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Ruby gasps in shock as Courtney swoops down towards him on her Swellow. The red-caped woman snatches up the boy with her claw-like hands, and flies across the fallen boulders into the tunnel while Zuzu struggles hard to cling onto its trainer. Gabby and Ty yell in surprise and begin to give chase, but Team Magma members stop them and grin that they have their own trouble to deal with.

Inside the hollow tunnel, Courtney laughs that the workers should thank their team for crushing down boulders and completing the exploitation for them. Ruby wiggles to get free, but Courtney tells him to give it up, and says she has smeared the highly adhesive juices of Polmeg and Kelpsy berries on the surface of her glove. Ruby wonders why she took him away, and Courtney smirks that he must have forgotten their encounter on the abandoned ship. She slips off her glove and throws the boy hard onto the floor. She then introduces herself as one of the three FireHeads, and releases her Ninetales to attack.

Ruby holds up his Pokeblock case and hops around to dodge the fire Pokémon's strikes. Courtney blows out a bubble from her chewing gum, and grins that the boy doesn't have to hide his battling skills because she has deliberately taken him away from his friends. Ruby jumps with a start at the woman's words, and Courtney explains that the memory fire lighter possessed by every Team Magma member records the events the carrier encounters, and that once they exchange the memories stored in the devises, they could recreate anything each other has seen on a piece of paper. Ruby knows that there's no point of hiding anymore, and puts on that frightening look on his face again while releaseing his full team to attack.

Back at the Verdanturf end of the tunnel, Gabby, Ty, Roger and Wanda are still having trouble fending off the assaults of the Team Magma members. Wanda notices that the Whismurs that ran away earlier have returned, and they all gasp in shock when an Exploud and two Loudreds step out from the giant cracks on the tunnel wall. Roger realizes that the Whismurs must have sought help from their evolved companions to combat the red-caped people, and quickly tells everyone to cover their ears. The Exploud and two Loudreds unleash a hypervoice, and instantly blast the Team Magma members away while reducing the fallen boulders blocking the tunnel into dust at the same time. Ty exclaims at the power of the attack, and Gabby quickly tells them to get in the car now that the tunnel is cleared and they can drive to chase after Ruby.

Ninetales sends off nine blasts of fire from its multiple tails, and Ruby's Pokémon struggle hard to dodge the flames. Ruby grunts in frustration, and Courtney laughs that the boy's Marshtomp alone can counteract fire attacks, but it isn't able to take down all nine fireballs of Ninetales at the same time. She remarks that all three FireHeads of Team Magma specialize in fire skills. While Tabitha has the ability to hypnotize his opponents with his Torkoal's smoke, and Hank is a master of creating illusions with fire and heat, her battling strategy is simply to burn endlessly until nothing's left.

Courtney suddenly crouches down in front of Ruby, and says she enjoys beautiful things like he does. She asks if Ruby really thinks that contest ribbons truly represent the virtue of beauty, and tosses one of his ribbons into the fire, saying that nothing is more beautiful than having everything in sight engulfed in raging flames. She then grabs Ruby's chin with an evil smirk, and asks if the boy would like to become one of them...

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220: VS. Loudred & Exploud (Part 1)!

Volume 18

Wild Loudred & Exploud get Team Magma away from the Tunnel
Ruby is kidnapped by Courtney