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At the central metropolis of Kanto known as Saffron, Red and Green are running up the stairs in the Silph. Co Buiding. Red asks if the headquarters of Team Rocket really lies there and Green impatiently replies that Golduck's vision showed that the Mr. Mime they fainted earlier stood in front of the building when it was generating the city's barrier. Suddenly, the floor beneath Red gives away and the boy starts falling through. Green reaches out to grab his rival but is stopped by a ninja metal star and the other boy disappears into the trap hole. An evil laughter comes from behind and Koga appears in the room. Green releases his Scyther to deliever a slash attack and the mantis pokemon buries its scythe into the man's right shoulder. Koga grins and compliments on the boy's quickness, but adds that things don't always look the way they are. The purple garment on his right shoulder reveals itself to be a Grimer and it immediately plagues itself onto Scyther. Green recognizes the man as the one he encountered at the Pokemon Tower of Lavendar Town, but gets too engrossed in his thoughts and doesn't notice that the Grimer has silently extended its sludgy arms behinds him. The sludgy arms pour onto the boy without warning and grip him tight, while Koga smirks and remarks that it must feel helpless and frustrated to be trapped and under someone else's mercy.

Down below, Red is still recovering from his fall and searches around for a door that leads to the stairs. Suddenly, electric wires charge up behind him and the boy finds himself in a room surrounded by electric fences like a wrestling stage. A barrage of Voltorbs and Electrodes start flying towards him and he crouches down to dodge the electric-charged pokemons. Lt. Surge walks into the room with an evil grin on his face and Red instantly recognizes him as the evil gymleader at Vermillion. Lt. Surge smirks that he forgot to mention respectable executive of Team Rocket and holds up his bazooka to fire another Electrode towards the boy. Red tries to evade but two Magnemites grab him by the arms and the Electrode rams into him square-chested. Lt. Surge releases an Electrabuzz and Raichu and says that the room is specially wired to power up electric attacks. A battered Red asks the Vermillion gymleader why he chose to participate in such an evil organization and the man explains that life as a gymleader gets tedious after a while. He lifts up his bazooka and says the device can power up Voltorbs' and Electrodes' strength by giving them launching speed and points out that only the technology of Team Rocket can manage to create mighty weapons like that.

Pika secretly climbs up Red's back and fires a thunderbolt towards Lt. Surge. The attack hits the man directly but to Red's surprise, does little damage. Lt. Surge smirks that he clothes are all electrical insulators and his gloves are even specialized to withstand high voltage electricity. He reminds the boy that the building is TR's headquarters and that they have special rooms and devices to bring out the best of their executives' powers. He fires another barrage of Voltorbs and Electrodes towards Red and the boy wonders why the man seems to have an unlimited supply of electric powers. Lt. Surge laughs and shows him an electric power converter strapped onto his back. He motions his electricity supplier to enter the room and Red is shocked to see the legendary electric bird, Zapdos, all wired and entangled with circuits. Lt. Surge remarks that Zapdos is known to have an unlimited storage of electricity and says it provides the most ideal conditions to train electric pokemons. The man grins and orders a thunderbolt from Electrabuzz, while a Magnemite-restraint Red yells and thrashes helplessly against the assaults.

Meanwhile, Koga is projecting Red's torture by Lt. Surge through his Golbat's mouth to Green. The boy tries to reach for his pokeballs on his belt but the Grimer restraining him immediately wraps around his hands tighter. Koga smirks and tells Green about their capture of Professor Oak. He says the professor rejected their offer to join Team Rocket and wonders if the old man would reconsider if he sees his own grandson being tortured.

Green's Scyther secretly wiggles free of Grimer's constraint and leaps to charge towards Koga, but the Fuchsia gymleader knocks it down and delivers a fatal razor wind towards Green's chest from the Golbat on his right arm. The boy gaps his mouth open in pain and weakly falls to the floor. Koga grins with satisfaction and decides to check on Lt. Surge through his Golbat's mouth. He sees the other boy all battered up by the man's electric assaults and lets out a maniac laughter. It seems that the two young rivals are not having much luck with their rescue expedition so far...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

029: VS. Golbat!

Volume 03

Red finds Zapdos under Lt. Surge's Control
Red & Green get tortured