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A furious Red storms into the Celadon Gym with Bill as he yells out for the gymleader, Erika, to show. He hurries towards the healing machine on the far side of the room and immediately retreives the injured Eevee into a pokeball before placing it in the machine. Bill spots a file with the title 'Eevee Bio-engineering Scheme' on the table, and flips through the document to discover that someone is trying to make use of Eevee's multi-evolutionary ability to create one that could freely transform between its three elemental states. He reads out loud to Red about the plan and out of nowhere, Erika appears to finish off his sentence. Red and Bill instantly spin around to find the gymleader applauding their great work in capturing the Eevee. Standing in front of a gang of people, she holds the Rainbow Badge in her hands and says Red has passed his test to prove himself worthy. But the boy fires back and accuses the lady for tricking him to participate in her evil plans and that he will not let her get away with conducting inhumane experiments on pokemons. Before he could finish, Erika hops onto the stage in the gym and releases her Tangela, Bellsprout and Vileplume. Red wastes no time and calls out for Pika, Poli and Saur.

Erika announces that it will be a 3 on 3 match and immediately orders a vine whip from her Tangela. Red's Saur retaliates with its own vines but immediately gets hurled away and knocked out by the other grass pokemon's attack. Poli steps up to prepare for battle while Erika withdraws Tangela and orders Bellsprout forward. The big blue frog charges towards its opponent and strikes it with a double-slap. Bellsprout's cheeks swell in red but before Poli can finish it off with a final blow, it blocks the attack and retaliates with a double-slap of its own. Poli faints and Erika smirks that mimic comes in handy when the opposing pokemon knows strong attacks. With two pokemons down, Red tells Pika to try its best and Erika has her Vileplume attack with a petal dance. The electric little rat has no problem at first dodging the sweeping petals but Vileplume launches a swords dance and throws the petals into a swirl which hits Pika immediately. Red looks on worried as he watches Pika's HP fall to near zero on his Pokedex.

Erika shoots a cold look at Red and says she expects more from him. She remarks that it will be difficult for her to think of another quest for him to complete for his next challenge now that she has Eevee re-captured. This brings the boy to remember Eevee and he immediately looks over towards the healing machine, but to his shock, the machine doesn't seem to be healing the pokemon. Erika explains that the healing process would not start until the switch handle is activated. She coldly states that with Eevee's current state, it would die in no time if she releases it from the pokeball holding it. Red begs her not to and the gymleader asks the boy if he thinks that failed or useless experimental specimens should be destroyed. Without hesitation the boy yells that all living things deserve to be treated equally and it's the last thing he wants to see pokemons harmed. Just then, the petal-covered Pika starts to glow and a transparent counterpart of itself floats out of its own body. Red and Bill wonders what is going on when the transparent Pika charges towards Vileplume. Erika remarks that it is the substitue attack, which makes use of one fourth of the pokemon's HP, but says it's a futile act as the transparent Pika gets destroyed by Vileplume instantly upon contact.

Red grins and says Erika has underestimated his pokemon. The gymleader spins around and finds the actual Pika standing in front of the healing machine, guarding Eevee. The cold and evil expressions on her face suddenly fade away and she lets out a little sigh as she walks over to Pika and gently pats its head. She compliments the little rat for using its remaining HP to distract the enemy in hopes of protecting others. Red and Bill look on confused as Erika activates the healing machine. The gymleader holds Pika in her arms and apologizes for her hostility. She says that she has learnt about Red from Brock and Misty and explains that she was testing him to see if he really cares about pokemons. She reveals that the Eevee escaped from an evil orgnization's biological experiments earlier and she and her companions at Celadon are trying everything they could to salvage it after collecting information from various sources. She points out that the file on the table is the compilation of what they know so far.

Red asks about the identity of the evil organization and as he expected, it is Team Rocket. Erika kneels down and puts on the Rainbow Badge on the boy's T-shirt as she remarks that they will need trainers with caring hearts and strong fighting wills like him to combat the evil technology of their enemies. Red promises that he will do what he can and the gymleader intoduces him to her gang of companions, whom are all citizens of Celadon brought together to fight TR's evil schemes.

A few days later, Red prepares to set off and Bill asks if it is safe for him to take the Eevee along. He reminds him of what Erika has talked about the frequent attacks of psychic pokemons from another city's gym and remarks that it might be related to Team Rocket. Red gives him an assuring smile and trots off with Eevee without a word as Bill watches, annoyed. Somewhere nearby, Sabrina floats in mid-air on her Kadabra and watches Red continue on his journey. She shoots him a cold look and disappears in a flash of light...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

020: VS. Vileplume!

Volume 02

Red Gets a Rainbow Badge