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Flying all the way from Meteor Falls on the two Vibravas, Shelly and Prof. Cozmo have finally reached the top of Mt. Chimney. They are about to land as Sean walks up to greet them. Sean introduces himself to Cozmo as another member of Team Aqua's ThreeS Trio, and shows him their giant machine which has a massive laser gun directed towards the crater of the volcano. He remarks that their research data has alerted them about a remarkable drop in Hoenn's sea level over the past year, and although they haven't been able to locate the cause, all members of Team Aqua will do anything to protect the ocean, which is the origin of all life on earth.

Cozmo compliments on the meaningful work their team does, and Sean explains that they are currently experimenting on restoring the sea level by ceasing the activity of the volcano. He adds, however, that their machine's power alone isn't able to accomplish their task, and in order to create a power strong enough to interfere with nature's forces, they will need the energy from the remnants of the Grand Meteor which Prof. Cozmo found at the Meteor Falls. Cozmo gladly takes out the meteorite from the little box, and Sean proceeds to lead him to where the energy converter is.

The cable car which Matts crashed into slowly approaches the mountain top. Team Aqua members holler in shock as they see their subleader lying unconsciously on the cracked window glass. Prof. Cozmo jumps back in horror at the scene, and Sean secretly grunts that Sapphire is there to mess with their work again. Cozmo wants to know what is going on, and Sean quickly makes up a lie. He explains that there exist opposing forces to their scheme about Mt. Chimeny's volcano, and while he himself is responsible for monitoring the set up of the machine and Shelly was assigned to accompany the Cozmo, the last member of the ThreeS Trio, Matts, was sent to negotiate with their opposing forces.

Shelly looks worriedly at Matts, and says the negotiation apparently didn't go well as Team Aqua members hurry to transfer the man onto a stretcher and rush him off to first aid. Sean tells Cozmo that their opposing forces are probably going to arrive soon, and ushers him to set up the meteorite at the energy converter under Shelly's protection.

Sean releases his Pelipper, and flies up to looks for Sapphire. He soon spots a Tropius approaching, and sees the girl riding on it next to Flannery. The Lavaridge gymelader remarks that the pirate people must be planning something evil with the giant machine, and Sapphire quickly orders a razor leaf from Tororo, her Tropius. Blades of leaf strike down from the sky, and Team Aqua members immediately scramble to their feet, trying to dodge the attack. Sean cuts in to the protect the machine and has his Pelipper fire a hydropump, but Tororo brings up its leaf-like wings and easily fends off the water blast.

Down at the giant machine, Shelly tells Cozmo that the people riding on the Tropius are their enemy, and urges the professor to set up the meteorite quickly. Cozmo places the piece of rock inside the energy converter, and hurriedly types in the activation commands on the computer. Pelipper continues to fend off the razor leaf attacks from Tororo, and Flannery grunts that they have to strike the machine quick. Sapphire suddenly remembers a highly accurate attack of Tororo, and orders it to unleash a magical leaf.

A blast of light swirls past Pelipper and plunges straight for the laser gun. However, Cozmo just happens to have completed the activation process, and an energy shield instantly forms around the machine to deflect the attack. Cozmo and Shelly rejoice over their success, and Sean secretly grins that he has never met a scientist as gullible as Cozmo. Sapphire and Flannery gasp in shock as the energy converter draws up the power from the meteorite and fires a beam out from the laser gun. The beam hits the crater of the volcano and the lava begins to cool down.

At the hotsprings in Lavaridge Town, residents scurry out from the water as the temperature suddenly drops drastically. An old man hollers that the situation has never happened before, and people start exclaiming that smoke and dust have stopped emerging from the volcano. Everyone rushes out onto the streets to look up at Mt. Chimney, and realizes that the whole town is beginning to cool down as well. Behind them, Archie silently watches and puts on an evil grin...

As the volcanic activity at Mt. Chimney slowly ceases, the whole of Hoenn starts to undergo a catastrophic change. With the energy balance between the land and the sea disrupted, the two ancient creatures, Groudon and Kyogre, begin to stir in their long sleep...

Countdown to our heroes' rival showdown: 49 days!

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

214: VS. Pelipper (Part 1)!

Volume 17

Team Aqua stop Mt. Chimney from having Volcanic Activity
Groudon & Kyogre begin to stir in their sleep