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It happened long, long ago. The world was wracked by a ferocious clash between the Pokémon of the sea and the Pokémon of the land. The Pokémon of the sea, Kyogre, raised huge waves and carved out oceans. The Pokémon of the land, Groudon, raised mountains and created continents. Their fierce duel raged without end, and the world was engulfed in vicious storms and massive infernos. Eventually their battle came to a stop. The two giant Pokémon slowly burrowed deep under the ground below the sea, and have not been seen by any since then...

The disaster Pokémon, Absol, dashes across the land as the sea level in Hoenn starts to raise up. It arrives at Lavaridge, and stands on a cliff to watch as the residents of the little town worriedly discuss about the cooled down hotsprings. It then turns around to look towards the top of Mt. Chimney, and coldly stares at the giant machine which Team Aqua devised to cease the volcano's activity.

Sean rejoices at the mighty power of the Grand Meteor that fell from outerspace, and hops down from his Pelipper to join the other Team Aqua members. Shelly removes the meteorite from the energy converter, and tells Prof. Cozmo that the machine's energy should be sufficient enough. The professor seems a little taken aback by what he has done, and gasps in surprise as Sean releases his Carvanha to create an escape route underground with a secret power. A puff of smoke arises to shroud the Team Aqua members, and Sapphire quickly orders Tororo to swoop down, but a strong current hits the Tropius, and instantly throws Sapphire and Flannery off its back.

Flannery lands hard next to the giant machine, and notices that Sapphire and Tororo are nowhere to be found. As the smoke slowly clears, she yells out for the girl, and jumps with surprise when she hears a reply from the ground beneath her. Sapphire shouts out from below that she has fallen into the hidden escape tunnel created by a skill known as secret power, and tells Flannery not to worry as she will not let the enemy get away. Unable to see the Team Aqua members in the smoke-filled tunnel, Sapphire orders a solarbeam from Tororo, but another solarbeam fires back towards her and she quickly hops away to dodge.

Above ground, Flannery still can't seem to locate the entrance of the hidden tunnel. Walking onto a cliff to look over the turmoil at Lavaridge Town caused by the cooling of Mt. Chimney's volcano, the young woman trembles with anger and thinks to herself that she cannot sit back and wait while Sapphire fights the pirate people alone. She vows to protect Lavaridge town, and decides to try resurrecting the volcano. She calls out her Magcargo and quickly orders it to unleash a flamethrower onto the lava in the crater. The attack seems to take effect and the lava begins to stir again.

Tabitha of Team Magma suddenly appears behind Flannery and remarks that although she has a good plan, her Pokémon doesn't seem to possess adequate power. He swears at Team Aqua for interfering with the volcano's activity, and Flannery wonders if he's a gang with the pirate people. Tabitha quickly denies, and says his team actually hopes to increase the activity of the volcano, thus making them companions of her. Down below, Sapphire notices that the tunnel is beginning to heat up and realizes that Flannery is trying to reactivate Mt. Chimney. She yells out to the Lavaridge gymleder that her strategy is working, and tells her to continue striking the crater with fire attacks.

Tabitha takes out piece of coal and calls out his Torkoal. He remarks that while Torkoal normally burns coal inside its body, he'll make a change by having it flame up some external coal. The red-caped man tosses the piece of black carbon up in the air, and Torkoal immediately directs a blast of fire towards it. Flannery gasps in surprise at the power of the flames, and Tabitha tells her to hurry and join in. Magcargo sends its flamethrower towards the burning piece of coal, and the combined flames quickly expand into a giant fireball. Tabitha and Flannery order their Pokémon to direct it down towards the crater, and the excess energy instantly boils up the lava, shattering Team Aqua's laser gun and giant machine at the same time...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

215: VS. Pelipper (Part 2)!

Volume 18

Team Magma arrive to try and restore the Mountain