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In the contest hall of Fallarbor, Ruby gasps in shock as the audience go crazy over the beauty of Wallace's Pokémon on stage. Four cheerleaders come up behind the man, and start reciting their slogan to praise him. Ruby takes a look at the Whiscash, and exclaims that it appears entirely different from the one he saw in Mr. Briney's water tank. Astounded by Wallace's ability to turn utterly ugly Pokémon into elegant ones, Ruby takes a look at Mimi on his shoulder, and knows he will need to improve his Feebas's looks as well if he wishes to overcome opponents like the man on stage.

On the other side of the audience stand, a man falls asleep and the cigarette in his hand accidentally touches the scarf of the lady in front. The garment quickly catches fire, and both of them holler in shock as the flames start to consume the scarf. The audience scream in a frenzy, and Wallace quickly orders his Luvdisc, Elizabeth, to unleash its water illusion skill. Two streams of water gush out in the shape of a heart from the Pokémon's little mouth, and instantly puts out the fire. The lady glares at the man, and grabs him by the collar, threatening to send him to the police. The man tells her not to make a scene, and the two start to have a quarrel.

Wallace frowns for a moment and decides to help. He motions Elizabeth to unleash an attract, and hundreds of little hearts instantly spew out to surround the man and the lady. The two suddenly stop their fight, and a weird sensation courses through their minds. The lady notices some sketches of clothes in the man's bag, and exclaims that it's her favourite brand. The man embarrassedly reveals himself to be a fashion designer, and offers to get the lady some new clothes from his collection in return for burning her scarf. The audience watch in bewilderment as the two happily walk off together, and Ruby jealously grits his teeth after seeing what Wallace has done.

Later, outside the contest house, Wallace gets in his air-car with his four cheerleaders, and Ruby all of sudden runs up to stop him. The boy puts on a proud grin, and introduces himself as an aspiring trainer who aims to conquer all Pokémon contests in Hoenn. He says he is very impressed by Wallace's skills, and requests to have a instant outdoor beauty contest since the man is leaving, and they won't get the chance to see each other's skills in the contest house the next day. The four cheerleaders snicker at his absurb suggestion, but Wallace decides to fulfill the boy's wishes, and gets off the car. Although it is a beauty contest, Ruby decides that Mimi is still quite inexperienced, and calls out Nana, Coco, Zuzu and Popo to take part instead. People begin to gather, and watch in amazement as the two trainer commence the unofficial competition.

Meanwhile, Gabby and Ty have arrived at the lab of Prof. Cozmo, but the professor is nowhere to be found. Instead, they see his three busy working assistants who look almost identical except their apparent different in attitudes and the number of spikes they wear in their hairstyle. Ty wants to know the whereabouts of Prof. Cozmo, and the angry assistant with one spike in his hair hollers that the man has went out to find the meteorite and has not returned yet. Typing frantically on his computer, the nervous assistant with two spikes in his hair says he's worried about the professor, and the cheerful assistant with three spikes in his hair laughs that Mt. Chimeny has somehow stopped its activity a few days ago, and the sea level has increased drastically as a result.

Gabby wonders what he is talking about, and the angry assistant shouts that after the volcano cooled down, the decreased heat energy in the region has beomce insufficient to return water vapour into the air, and thus resulted in a rise in the sea level. The nervous assistant remarks that the energy balance between the land and the sea has been disrupted, and the cheerful assistant chuckles that they will soon see whether or not the ancient legend is true. Ty gets confused and asks what legend they're referring to, and the cheerful assistant explains that Hoenn is rumoured to have a legendary Pokémon of the land, and legendary Pokémon of the sea. The power struggle between the two ancient creatures sustains the energy balance across the region, and it is said that something bad will happen if the delicate balance is messed up.

The angry assistant throws a coffee cup to strike the head of the cheerful assistant, and tells him to stop spreading groundless rumours. The nervous assistant alerts them that the processed data is ready, and reads that the effect of the disrupted energy balance has so far been observed to centre around Sootopolis. The angry assistant wants to know when the guardian of the Cave of Origin will arrive, and the nervous assistant replies that the person should be already in town.

Outside the Fallarbor contest house, Ruby's Pokémon pant hard to catch their breath as Wallace proudly stands beside his Luvdisc and calls an end to the unofficial beauty contest. The cheerleaders jump up and down happily behind the man, and Ruby falls to his knees with a stunned look on his face, unwilling to believe that he has lost...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

224: VS. Luvdisc (Part 2)!

Volume 18

Ruby challenges Wallace to an unofficial Beauty Contest
Gabby & Ty learn of the Mt Chimney plight and Groudon & Kyogre
Ruby loses to Wallace in an unofficial Beauty Contest