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At the collapsed Rusturf Tunnel, Zuzu closes its eyes while the fin on its head begins to wiggle vigorously. Ty wonders what Ruby is planning, and Ruby explains that the radar-like fin on Zuzu's head not only detects changes in air and water, but can sense the presence of people as well. Zuzu seems to have located something near an underground water stream, and Ruby quickly tells it to hop in, instantly splashing muddy water onto Gabby, Ty and Wanda while he himself shields himself behind the three. Gabby takes an annoyed look at Ruby, and the boy tells Wanda to trust Zuzu because it can navigate freely in both mud and water.

The Marshtomp postions its flipper-like arms onto a giant boulder from underwater, and quickly crumbles it with a rocksmash. Ruby takes out a microphone to introduce Zuzu like he does in Pokémon contests, and Zuzu soon re-emerges between the rubbles with the fainted construction man on its back. Wanda exclaims with joy and wraps her arms around the man while Gabby compliments on Ruby's skills. Wanda breaks into tears and thanks Ruby for saving her fiance, but Ruby says he's just making up for the embarrassment he caused her by freezing the bus's door earlier, and reminds her to vote for him in contests if she happens to see him compete again. Ruby then tosses out a Pokeblock from his Pokeblock case, and Zuzu happily catches it in its mouth.

Roger slowly regains consciousness, and thanks everyone for helping him. He remarks that the collapse of the tunnel was totally out of their expectation since they haven't been doing any digging for the past week. Gabby wonders why the exploitation was halted, and a colony of Whismurs suddenly appear between the giant boulders that have fallen. Gabby watches with admiration at their cuteness, and Ruby instantly goes starry-eyed. Roger states that the Whismurs are why they stopped digging, and explains that little Pokémon are very timid and sensitive to sound. They reacted badly to the loud noises emitting from the digging machines, and thus rendering the workers with choice but to put the work progress on hold. Ruby feels sorry for the Whismurs, and yells at Roger for harrassing Pokémon as cute as that.

Roger remarks that judging from the unexpected tunnel collapse as well as the frequent earthquakes recently, he has a feeling that something disastrous is about to strike Hoenn. Hearing the word disaster, Ruby remembers Absol and turns around to look, but the Pokémon is nowhere to be seen and seems to have left without anyone's notice. The colony of Whismurs suddenly let out an earsplitting cry and start fleeing into the cracks along the rocky wall. Gabby wonders what is going on, and Ruby quickly takes out his Pokedex to learn that Whismurs turn their whispers into loud cries when they sense danger.

The tunnel trembles again, and more boulders crumble off with a bang. Maniacal laughter echoes through the place, and Ruby looks up to see Team Magma members standing on top of the rubbles. One of them grins that earthquake may appear as disastrous to others, but their team certainly views it as a blessing. Another snickers that all the recent earthquakes is prophesizing a catastrophic change to the world, and Ty quickly recognizes their outfit as the ones worn by the attackers of the Slateport shipyard. Courtney tells her underlings to cut out the unnecassary words and orders them to attack. The Team Magma members charge forward with their Sandslash and Magcargo, and Ty immediately releases his Magnemite to defend.

Courtney sighs that the thing she seeks doesn't seem to be in the tunnel, and Gabby wonders what she's talking about. The red-caped woman remarks with a grin that Team Magma is currently looking for the mythical Red Orb, and that once they gain possession of it, they would be able to awake the legendary Pokémon of the land. She adds that, however, Team Aqua is also working on summoning the legendary of the sea, and vows to accomplish their goal earlier than their rivals.

Ty gets pinned down by a Team Magma member and yells for Ruby to help, but the boy bluntly refuses and Courtney instantly recognizes his voice. She pulls off the memory fire lighter from her hood and starts creating an image on a piece of paper. Since Ruby has fought against Hank on Submarine Explorer 1, and the three FireHeads have recently exchanged their stored records, the face of Ruby slowly takes form on the paper, and Courtney realizes the boy standing in front of her is the same one she fought on the abandoned ship.

Courtney smirks that she's having a change of plan, and releases her Swellow to lift herself up. Ruby gasps in shock as the red-caped woman all of a sudden dives down towards him with her hands extended out like claws...

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219: VS. Whismur!

Volume 18

Ruby & Co. get attacked by Team Magma in the Rusturf Tunnel