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On the sea route 108 of Hoenn, where no circulating ships reach, a giant liner has been abandoned there for decades. Half of the ship has sunken and the remaining half has been grown over by weeds and trees. No one ever dares to come near the abandoned ship as it is known as the graveyard of the sea...

It is night time in Hoenn. Sailing on Wailulu, Ruby is busy grooming Coco while Sapphire is training her Chaka. Sapphire mocks at Ruby for not living up to the name of a gymleader's son, and Ruby says it is shameful to run around in jungles naked like a neanderthal. Sapphire fumes with rage and says Ruby should be grateful that she gave him a ride on her Wailulu, but Ruby scoffs that he could have found his own way to cross the ocean. This ticks Sapphire off, and she angrily picks the boy up, ready to throw him into the sea. Just then, Wailulu lets out a howl and Sapphire wonders what's going on. She looks ahead and immediately realizes they are approaching the famous abandoned ship.

Sapphire remarks that the ship used to be a luxurious liner in the past, and suddenly gets an idea. She tells Ruby that it is difficult to sail in the fog, and that they should take a rest there tonight. She says she will be sleeping on Wailulu, but Ruby must stay on the ship that night because her father has warned her not to sleep near men. Without warning, she throws the boy onto the abandoned ship, and chuckles that they will meet again in the morning.

Ruby wanders around the ship and complains about not having a hotel to stay in. He finds an old bed in a cabin overgrown with plants, and decides to rest the night there. He looks around the odd trees around him, and suddenly notices some rare berries on them. He jumps with joy and realizes that the vegetation on the ship must have grown from the berries that people left behind on the ship. He spots a Spelon berry tree, and quickly tells Zuzu to knock down a few, but two shadows all of a sudden dash out from the bushes and snatch the berry away from Zuzu. Ruby quickly calls Nana and Coco forward, and Zuzu carefully detects the direction of its assailants with the radar-like fin on its head. It locates their hiding place on the right side, and Coco and Nana immediately lunge forward to attack.

A Plusle and Minun fall down from the trees, and Ruby angrily storms up to them, but he immediately softens down after seeing their cuteness, and asks if they are wild Pokémon. Plusle and Minun point towards a dusty book on the ground, and Ruby picks it up to see that it is an old diary of someone. He assumes that the owner of the diary was the trainer of the two electric Pokémon, and feels bad about them being abandoned on the ship. Zuzu, Nana and Coco walk up to play with Plusle and Minun, and the two offer them berries in return. Ruby grins happily that it isn't so bad staying on the ship afterall, but bolts with a start when he sees that his three Pokémon have become confused. He realizes that Plusle and Minun have given them berries that render a Pokémon confused if it dislikes the flavour, and angrily chases after the two mischievous little creatures.

Meanwhile, Sapphire is about to fall asleep on Wailulu when her sharp ears pick up a distant conversation. She hears someone talking about the ship followed by an evil laughter, and quickly hops onto her feet in a crouching pose to continue eavesdropping...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

198: VS. Plusle & Minun (Part 1)!

Volume 16

Ruby goes onto the Abandoned Ship and comes across a Mischeivous Plusle & Minun