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At the contest house in Verdanturf Town, the announcer declares Mimi the winner of the beauty contest and the audience roars with excitement. Ruby scrambles for his glasses to have a better look, and feels certain that he has spotted Wally among the cheering crowd. He has not seen Wally ever since the mighty earthquake shook them apart, and always wondered how the boy and Ruru were. He suddenly remembers that Wally was supposed to seek medical care in some town away from Petalburg, and realizes Vendanturf must be where the boy has come to. Gabby and Ty walk down from the audience stand to snap Ruby out of his trance, and ushers him to hurry as the cool contest is about to take place in the next contest hall. Ruby quickly follows their lead, and decides to find Wally later on.

A few hours later, the sketches of Mimi, Popo and Zuzu hang nicely next to those of Nana and Coco in the contest hall. The audience are starting to leave, and some people are still talking about Ruby's consecutive wins in all of the five normal rank contest catogeries. Ruby pushes his way through the crowd, and notices from a distance that Wally is about to get on the shuttle bus. He quickly orders Mimi to freeze the bus door with an icebeam, and the queue of people instantly fall back in chaos behind the solid barrier. Ruby merrily rushes up to help Wally up, but realizes with a start that the person in fact a woman who resembles Wally and with shoulder-length hair. The angry crowd starts to glare at Ruby for he has done, and Gabby and Ty embarrassedly run up to drag him away together with the woman.

Later, in the car of Gabby and Ty, Ruby apologizes to the woman and explains that he mistook her for a friend if his called Wally. The woman lets out a soft chuckle, and intoduces herself as Wanda. She reveals that she's actually the cousin of Wally, and says it isn't the first time that people find them looking similar. To Ruby's surprise, Wanda remarks that Wally has told her about their evening expedition at the Petalburg Woods. She tells Ruby not to worry as she's used to keeping secrets for Wally, and admits that she was a little stunned when she saw the Kecleon and Ralts the first time. She recalls Wally's being worried about Ruby's safety, and says she's glad to see that Ruby's alright.

Wanda remarks that Wally's health has improved since he moved to live with her about a month ago, but grins that it's probably the Pokémon who made him feel better. She says it's a pity that Wally won't be able to meet Ruby, and Ruby wonders why. Wanda explains that the boy has left for another town with a bigger hospital that morning, and Ruby's sighs that he's so close to catching him. He drops his head in upset, and Gabby comforts him by saying that they will sure have chances to meet again.

Just then, the programme on the mini-TV in the car gets interrupted, and an emergency news report comes on to notify the viewers about an accident at the Rusturf Tunnel which exploitation was recently halted due to unknown reasons. The working crew digging there have been buried by a part of the tunnel which suddenly collapsed, and other workers are currently trying hard to save those trapped inside. Wanda hollers in shock, and says the Rusturf Tunnel worksite is right next to where she lives. Gabby quickly tells Ty to take them there, but Ruby isn't sure if he wants to get himself involved despite the reporter lady's insistence.

As the car speeds towards the Rusturf Tunnel, Ruby looks out of the window and draws back in fear when he spots an Absol dashing across. Gabby remarks that it is a beautiful creature, and says it's rare that Ruby doesn't get all enthusiastic over seeing such elegant Pokémon. Ruby quickly takes out his Pokedex and explains that no one ever likes to see an Absol because a disaster is bound to follow after its appearance.

The car arrives next to the Rusturf Tunnel and people are scurrying around to send the injured ones to first aid. Gabby and Ty get off to unload their equipment for news reporting, and a worker runs up to Wanda to tell her that Roger was in the tunnel when it collapsed, and that they have found everyone else except him in the rubbles. Wanda cannot believe what she's hearing and quickly moves over to the driver's seat. Gabby and Ty have their backs turned to the trunk of the car and are still busy unloading when they notice with a start that Wanda is driving the vehicle into the tunnel. They quickly follow in, and sees that Wanda has gotten off just past the entrance and is desperately calling out for someone.

Wanda explains that her fiance, Roger, who is the head of the construction crew, is still stuck in the collapsed tunnel, and Ty suddenly notices a gust of air from behind. He turns around to see Absol standing on top of the car, and grunts with frustration that the Pokémon seems to be prophesizing an ominous happening. Wanda decides to move away the giant boulders on her own, but Gabby stops her and tells her to be reasonable. Ruby slowly gets off the car, and asks Wanda to leave it to him as he calls out Zuzu to detect the location of Roger with the fin on its head...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

218: VS. Absol!

Volume 18

Ruby Wins all 5 Contests at Normal Rank
Ruby sees Absol and determines that Disaster is about to Strike