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Ruby and Jack gasp in surprise as Feebas creates a light screen to deflect the pursuit and crunch of Zangoose and Seviper. Feebas glows again, and turns the light screen into a mirror coat which instantly shatters the fangs and claws of the two wild Pokémon and throws them off the ground. Nana, Coco, Zuzu, and Jack's Staryu pop out safely from their broken pokeballs, and Ruby motions Jack to follow him after searching for a hiding place on his PokeNavi. Zangoose and Seviper get up and resume their chase, but soon lose sight of the two boys and decide to give up.

High up in the Weather Institute, Ruby and Jack let out a sigh after seeing from the window that their pursuers have stopped looking for them. Jack wonders how Ruby knew of the place, and Ruby says his PokeNavi has the whole map of Hoenn programmed in it. Jack then evilly grins that Ruby seems to have forgotten to thank the one who brought back his PokeNavi, and Ruby jumps with shock when he realizes that he is still holding onto Feebas. Jack remarks that Feebas must like Ruby very much to go through the trouble of retrieving the machine for him, and demands him to keep the Pokémon. Ruby immediately protests and says he cannot stand ugly Pokémon. He offers to give it to Jack, but the swimmerboy angrily refuses and says Ruby should appreciate what Feebas did for him. Ruby takes an uncertain look at Feebas while Jack turns around and secretly smirks about his plan to breed the Feebas, and make Ruby his slave to take care of the Feebases for him.

Ruby places Feebas next to Nana, Coco and Zuzu, and frowns in frustration as he certainly didn't plan to have such a team linup for conquering Pokémon contests. He decides to leave behind Feebas's pokeball when he departs from the building in the morning, and goes over to look out of the window. He notices that the whole Weather Institute is overgrown with weeds, and wonders why no one seems to be around. He has heard about the weather researches that people do there, but the place appears to be nothing but an abandoned building.

Zuzu suddenly spots a Pokeblock behind it, and quickly picks it up to eat. It then notices more Pokeblocks along the corridor, and slowly follows its trail up towards the rooftop of the building. Rain begins to fall from the evening sky. Ruby discovers that Zuzu is missing, and wanders around the place to look for it. He sees the remains of the Pokeblock trail and recognizes the Pokeblocks as the ones that he made himself. He arrives at the rooftop and is about to bend down to pick up another Pokeblock when Norman appears behind him and coldly says that he found those Pokeblocks at the Slateport shipyard.

A trembling fear courses through Ruby's mind, and the boy freezes in motion. He wonders how Norman located him, and the angry Petalburg gymleader remarks that a father always has his ways to find his son. On the floor below, Jack is looking around for Ruby near the stairs. He is about to call out again when Ruby and Zuzu come crashing down the stairs and onto the wall next to him. Jack hollers in shock and asks what's going on. Ruby puts on a bitter grin, and says the greatest father and son showdown on earth is about to take place...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

208: VS. Zangoose & Seviper (Part 2)!

Volume 17

Ruby gets Feebas properly
Norman finds Ruby