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Gabby and Ty gasp in shock as Stern reveals that Seafloor Cavern is the deepest region of Hoenn known to mankind, and that no other possible way to reach the place exists. Fearing that trouble is going to fall upon the land, Stern worriedly tells Gabby and Ty to follow him, and rushes to the pilot room on the liner. He quickly accesses the navigation satellite system which monitors all seas of Hoenn, and adjusts the output signals until the Seafloor Cavern region falls under surveillance. To his horror, the radar almost immediately picks up a powerful energy field in the area, and the bright dot that appears on the screen seems to be expanding by the minute. Watching the intensity of the energy field go up at an unnerving pace, Stern, Gabby and Ty know that the peaceful times of Hoenn have come to an end.

Down at the Seafloor Cavern, in the chamber which walls are jagged with ice stalactites, Sean's Pelipper powers up the hydropump it's firing at the frozen walls surrounding Kyogre, and the slumbering titan finally opens its eyes. Without warning, it shatters the ice block it sealed itself in, and takes a powerful leap into the small pond inside the cave which leads to the open sea. Washed with a sense of triumph, Archie marvels over their team's success, and says it's a good thing they managed to awaken Kyogre before Team Magma does to Groudon. He remarks that while TM has made sevearal attempts to increase the land's energy by inducing earthquakes everywhere, their work in ceasing Mt. Chimney's volcanic activity has no doubt made a greater impact to nature and raised the sea's energy way above that of the land. Empowered by this shift of balance, Kyogre will most certainly prevail over Groudon in their imminent battle, and make Team Aqua the winner in their rivalry against Team Magma.

Meanwhile, at the data room of the Tree Tower in Fortree, Winona, Roxanne, Brawly, Wattson, Flannery gasp in shock as the monitor screen shows live images of the serious flooded Dewford, Slateport and Littleroot. Quickly increasing the emergency level to 8 according to the Pokemon Association's guidelines, Winona takes another look at the damaged cities, and can't believe the giant tidal waves have attacked so suddenly. Flannery points out that Mt. Chimeny's volcano cessation is evidently the cause as it led to a drop in the land's heat energy, and Wattson warns that the tidal waves could simply be warnings of even bigger consequences to come.

Winona wants to know where Wallace has gone to, but Flannery says she hasn't been able to find him the whole morning. Just then, the visual phone system in the room receives an incoming message, and Winona answers to find the Chairman of the Pokemon Association calling from the headquaters. Winona proceeds to consult the Chairman on the strategy they should employ to deal with the flooding situation, but the Chairman puts on a serious tone, and says things have gone way out of hand and far beyond their expectations. He projects the headquarter's real-time monitoring system screen to the gymleaders, and tells them that their radars have picked up a powerful energy field exuded by a fast moving creature in the sea. It is not known whether the being is the cause of all the tidal waves so far, but it is apparent that its rampaging will further worsen the situation. As he says that, the monitoring screen shows Kyogre taking a giant leap out of the water, and the gymleaders all gap in awe at the frightening sight before their eyes.

Raising the emergency level to 9, the Chairman orders Winona to make an announcement on behalf of the Association to all cities and towns about the situation, and the gymleader supervisor wastes no time in issuing the warning. She alerts the public of the appearance of the ancient creature, Kyogre, on the H68 coordination, and advices that the sea titan's direction of movement is unpredictable at the moment. The message quickly spreads through every TV and radio across the land, and the whole of Hoenn immediately enters a state of emergency and panic.

Out on sea route 108, Kyogre edges close to the abandoned ship, and starts destroying it with powerful hydropumps. The Plusle and Minun who are on board frantically try to evade the collapsing hull while clinging onto the diary they're guarding, but soon get washed away by the strong tidal waves. Delivering a deadly flap with its massive fins, the sea titan strips the abandoned ship bare of its overgrown plants, and causes two thirds of the ship body to sink below the water. It eyes then start to glow as it activates its drizzle ability, and instantly conjures a heavy downpour from the skies above.

Back at the Seafloor Cavern, in the chamber built with solid lava walls, Tabitha's Torkoal powers up the flamethrower it's firing at the solid block Groudon sealed itself in, and the slumbering land titan eventually snaps its eyes open. It immediately gets into a rampage as it shatters its constraints, and without warning, drills itself into the ground and disappears. As the Team Magma members stare in astonishment, Maxie breaks into a wide grin, and exclaims that their biggest dream has finally come true. A TM grunt wonders where Groudon has gone to, and Maxie smirks that it is probably desperate to break out to the land surface and exercise its powers after laying dormant all these years. He muses to himself about the possible cities it will make its first appearance at, and the cave continues to tremble from the creature's movement in the earth crust.

Maxie puts on a grin, and says Archie must be thinking that Team Aqua has won their rivalry because they have empowered Hoenn's sea energy and managed to awaken Kyogre first, but little does the TA leader know that Team Magma alone possesses the keys to real victory. Tabitha reaches into his pockets to retrieve the Red and Blue Orbs before handing them over to Maxie, and the TM leader declares that with the two mystical jewels in hand, Team Magma can freely control the actions of Groudon and Kyogre above ground, and will no doubt be the ultimate winner…

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234: VS. Kyogre & Groudon II!

Volume 19