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Night has fallen in Kanto. At the Silph. Co Building in Saffron City, the flames of Green's Charizard begins to burn down the skyscraper and Team Rocket members are gushing out towards the city gates. An Onix suddenly appears out of nowhere and tackles the men down. The Pewter gymleader, Brock, hops onto the rock serpent and notifies his companions via the mobile that the southern gate is taken care of. Not long after, the voice of the Cerulean gymleader, Misty, comes on the phone and says the northen gate is sealed while the Celadon gymleader, Erika, also announces that she and her citizens' gang of justice have locked down the east and west gates of the city. Erika recalls the anonymous telegram earlier that notified them of Red and Green's attempt to break into the Silph. Co Building. The message urged the gymleaders to guard the city gates of Saffron and she wonders who could have delivered the insider information to them.

Up in the Silph. Co Building, the energy sphere generated by the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier rams into Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno, which instantly merges the legendary birds and creates a three-headed, six-winged atrocious creature. Red steps back in horror and Sabrina is thrilled at the success of their organization's invention. Blue rushes into the room and instantly faints upon seeing the merged legendary birds. Zapmolcuno releases a combined firespin, blizzard and thunder, narrowly missing Red and riping a hole through the wall. Sabrina smirks and warps Red's Eevee into her hands. She tosses the fainted little pokemon onto the floor and explains that their scheme to combine Eevee's fire, water and electric abilities into one was simply a prelimary test of merging the three legendary birds. She remarks that they needed to perfect their techonology and it gave them the perfect chance to steal Eevee for a final adjustment when Red sent it back to Oak's lab, but says it is of no use to them anymore.

Red kneels down to hold Vee and glares angrily at the young woman. He releases Saur to unleash a vine whip but the legendary birds fend it off and swipe the grass pokemon down with their mighty wings. Sabrina goes on to explain that in order for the amplifier to work, they will need all seven badges that bring different effects on pokemons' abilities. However, it is extremely difficult to obtain the badges from the non-TR gymleaders and that Red played an important role in helping them collect the missing badges. Red realizes TR has been leading and using him all along and yells in pain as Sabrina orders another attack from the merged birds. He remembers Green telling him about the importance of protecting their own town and orders Pika to fight. Just then, Green flies in with his Charizard through the hole in the wall and says all the hostages have been rescued.

Sabrina orders a triple gust from Zapmolcuno and says she couldn't wait to report their success to Giovanni after finishing off the two boys. Red struggles to stand firm amid the swirling winds and tries to think on a strategy. He sees the moon outside and remembers the moonstone Blue desperately wanted from him earlier. He retrieves the item from the fainted girl's hands and directs it at one of her pokemons. Moonlight starts emanating the small rock and pours onto Blue's Clefairy, Clef, which instantly evolves into a Clefable. The fairy pokemon uses metronome and dashes behind the legendary birds with a quick attack. It then does a comet punch, fury swipes and hyperbeam in a row as Green explains that the skill metronome generates random attacks. Sabrina gets annoyed and tells the birds to take care of business with a sky attack. Zapmolcuno swoops towards Red, Green and Blue, and sends them flying out of the hole in the wall and down the building.

The Saffron gymleader smirks at her victory and walks towards where the younsters fell off, only to discover Red's Saur has created a net of vines to support them all three storeys below. Blue awakes and releases her Blastoise, Turtley. Sabrina orders another sky attack from the legendary birds as Charizard, Turtley and Saur unleash a combined vine whip, flamethrower and hydropump. The attacks smash into Zapmolcuno but doesn't seem to stop them. Red yells for their pokemons to hold on and Saur suddenly evolves into Venusaur. It powers up its vine whip into a full solar beam and the grass, fire, water combined attack courses through the birds and knocks Sabrina down. The enormous amount of energy release separates Zapmolcuno and Red watches with relief as Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno break free of their restraints from TR and fly away. Just then, the burning building starts to collapse and Green motions Red and Blue to run. Just then, Red sees a familar middle-aged man around the corner of the collapsing building but couldn't recall his identity.

The next morning, Team Rockets members are being tied up and taken away by the police forces of Kanto. Red and Green join Brock, Misty, Erika and Prof. Oak at the city gates and Erika says that they believe only a few TR members escaped but the three executives as well as the boss are nowhere to be found. Brock and Misty add that all the pokemons found in the building were either returned to their original trainers or sent to kind caretakers to help them forget their terrifying memories. Red suddenly finds that Blue is missing and starts looking around for her. Meanwhile, Blue is hiding behind a tree and cursing how a supposed to be new specie of pokemon turned out to be a horrendous bird creature. Oak notices the girl and secretly wonders what she is doing there. Green turns away to leave and says he will be looking forward to battling with Red at the Indigo Plateau. Red watches his rival walk away and knows he has to train well for the upcoming tournament...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

033: VS. Legendary Birds!

Volume 03

Red accidently merges Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres
Red gets his Eevee back
Blue's Clefairy evolves into Clefable
Red's Ivysaur evolves into Venusaur
Red, Green & Blue beat Sabrina and save Saffron from Team Rocket
ZapMolCuno Splits