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It is a nice day at Petalburg City. Dashing across the busy streets like the wind in the running shoes developed by the Devon Corporation, Ruby keeps blowing up skirts and wigs everywhere he passes, and ends up drawing squeals and angry shouts throughout the city. With his Mudkip, Zuzu, clinging onto his shoulder, Ruby comes to a halt as he spots some Pecha and Oran berries growing on a nearby tree. Zuzu shoots a few down with its water gun and the boy gracefully catches them with a dancing motion. Being in the city where his gymleader father resides, Ruby alerts Zuzu that they have to be extra careful not to be spotted.

All of a sudden, a swarm of Seedots and Lotads led by a Nuzleaf start leaping out from the bush behind them. The leading Nuzleaf locks eyes with Zuzu and for no reason at all, the two Pokémon start glaring at each other with hostility. Zuzu fires a water gun but Nuzleaf immediately retaliates with a swirl of leaves. The attack knocks the little Mudkip over but it gets right back up and bites on the leaf on its foe's head. It then grabs the wily Pokémon's nose and tosses it back into the bushes. Ruby hurriedly catches Zuzu and compliments its good work. He then learns from the Pokédex that Nuzleaf hates having its long nose pinched, and says Zuzu really has a talent in battling.

Ruby wonders what startled the Pokémon in the bush earlier and starts brushing aside the tall grass in front of him. Almost immediately, he sees a frail young boy at his own age who's kneeling on the ground and holding his chest in pain.

The boy's name is Wally. He comes from Petalburg City, but has unfortunately never had any luck with Pokémon capturing, including the wild Nuzleaf earlier which cracked every Pokéball he threw. Apparently, the boy is also suffering from health issues, but that hasn't stopped him from pursuing his dream to become a Pokémon trainer.

Ruby slowly helps Wally get up, and the frail youngster starts to compliment on Zuzu's toughness, which managed to scare the wild creatures away earlier. Ruby hesitates over the remark, and all of a sudden throws his arms around Wally's neck. Overjoyed that he has finally found the right contest category for his Mudkip, Ruby says Wally has great insight in Pokémon and that they should become friends immediately.

Ruby formerly introduces himself and explains that his dream is to conquer all Pokémon contests in Hoenn. He then volunteers helping Wally out in capturing the wild Nuzleaf, and looks around zealously. Wally thanks him for his kindness, but before he could finish, Ruby quickly cuts in to say that he can pay him back by voting for his Pokémon should he become a judge in contests someday. Wally grins that he will do that, but explains that he is actually waiting for a powerful trainer whom he knows to help him with his capture.

A sense of uneasiness suddenly looms over Ruby and the boys feels that something bad is about to happen. No sooner has he thought that, the shadow of a man and a Vigoroth appears on the horizon. Wally lights up with joy and is about to call out to the man, but Ruby immediately yanks him into the bushes and tells him to keep quiet. Wally wonders why Ruby is acting weird and Ruby explains that he knows the man: the gymleader of Petalburg City; the guy named Norman who seeks nothing but strength; his very own father...

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185: VS. Nuzleaf!

Volume 15

Ruby gets to Petalburg and meets Wally
Ruby decides a Contest type for his Mudkip