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The sky is dark and raining hard in the north-eastern town known as Lavendar. Red is wandering around to seek coverage with his Pika, Poli and Saur but everybody in the little town brushes them off with cold looks and unfriendly gestures. The boy gets frustrated and wonders what caused the hostility of the residents. Just then, a kind-looking old man comes up to him and explains that the people who live there have been suspicious of one another lately and that he shouldn't take it personally. The old man crouches down in front of a white cross that sticks out from the ground and Red wonders what it is. The old man tells him that it is the graveyard of his beloved Doduo which passed away due to old age not long ago, and the boy slowly kneels down to pay his regards. The old man remarks that Red really loves pokemons and offers to let the boy stay the night at his place.

A while later, Red cleans his face with a warm towel and learns that the old man is called Mr. Fuji. The old man explains that Lavendar is a town where the souls of dead pokemons gather and that the tall building not far from his house, called the Pokemon Tower, is actually a cemetary for pokemons. Red asks why Mr. Fuji didn't build his Doduo's graveyard in the building and the old man says that people have stopped going near the building recently as ghosts have been encountered by those who do. Red laughs at this but Mr. Fuji assures him that it is more than a rumour and that's the reason why people start becoming cold and suspicious towards one another.

The old man takes out some photos of his diseased Doduo and says he wishes he could build a proper graveyard for it in the tower one day. Red takes a look at the pictures and is surprised to see Green in one of them. Mr. Fuji explains that the other boy paid a visit to him right before his Doduo passed away. He recalls seeing the boy enter the Pokemon Tower two weeks ago, but says he hasn't heard from him since then. He adds that all those who were seen entering the building have not returned either in recent months. Red tells the old man about his rivalry with Green and decides to check out the building himself.

Red slowly makes his way through the rain to the haunted building as he ponders on the possibility of the existence of ghosts. When he reaches the entrance, the door squeaks open and this immediately sends chills down the boy's spine. Red timidly navigates between the graveyards and feels the creepy atmosphere biting at him from every direction. A purple fog starts to surround the place and Red notices a Psyduck slowly taking form in front of him. The creature silently walks up to the boy with a blank look on its face, and suddenly snaps its mouth wide open with a deadly screech as its flesh falls away, revealing its skull and skeleton. Red freaks and falls back in horror while more pokemons like Lickitung, Slowbro and Tangela start to take form around him. They all have hollow eyes and fuzzy exteriors that threaten to fall off any second. The boy releases his Bulbasaur, Saur, and has it strike them down with razor leaf. But the zombies seem unaffected by the attack and keep pushing on. Saur tries a sleep powder but even that fails to work. The skeleton Psyduck suddenly charges towards Red and Saur halts it by its vines, which manages to reduce it into dust. Red rushes up to check on the pile of broken bones on the floor and realizes something must be controlling these dead bodies of the pokemons. But he doesn't have time to think. More dead bodies charge at him and the boy tries his best to dodge the attacks.

After a while, Red notices that the zombie pokemons could not move outside the purple fog and decides that something in the fog must be possessing the cadavers. Just then, a ball of fire shoots out from the fog and narrowly misses Red. The outline of a young boy slowly takes form and Red yells out joy as he recognizes him as Green. But to his surprise, the other boy fires another attack towards him and knocks him down. Red stares back in disbelief as he sees the evil looks and grins on Green and his Charmeleon...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

013: VS. Psyduck!

Volume 01

Red goes to the Pokémon Tower