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Somewhere in time, on a distant land, a new saga is about to begin...

In a rocky arena jagged with big boulders and what appears to be remains of fallen buildings, a solitary figure patiently awaits as a wild Cacnea, Agehunt, Wingull, Volbeat and Duskull gather in front of him, wearing less than friendly looks on their faces. Without warning, the five Pokémons starts charging towards him, but the man is prepared. A Pokémon too quick to be seen dashes out from the Pokéball he is holding and knocks out the attackers in a flash, then just as quickly returns into the ball.

The man grins in content and turns to face the camera as Hoenn's famous reporter lady, Gabby, thanks him for the demonstration and introduces him to the audience as Norman, the new gymleader of Petalburg City in Hoenn. She compliments him on his marvellous battling skills and Norman replies by saying tough training is all it takes. Drawing the camera man, Ty, closer, Gabby asks about Norman's family and the gymleader informs her with a smile that his wife and son are currently travelling afar from the distant land of Johto to join him in Hoenn.

Somewhere out on a truck, Norman's wife is driving and watching Gabby's interview with her husband on a mini-TV next to the driver's seat. She muses about how good looks run in the whole family and then decides to call out to her son, Ruby, who's at the back of the truck, to see his father on screen. Ruby, however, is busy grooming and stitching beaded caps for his three Pokémons, Poochyena, Skitty and Ralts.

The truck suddenly comes to a halt and Ruby gets thrown back into the boxes with his Pokémons. Norman's wife gets off the driver's seat and is upset to know that a wheel is caught in a muddy pit on the road. A Machoke gets off the truck to join her and tries lifting the vehicle but to no avail. She calls out for Ruby's help, but the boy refuses to come out and says the mud and dirt will taint his well-tended Pokémons. He orders his Ralts, Ruru, to lift the truck with its psychic powers instead and instantly gets the vehicle out of the pit.

Ruru lands the truck on a meadow nearby as Norman's wife and Machoke hurry along to catch up, nearly running out of breath. Ruby opens the cargo door and comments on the beautiful scenery of Hoenn. He then leaps on top of the cargo and starts bragging to his mom about the perfect qualities manifested in his Pokémon team: Smartness; Toughness; Cuteness; Coolness; and Beauty...

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181: VS. Cacnea!

Volume 15

Start of Ruby/Sapphire Chapter
Ruby Decides to do contests with his Pokémon