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On route 110, Sapphire is still hoping to run into Steven along the way, but doesn't seem to have much luck so far. She looks at the letter of Mr. Stone, and reasons that there shouldn't be too many places to go after heading east from Dewford, but Chaka and Ronono shake their heads and have no idea where Steven could have went as well. Sapphire is about to enter Mauville when she notices something odd about the grassland beneath her. She crouches down to sniff the area, and decides to examine it with a punch, but her strike pushes open a plate-like gate on the ground, and she instantly falls into a big hole. Sapphire grabs onto the edge of the hole and notices that the darkness in the hole seems to be endless. She wonders why such a big area is dug underground and flips herself back up onto the grassland.

A few weird human-shaped walking machines suddenly appear from the bushes and start attacking them with a barrage of balls. Sapphire and her Pokémon quickly turn around and run, only to get blocked by a tree which lashes out metal clippers to lift them off the ground. Sapphire and her Pokémon get thrown into a cart on a railway, and end up entagled inside a net after falling through a few more odd machines. Wattson and the Trick Master pop out from the bushes cheering, and rejoice that they have finally captured the trouble-causing Donphan, but Wattson quickly notices that they have caught the wrong thing, and Sapphire yells that she is not a Pokémon.

The real Donphan appears to ram down the different machines, then resumes to roam around the grassland as Sapphire climbs out from the net. Wattson and the Trick Master apologize to the girl and introduce themselves. The Trick Master, who is riding on one of the walking machines he created, explains that the Donphan has been rampaging around in the area, and he is trying to drive it off with his tricks. Sapphire sighs she must be unfortunate to fall into every single hole trick and machine trick, but the Trick Master gets confused and says he didn't make a hole trick. After learning the details of the underground opening which Sapphire fell through, Wattson and the Trick Master give each other a surprised and knowing look, both realizing that Sapphire must have accidentally stumbled across the rumoured underground city that their ancestors built.

Wattson explains with a giggle that legend has it that the ancestors of Mauville have built a city called New Mauville underground, but no one has ever been able to find it. He then jokes that the underground city has really been built like it was an underground business, and breaks into laughter with the Trick Master as Sapphire sweatdrops at the two men's uncanny cheerfulness...

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203: VS. Donphan!

Volume 17

Sapphire meets Wattson and discovers New Mauville