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At the Silph. Co Building of Saffron, Blue is making her way up the stairs to the third floor. She starts searching for the secret item she's after when the door behind her suddenly creaks open and a familiar screech comes through the gap. The girl gets through the door and finds herself outdoors in front of a tall pagoda-styled tower with all kinds of bird pokemons hovering above her. Memories start flooding in and Blue begins to falter in her steps while Sabrina slowly appears from behind and giggles that psychic pokemons have the power to conjure up everyone's darkest memories. The girl snaps out of her haze and releases her Turtley, which has now evolved into a Blastoise, to take down the young woman. But Sabrina teleports out of the way and Blue realizes she's facing a psychic pokemon expert. A Kadabra appears next to the Saffron gymleader and she introduces herself as the third of the TR Executive Trio, and that the Mr. Mime that generated the city barrier belongs to her.

Sabrina orders a psychic from Kadabra, which instantly holds Blue immobile in the air and scatters her pokeballs all over the floor. While the girl struggles hard to free herself from the invisible restraints, Kadabra charges towards Turtley and starts delivering quick blows with its spoon. Turtley attempts to retaliate but the psi pokemon freezes it with a disable and rams its own fist into the Blastoise's chest, shattering the shell there into pieces. Sabrina laughs and says it is a mistake to go against TR's ways. Blue drops her head and secretly positions a fallen pokeball in front of her foot, then all of a sudden kicks it behind Kadabra. To Sabrina's surprise, another Blastoise pops out from the ball and unleashes a megapunch into Kadabra while the fallen Blastoise slowly deforms into a Ditto. With the psi pokemon distracted, Blue wiggles from of the psychic restraint and announces that it's time for her revenge. She releases her Horsea and orders it to fill the room with smokescreen. Sabrina and Kadabra soon lose sight of her but the girl puts on her special scope and sees her enemies clearly by the psychic waves they emit from their bodies.

Meanwhile, on another floor, Lt. Surge picks up a battered Red and Pika, and continues to shock them with the unlimited supply of electricity from Zapdos. He hurls the two towards an electric fence and the little rat falls weakly onto the floor. Red releases Saur to retaliate but the Vermillion gymleader orders a thundershock from Zapdos and knocks down the grass pokemon. The man laughs as Red rushes towards Saur and helps it get back onto its feet. The boy orders a razor leaf on Lt. Surge and Zapdos, but the man laughs even more at the futile attempt and orders the legendary electric bird to blow the attack away.

Lt. Surge pushes a handle on his electric power converter, which draws all the electricity in the room to himself, and prepares to unleash a maxed thunder to finish off the boy. Red orders another razor leaf from Saur to cut off all the cords and circuits, and remarks with a smile that without other devices in the room to share the high voltage electric charge, the electricty from Zapdos would cause an overload. The man grins and says the boy has forgotten about his electric-proof suit, but then suddenly realizes the razor leaves earlier have ripped small openings all over his clothes. Zapdos's electricity courses through the Vermillion gymleader's body and the power converter only his back instantly explodes. A charred Lt. Surge collapses onto the floor while Red compliments on Saur's hard work. The boy walks up to the fallen gymleader and fumbles through the man's pocket to retrieve a Thunder Badge, then decides to take the electric-proof gloves with him as well. He turns to have a a final look at Lt. Surge before walking away and sighs that people who only care about power can never understand the true joy of training with pokemons.

Red hurries up the stairs to the second floor and is shocked to find Green sprawled on the floor with a Grimer on top and Koga standing beside him. The ninja man decides to put an end to the fallen boy and orders a final attack from his Golbat...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

030: VS. Zapdos!

Volume 03

Blue faces off Sabrina
Red Finally gets his Thunder Badge