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It is night time in Hoenn. Gabby and Ty are driving along route 119 and discussing about the mysterious two teams when the Castform that Mr. Stone placed at their care suddenly changes into its rain form. Gabby notices that rain begins to pour outside, and tells Ty that they must find Norman's son soon to gather information about the team with red outifts. Ty says the boy should be somewhere around since the computer data back at the Slateport shipyard showed that the submarine's last activity was detected near Route 118.

Castform all of a sudden goes beserk and starts ramming itself onto the car windows. Ty complains that the little Pokémon still isn't acquainted to them despite having followed them for quite a while, and Gabby remarks that it seems to want to get out. Ty stops the car, and sees that they are right next to the Weather Institute. A lightning strikes across the sky and momentarily casts light onto the dark building. Gabby and Ty gasp in shock as they see Norman gripping a young boy at his jacket collar on the roof top, and instantly recognize the boy as the one they saw in the hidden camera recordings. Gabby quickly gets off the car and dashes into the Weather Institute, and Ty hurriedly follows.

Up on the building's roof top, Norman angrily demands Ruby to give him an explanation for running away from home. Zuzu tries to save its trainer, but Vigoroth gets in the way and swats it down the stairs. Ruby snickers and tells Norman to release him. This greatly ticks off Norman, and he punches the boy hard on the face before throwing him down the stairs once again. Jack worriedly checks on Ruby, and asks what is going on. Ruby bitterly grins that the man is his father, and struggles to get back on his feet by supporting himself with the handrails along the stairs. He is still deciding on whether to run or fight when Norman's Slaking lifts the whole stack of staircases up together with the handrails and throws him into the air.

Ruby holds on tight, and knows that he now has no choice but to stand and fight his own father. Still being reluctant to let people see his true battle skills, he calls down to Jack and requests the swimmerboy not to watch the fight. He then jumps down the lifted staircases, and releases Nana and Coco. Nana fires a hyperbeam from its mouth, and Coco flips its tail forward to unleash an irontail, but Slaking counters with its own hyperbeam and Vigoroth swiftly blocks Coco's attack with its claws. Norman coldly states that both hyperbeam and irontail were attacks he taught Ruby, and says he knows all the skills and tactics of the boy.

Slaking and Vigoroth deliver a swipe, and Nana and Coco get knocked across the floor. Norman tells Ruby to give up, but Ruby suddenly grins and says Nana and Coco got Norman to stand exactly where he wanted. Norman turns around to find a drainage opening next to him, and sees that the waterpipe connected to it is slowly starting to bulge. Downstairs, at the other end of the waterpipe, Zuzu takes in deep breath and sends another blast of mud out of its mouth into the tube. Back on the roof, Ruby smirks that Coco and Nana were simply for distraction, and says the true Pokémon in charge is Zuzu, his new team member that Norman knows nothing about.

Zuzu's mudshot fills the whole waterpipe and starts shooting out towards Norman from the drainage opening. Down below, Jack watches in shock just as Gabby and Ty arrive. With the stairs connecting the roof torn away by Slaking earlier, Gabby could do nothing but stand looking from the floor below as the intense battle ensues...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

209: VS. Slaking (Part 1)!

Volume 17

Gabby & Ty go to chase Norman
Norman & Ruby Begin Fighting