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In the water-filled cable car that's slowly ascending towards the top of Mt. Chimney, Sapphire and Flannery are struggling for breath. Matts orders a bite from his Sharpedo, and Sapphire quickly shields herself in front of Flannery to take the attack. Matts remarks that he is surprised how Sapphire is still able to move despite having stayed submerged in water for over 4 minutes, and snickers that the girl could possibly beat the record of the best diver known. Sapphire notices that Flannery is slowly losing consciousness, and knows that she has to find a way to get fresh air into the gondola soon.

Matts orders Sharpedo to finish them off, and Sapphire quickly calls out Ronono to counter the shark Pokémon's bite with iron defense. The hard body of Ronono shatters the sharp fangs of Sharpedo, but another set immediately grows back to replace the damaged ones, and Matts laughs that it is useless to try snapping off Sharpedo's fangs because they can be regenerated endessly. The broken fangs of Sharpedo floats around in the water-filled cabin as Sapphire slowly faints onto the window glass. Matts gives to grin to Azumarill and Sharpedo, and says they have finally defeated the troublesome girl.

Back near the crater of Mt. Chimney, Sean notices that the cable car in which Matts laid a trap for Sapphire is slowly approaching from a distance, and thinks to himself that the girl must have been taken care of by now. He contacts Shelly, who is currently at the Meteor Falls, via his Pokegear, and the pirate woman says she will return to Mt. Chimney as soon as Prof. Cozmo finishes retrieving the meteorite. Shelly turns around and tells Prof. Cozmo to take his time, and the man apologizes for the wait and thanks her once again for Team Aqua's sponsoring of his research work. He remarks that the ocean is the origin of all life on their planet, and says he really appreciates Team Aqua's work in protecting it. Prof. Cozmo places the meteorite he dug up into a little box, and Shelly quickly calls over two Vibravas to take them back to Mt. Chimney.

Meanwhile, in the water-filled cable-car, Matts is grateful that his first mission after being promoted has been successfully carried out. Just then, he hears a loud trickling sound, and gasps in shock when the water level starts to descend in the cabin. On the window glass behind Sapphire, six Sharpedo fangs have been embedded like a circle into the transparent material, and the cracks are starting spread out. The water pressure becomes too great for the broken glass to stand, and a small circular piece suddenly breaks off and water instantly jets out from the hole. Sapphire and Flannery pant hard to catch their breath as the water level falls, and Sapphire grins that the sharp fangs certainly comes in handy for piercing through thick glasses.

Matts realizes the girl's true intention of snapping off Sharepdo's teeth earlier, and angrily orders Azurmarill and Sharpedo to charge forward. Sapphire commands a take down from Ronono, and the Lairon knocks the pirate man and his two Pokémon out of the cabin and onto the window glass of the adjacent gondola. Matts grunts in pain from the crash, and slowly passes out. Sapphire quickly carries Flannery on her back, and hops down onto the rocky hill below. Flannery thanks Sapphire while still panting hard to catch her breath, and states that the girl is truly a remarkable trainer. Sapphire blushes, and sees that Flannery is trying to climb up the mountain. Flannery explains that the pirate people who captured her must be planning something evil at the top of the volcano, and says as the gymleader, she has to protect Mt. Chimney which her city greatly depends on.

Flannery introduces herself as the gymleader of Lavaridge, and Sapphire volunteers to go with her. She says they should travel by air to reach the top quicker, and climbs over to a small cliff which looks over a jungle below. Flannery wonders what flying Pokémon Sapphire has, and the girl grins that the Pokémon actually belongs to her father who uses it as a means to fly during his field researches. Sapphire lets out a whistle, and a Tropius starts to emerge from the dense trees below the cliff...

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213: VS. Azumarill (Part 2)!

Volume 17

Sapphire & Flannery get away from Team Aqua to get to Mt. Chimney