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At the western gates of the metropolis known as Saffron, Blue is trying to persuade the guard to let her enter the city. She plays the cute card and starts acting flirtatious, but the man does not buy her trick and throws her out the doors. The girl gets frsutrated and wonders what other means she could use to get into Saffron.

Meanwhile, Green is also being rejected by the guard at the southern gates for entry into the city. Following his failed attempts at the other three gates earlier, the boy realizes all pathways leading into Saffron have been blocked. He decides to try getting in from above and releases his evolved Charmeleon, Charizard. The well-trained fire dragon crouches down to let its trainer hop on, then soars high up into the sky. Green looks down into the metropolis and tries to capture anything abnormal with his camera. A while later, he notices an inflated Jigglypuff with a girl clutching onto its foot flying not far away from him. Apparently Blue has also decided to go by air and the girl instantly introduces herself with her usual flirtatious tone as soon as she spots the boy. Green humphs an annoyed grunt at her and orders Charizard to turn around to land in the city. Blue yells for him to stop but she spoke too late and the fire dragon slams itself hard on an invisible wall.

Green snaps at Blue for not warning him earlier as the girl puts on her special scope that detects wave patterns of psychic pokemons. She tells the boy that the whole city is surrounded by a barrier created by ESP forces and there doesn't seem to be any way in. Green orders a flamethrower from Charizard, but the barrier absorbs that attack and remians intact. Blue suggests the two of them joining forces to find an entrance into the city, but the boy ignores her and decides to fly back to Pallet Town to seek advice from his grandfather, Prof. Oak.

Out in the waters of Route 21, Red is surfing on his Gyara towards Pallet as well. He gets onshore and makes his way to Oak's lab but feels a little awkward at the unusual quietness in town. He presses on the professor's doorbell but just like his last vist, no one answers. He tries the knob and finds it unlock once again, and slowly enters to find the old man standing facing towards the bookshelves. The boy gets relieved and starts blabbering about the progress of his Pokedex and how Saffron cannot be accessed from any of the four gates. He flips out his Pokedex and is about to show Oak his capture list when the old man suddenly spins around to strike him with a broken waterpipe. Red narrowly avoids the blow and sees that Oak has an abnormal evil look on his face. He immediately releases Saur and has it stop the professor with its vines, but Oak snaps his constraints off effortlessly and the boy stares in shock as the waterpipe in the old man's hand starts to twist and bend.

Oak fires a beam of light to knock down Saur and Red recognizes it as the psybeam attack of psychic pokemons. He clutches his head in pain as the old man fires another psybeam, and starts realizing it isn't the real Oak he is facing. He orders a leech seed from Saur and a bullet-like bean bursts into a bunch of vines on the fake Prof. Oak's arm which immediately start draining energy off him. The creature slowly reveals itself as a Kadabra and a maniac laughter echoes the room. Red turns around to find Sabrina behind him and the young woman grins that hypnotic powers of pokemons not only work on other pokemons but also on humans. She remarks that it's fun meeting the boy and tells him that she would be waiting for him at Saffron City if he wishes to save the real Prof. Oak and the people of Pallet Town. Red gets agitated by this and charges towards Sabrina, but she floats up with Kadabra and throws him down with her psychic powers. The boy orders a razor leaf from Saur but the young woman has already disappeared in a swirling haze.

Red looks around at the damaged room and wonders why Sabrina deliberately lurked and waited for him in Oak's lab. He walks out the door and instantly spots Green flying on his Charizard. The professor's grandson lands and remarks that he has expected the town to be raid as Red rushes up to him. Red tries to tell him about Oak's disappearance but Green says he already knew. He takes out a photo he took from the skies of Saffron and Red is shocked to see TR members in the city streets. Green informs Red about the protective barrier around the metropolis and says the headquarters of Team Rocket lies somewhere in there. Red is still trying to digest all the information but Green puts on a serious look and tells him that they have to do what they can to protect their home town. The two rivals know equally well that their final battle with Team Rocket is about to begin...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

027: VS. Kadabra!

Volume 02

Red finds and battles a Fake Professor Oak
Red & Green go to Rescue Oak from Sabrina