet. With the gymleader and the Electrabuzz both immobile, Red throws in a ball which explodes into a cloud of smoke and takes the chance to escape the room. Out on the deck, Red and Poli hides behind some cargo around the corner and the boy compliments on his pokemon's great work. The two look around to check on their pursuers but find only Magnemites scouting back and fro on the corridors. Red carries Poli on his back and silently crawls under the Magnemites to avoid being seen, but what he doesn't know is that Lt. Surge has already located him by the hidden cameras installed on the liner. A Magneton approaches the boy from behind and releases a sonic attack. The defeaning sound causes the boy to hold his ears as he feels his Poli being yanked away from him. The screeching stops and Red looks up to see Lt. Surge holding his Poli by the arm, with Electrabuzz behind him.

The gymleader grins again and tosses the Poliwhirl into the ocean. Red bolts up to stop him but three Magnetons release an electric field to confine him. The boy watches his pokemon plummet into the sea helplessly as Lt. Surge reminds him not to mess around with other people's business next time. The Electrabuzz then charges itself up and zaps the boy with a mighty thunderbolt, leaving the boy battered and unconscious. Lt. Surge grins a final time and orders the Magnetons to release the field, and the boy drops silently into the waters of Vermillion.

As Red sinks deeper and deeper into the ocean, he remembers how his Poli saved him once in his childhood when he nearly drowned in the river. His thoughts start to become blurry as a shadow approaches him. Back on S.S. Anne, Lt. Surge wonders if the boy is dead when a Poliwrath leaps out of the waters with Red under its right arm. The big blue frog places its trainer back on deck as the stunned gymleader orders another attack from his Electrabuzz. Powered up from its evolution, Poli wipes off the attack with a blow and charges towards the electric pokemon. The two clasp hands and arms as Lt. Surge prepares to make an escape. Poli's arm muscles slowly bulge out and it releases a seismic toss, crashing Electrabuzz into the gymleader and sending the two off the deck. Red awakes and stares in astonishment.

A few hours later, police are all over the luxurious liner and arresting all its crew members, but the gymleader is nowhere to be found. Members of the Pokemon Fan Club are overjoyed to find their lost pokemons in the cargo of the ship, but Red is still fuzzy about the things that happened. The president of the club rushes up to the boy and says his Poli looks as cute after its evolution, then fervently asks about his lost Abra. Red puts up a troubled smile on his face and reveals to the man that his Abra has evolved all the way to Alakazam while it was held captive. The odd-looking man immediately collapses to the ground as the members of the club gather around their awe-struck president...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

011: VS. Electabuzz!

Volume 01

Red's Poli evolved into a Poliwrath