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Down at the underground city New Mauville, the monster like power generator unleashes a blast of electricity from its horns, and Sapphire quickly pushes the Trick Master out of the way. The odd little man vows to save Wattson, and begins throwing out different tricks from the walking machine he's riding on, but they don't appear to do much but cause amusement, and Sapphire angrily tells him to cut it out. The power generator send out another blast, and the two quickly turn around to flee. Sapphire suddenly feels herself lifting off the ground, and the Trick Master hollers that the high voltage electric attacks have created a magnetic field in the area.

Sapphire notices that Donphan is also struggling hard to regain its ground, and realizes with a start that its recent rampaging above ground must have been due to the effects of the field. She reads from the Pokedex that Donphans often roll around with their bodies curled, and that they can't stop easily once they start rolling. The Trick Master recalls that Donphan does seem to stay around where the entrance of New Mauville is, and says they have to find a way to deal with the power generator and save Wattson before it drains all of his strength.

The two horns of the generator spark again to unleash another electric blast. It knocks down the Trick Master's walking machine, and the little man flips out a abacus connected to a mini-computer to figure out the generator's attacking pattern. He discovers that the power generator seems to undergo an alternate recharge and release mode, and says the best time to attack it is during its short period of recharging. Sapphire immediately comes up with a plan, and tells Donphan and Electrike to help her out. Another energy blast shoots out from the power generator, and Sapphire quickly hops towards it while ordering a roll-out from Donphan. To the Trick Master's surprise, the electric blast suddenly changes its course and deflects towards Electrike. He realizes that Electrike's lightning rod characteristic has attracted all electric attacks to itself, while Sapphire has taken that short time gap to strike the machine.

Donphan rams hard onto the power generator to momentarily stun its system, and Sapphire quickly helps Wattson free from the electrical wires. The generator resumes its system and suddenly gives off a beep. A small lid on its back starts to come off, and Sapphire discovers a written message in it. Wattson reads that one should press the red button above the lid to activate New Mauville, and gasps in surprise when he sees that the author of the message is the ancestor of the Trick Master, who is also the one who built the underground city as mentioned in the message. Wattson presses the red button, and the power generator begins to charge up the whole place. Sapphire watches in amazement as all the weird machineries turn out to be giant rollercoasters and cable cars. Wattson realizes that New Mauville is actually an enormous playground built for children, and exclaims in disbelief with the Trick Master.

A few days later, Wattson, Sapphire and the Trick Master are watching from a control tower as children enjoy themselves with the high-tech facilities of New Mauville. The Trick Master rejoices that the overpopulation problem seems to be solved at the moment, and Wattson thanks Sapphire for all she did. He says Sapphire truly deserves the Dynamo Badge, and the girl happily accepts it. Donphan has decided to join Sapphire's team, and she gives it the name Phadodo. Riding on her new companion, Sapphire returns to the ground above and departs for her next destination as Wattson and the Trick Master wave goodbye to her from behind...

Countdown to our heroes' rival showdown: 57 days!

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

205: VS. Electrike (Part 2)!

Volume 17

Sapphire Saves Wattson
Sapphire Gets a Dynamo Badge
Sapphire gets a Donphan