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Norman gasps in shock as Zuzu's mudshot keep blasting out at him through the drainage opening. Knowing that he has fallen into the trick of Ruby, he angrily orders a focus punch from Vigoroth to fend the mud off. Ruby realizes that Zuzu's attack is still insufficient to hurt Norman, and thinks hard to come up with a plan. The reason why Zuzu's mudshot could be strong enough to blast out from the waterpipe is that rain water has dampened the mud and increased its coherence. Once the mud dries up, it loses the power to strike. Ruby looks up into the sky and prays that the rain will continue to fall.

On the floor below, Jack remarks that he doesn't understand why a father would fight with his son, and Gabby says in order to combat the evil teams in Hoenn, they can't afford to lose either of the two since Ruby has the information, and Norman has the strength. She nervously thinks of a way to stop the fight upstairs, and suddenly notices a poster with some research data about Castform on the wall. She reads that Castform not only changes form with the weather, but can actually alter the weather on its own as well. She quickly grabs Castform from Ty, and begs it to help them stop the fight between Norman and Ruby, but the little Pokémon seems hesitant and looks up at her with uncertain eyes.

Back on the roof, Slaking powers up itself with bulk-up, and starts striking at Ruby with the stack of staircases. Ruby tries hard to evade, but eventually gets caught by the stairs as Slaking pushes the block out through the fences of the roof. Ruby manages to grab hold of the waterpipe before being thrashed out, and struggles to climb back onto the stack of staircases which now has more than half of its length hanging by the edge of the building's rooftop. Norman steps onto the other end of the staircases, and coldly offers to pull Ruby back, but the boy snickers and grips tight on the opening of the waterpipe.

Downstairs, Jack exclaims that Zuzu is filling up the waterpipe with an enormous amount of wet mud, and says Ruby must be planning to unleash his final attack. Gabby gets anxious, and tells Castform to recall the day Mr. Stone got attacked. She states that the whole of Hoenn will fall if no one puts a stop to the evil team, and begs it to lend its strength to protect the two crucial people upstairs. Zuzu takes in a big breath and sends its last blast of mudshot through the pipe as Ty and Jack both gasp in horror, while Gabby breaks into a cry and begs Castform one last time.

Castform decides to help the last minute, and flies up towards the roof without warning. Ruby lets out a roar as he points the opening of the waterpipe towards Norman, and a giant blast of mud shoots out from it. Just as the deadly attack is about to strike, the mud all of a sudden dries up and disintegrates right before it hits Norman. Ruby gasps in surprise and looks up to see that Castform has cleared part of the sky with its sunny day. However, the abrupt change in weather causes the broken stack of staircases to crumble, and Ruby and Norman start to fall off the roof of the Weather Institute.

Meanwhile, rain is also pouring at Littleroot Town. Ruby's mother picks up Norman's letter to Ruby which the boy threw away without reading, and sighs that everything would have been different if Ruby actually read the letter. If only Ruby had learnt what the letter said, he would know that he didn't have to runaway. If only Ruby had stayed for just one more night and joined the 11-year-old birthday celebration they planned for him, he would know that Norman has finally agreed to him taking part in contests.

Back at the Weather Institute, Norman and Ruby desperately reach out to each other as they both struggle hard to cling onto the crumbled stack of staircases...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

210: VS. Slaking (Part 2)!

Volume 17

Norman & Ruby continue the fight