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It is midday at the vast jungle known as the Viridian Forest. A young girl with her yellow hair tied back in a ponytail finds herself lost amidst the dense coverage of giant trees where not even sunlight can penetrate through. All of a sudden, a wild Dratini leaps out from the bushes and charges towards her. The girl starts to scream and just as immediately, a Venusaur appears out of nowhere to stop the slender blue dragon with its vines while a boy slightly older than she is pushes her out of the way. The boy, who's known as Red, orders a vinewhip from his Venusaur, Saur, and the attack instantly knocks the Dratini unconscious. The young girl thanks Red and learns that he is a pokemon trainer. She looks at the giant grass pokemon with admiration and says she wishes to have a pokemon of her own as well.

Just then, a wild Rattatta trots by and Red gets an idea. He calls out his Pikachu, Pika, and introduces it to the girl, then tells her to order a thundershock from the electric rat. The girl hesitates at first but then decides to do what's she told. Upon hearing the barely audible command, Pika fires an electric bolt from its tail and zaps the Rattatta dizzy. Red remarks that the wild pokemon is weak enough to be caught and immediately stuffs an empty pokeball into the girl's hands. The girl takes an uncertain look at the red and white device, then closes her eyes and tosses the ball towards the wild Rattatta, successfully making her very first capture.

The girl cheers with joy and releases her new little friend for a hug, while Red tells her that it is important for pokemon trainers to treat their pokemons with love and care. Suddenly, a hostile atmosphere shrouds the place and Red senses the presence of unfriendly eyes on him. The young girl soon feels the abrupt shift in their surroundings as well and begins to tremble with fear. Without warning, wild Golems start charging out from the trees and the two immediately spring to their feet. A wild Weezing leaps out from a bush not far ahead and Red finds themselves trapped from both sides. He releases Aero and has it lift them away just in time to avoid the closing in of the atrocious wild pokemons. The girl lets out a sigh of relief and Red offers to fly her home after learning her residence in Viridian City.

A while later, the villagers of Viridian thank Red for his help and scold the girl for running off into the woods alone again. A campboy explains to Red that there has been a sudden and drastic change in the ecosystem of the Viridian Forest lately, and that wild, ferocious pokemon species that did not inhabit the place before start appearing and attacking villagers who venture into the forest. Red takes out his Pokedex to check on the change in pokemon locations and the young girl seems interested in the high-tech red device. Red smiles and says he is on a mission to complete the Pokedex for Prof. Oak, and the villagers are surprised to learn that the boy has connections with the reknown pokemon specialist. Red proudly remarks that he originates from Pallet and is training to become an ultimate pokemon trainer. The villagers tell the boy that their city is not ideal for training, as the gymleader has vanished some time ago and the gym has been closed since then. Red finds it strange and learns that the man is rumored to be an invinsible trainer.

Red decides to check out the gym himself and asks for directions from the villagers. They point towards the other side of the river but says it takes a while to get there on foot. Red grins that water crossing is not a problem and instantly releases his Gyarados, Gyara. The villagers gasp in surprise at the giant water dragon and Red crouches down to tell the young girl not to forget that pokemons can be unfriendly as well sometimes, especially those raised by people with twisted minds. He makes her promise to treat her pokemons with love and care, then turns to leap across the river on Gyara's head. He waves goodbye to the villagers, who exclaim and gawk after the boy's swift moves.

Later, at the Viridian Gym, Red releases Saur to find an entrance into the locked gym with its vines. He remembers the place as where he and Prof. Oak once chased after Saur and asks his pokemon if it remembers how it got in. Without a word, Saur barges into one of the wooden planks and the boy follows, slightly taken aback by the giant creature's abruptness. Once in the dark room, Red sees a broken statue of the gymleader. Half of the head has fallen off and the name isn't even visible anymore on the little plate in front. Suddenly, Saur tenses up and pulls Red back with its vines. A blinding light instantly fills the room and the boy holds up his arms to cover his eyes. The shadowed figure of a man slowly appears and remarks with an evil grin that he has been waiting for Red...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

036: VS. Dratini!

Volume 03

Red rescues Yellow from Viridian Forest
Yellow catches a Rattata with Red's Help
Red enters the Viridian Gym