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Out on Cycling Road, Red pulls his bike to an urgent halt in an ear-piercing screech when a Tangela suddenly hops by in front of him. The boy loses balance and falls off his bike as he spots a long line of people carrying a fancy little sedan walking by. He notices the grass pokemon entering the sedan and starts chasing after it, only to get stopped immediately by the people in the line. They angrily tell him that the Tangela belongs to Lady Erika and that he should respect it, but the boy gets mad and yells that he doesn't care about whatever lady owns the pokemon. Erika hears the noise and comes out of the sedan to ask about the hassle, and the people immediately drop to their knees and bow to her. One man pushes Red down and says he has to show respect to the only heir of the Celadon Gym. Red gets excitedly upon hearing that Erika is the gymleader and jumps in front to request a challenge. Erika notices the Boulder and Cascade badges on Red's T-shirt while the people try to grab Red and tell him that their lady needs to rest after the long journey out of the city. The gymleader calmly accepts the boy's challenge but says he has to complete one of her quests to prove his strength before beginning the match. Red instantly agrees as Erika tells him to capture one wild pokemon she's looking for, Eevee.

Later, at the PokemonCentre on Route 17, Red gets upset as he still fails to find any information about Eevee from the computer. Apparently, he has not come across this specie before and has no idea what the pokemon looks like. Suddenly, Bill's face appears on the screen and the young man says he could help him with his search. A few moments later, Red and Bill are out on the grassland next to the PokemonCentre and the boy thanks Bill for coming to his assistance. Bill explains that flying pokemons make travelling much easier these days as he tries to search with a different keyword on his laptop. An image of Eevee pops up and he says he will send the picture to his acquaintance all over the region to help locate the pokemon, though after a while, none of the responses have been positive.

Back at the Celadon Gym, Erika is practicing her archery wearing her kimono robe. One of her maidens comes up and asks her if it is safe to depend on a young boy to retrieve Eevee as it is an important part of their plan. Erika is about to repond when she notices a stir and immediately releases her Vileplume to launch a petal dance attack. The swirling petals sweep across the maiden and instantly knock out a lurking Drowzee behind her. The maiden gaps in shock as the gymleader secretly wishes Red to find Eevee as soon as possible.

Near the city gates of Celadon, Red and Bill have narrowed their search to a park after receiving reports from an acquaintance that Eevee has been spotted around that area. Bill says that his source states that Eevee has been seen using fire attacks and assumes it to be a fire type pokemon. The man then pulls out an antenna-like device with a screen and remarks that he would confirm things with this new invention specialized for detecting pokemon types. Suddenly, Eevee hops out from the bushes behind the two and Bill quickly checks his screen for a signal. But to his surprise, nothing shows and Red impatiently releases his Krabby, Kra, to take down the little creature. The Eevee instantly transforms into a Jolteon and faints Kra with a thundershock when an electric symbol appears on Bill's decice screen.

Knowing that the pokemon they're dealing with is electric, Red withdraws Kra and releases his Diglett, Dig, instead. In a flash, the Jolteon transforms into Vaporeon and once again knocks out Red's pokemon as Bill's device screen shows a water symbol. Red gets confused and releases Saur to battle, but the Vaporeon has now changed into a Flareon and starts spurting flames out of its mouth. Red and Bill starts running as a fire symbol appears on the screen. The man suddenly recalls a report about an Eevee possessing all three fire, water and electric abilities which he initially believed to be erroneous, but decides that it must be the Eevee they're currently facing.

The Flareon shifts back into an Eevee and Red notices that its left ear wiggles every time it transforms. He realizes that it must be using its ears to detect its foe's type and orders Saur to release a razor leaf. The leaf blades wrap around Eevee's two ears and the little pokemon instantly loses the ability to transform. Red grabs the chance and has Saur use solarbeam to knock it out. Bill runs up to the fainted Eevee and finds a small piece of metal chip on its left ear, apparently used for detection. Red realizes someone must have performed some biological alterations to the little pokemon and starts to wonder why Erika wanted it so desperately at the first place. He gathers Eevee in his arms as he and Bill hurry towards the Celadon Gym to confront the gymleader...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

019: VS. Eevee!

Volume 02

Red Catches a Special Eevee