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It is night time at the Safari Zone and the park warden is still searching for his missing visitor, Red, with his team of men. The boy's pokemons, Pika, Poli and Saur start to get really worried about their trainer as the search team has uncovered nothing so far. Pika gets upset and lets out a desperate cry into the evening sky, in hopes that its voice would somehow reach the boy's ears.

Somewhere deep in the woods of the park, Red is using all his strength to cling onto the rim of the Victreebell's gaping mouth and struggling hard to keep himself from falling into the acid below. The boy stares in horror as he watches a piece of leaf chars and melts as it drops into the corrosive liquid. Suddenly, the Victreebell lifts him away from its mouth and ties him upside down onto a tree branch. A swarm of Weepinbells, Bellsprouts and Victreebells start to emerge from the bushes and the boy looks around to find some other preys of the flycatcher pokemons being tied up like himself on various trees. The mecha-pidgey silently creeps up onto the tree branch Red is on and asks if the boy is alright. It explains that the grass pokemons are about to start their breeding ritual and are gathered there to evolve as a group during their sleep that night. Red realizes the Victreebells must have collected the numerous preys, including himself, to provide sufficient nutrients for the evolution process. He thrashes around frantically to wiggle free of the vines but the mecha-pidgey says Victreebells have very firm grips. It asks what other items the boy has brought with him apart from the safari balls and starts fumbling in the boy's bagpack. After pulling out a flute-like item, it places a little doll shaped like a Clefairy onto the boy's tied hands and says they have to wait for the right moment to take action.

A while later, the Weepinbells and Bellsprouts start to fall asleep as one Victreebell lifts a piece of leaf stone into the sky with its vines. It sends its other vine towards his captured preys and pierces into the body of a rat, draining its energy and life force. The mecha-pidgey tells Red the ritual has begun and motions him to prepare with the doll. It then flies high above the trees with the flute in its mouth as the boy watches the birds and rats next to him get drained off one by one. The mecha-pidgey positions itself right above the sleeping grass pokemons and in one breath blows hard into the flute. The Weepinbells and Bellsprouts immediately snap out of their slumbers and look around, confused. Red sees this and with the limited movement his hands get, tosses out the Clefairy little doll high up into the air. The Victreebell immediately loosens its vines on Red and reaches for the doll. The boy takes the chance to wiggle free as the mecha-pidgey explains to him how the whole plan worked.

Apparently the flute it used is known as the Pokeflute and has the ability to wake up sleeping pokemon, while the Clefairy doll, also known as the Pokedoll, can be used to distract wild pokemons during escapes. By using the Pokeflute, it has interrupted the ritual and left the Victreebells surprised and unprepared. Throwing in the Pokedoll at that time furthers confused them and made it easy for them to forget about their preys. Red yanks free of the remaining vines on himself and the mecha-pidgey adds that its only worry is the other sleeping pokemons they might have disturbed in the region as well. As soon as it says this, a rumble comes from the trees and two Nidokings emerge. Red recognizes the first one by its blinded left eye and immediately backtracks. The huge beast delivers a punch but the boy gets himself out of the way by clinging onto a Victreebell's vines and the attack crashes into the unexpected Victreebell instead. Red hurls himself across the swarm of Weepinbells to dodge the blows from the Nidokings and succeeds in turning the two groups against each other.

The mecha-pidgey compliments on the boy's skills and remarks that despite the large number difference, the Nidokings seem to be gaining the upperhand there. Red watches a Victreebell get smashed onto the ground and immediately tosses out a safari ball to capture it. The mecha-pidgey calls him an idiot to attempt catching a pokemon in such hyper state but gets surpised when the flycatcher pokemon gets trapped successfully. Red explains that the Nidoking has weakened the Victreebell sufficiently for a capture and he now has a pokemon to defend himself. The blinded Nidoking charges towards Red and the boy immediately releases Victreebell to stop it with its vines. With its claws binded securely, the Nidoking seems to have lost its only means of attack. The mecha-pidgey scans the Victreebell with its laser vision and tells Red to unleash poison powder on the drill beast. The boy orders the attack from his Victreebell and the Nidoking instantly groans in pain as it gets hit by a shower of dust-like powder. Red tosses another safari ball and successfully traps his attacker in it. The boy and the mecha-pidgey sigh in relief but find that they are way too early to let down their guards when more Nidokings and Victreebells emerge from the trees behind them.

The next morning, the park warden and his men are still searching for Red with Pika, Poli and Saur. The old man finds the cap of Red behind some bushes and gets worried as he recognizes the area being the habitat of wild Victreebells. All of a sudden, Victreebells and Nidokings start to pop out from the trees and the warden immediately jumps back in horror. The men are about to flee when Red suddenly appears on the head of a Nidoking with the mecha-pidgey. Apparently the boy has had quite a successful night of capture and the warden gawks in disbelief at the many Nidokings, Victreebells, Weepinbells, Bellsprouts, Parasects and Exeggcutes he has caught. Red simply lets out a light-hearted laugh while Pika is glad to have its trainer back...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

022: VS. Victreebel!

Volume 02

Red Catches a few Nidokings
Red Catches a few Victreebels
Red Catches a few Weepinbells
Red Catches a few Bellsprouts
Red Catches a few Parasects
Red Catches a few Exeggcutes