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On sea route 126, Wallace and Winona wish Ruby and Sapphire good luck as the two young trainers plunge into the stormy ocean, and head off to the Seafloor Cavern with the help of Relili’s diving ability. Wallace tells Winona that it will be pointless for them to sit and wait while Ruby and Sapphire retrieve the orbs, and says they should seek other means to minimize the scope of the disaster. He prepares to join forces with Roxanne and Brawly in fighting down Groudon, and wonders what Winona plans to do.

The Fortree gymleader sighs in frustration that she wishes to take part in the battle as well, but the Chairman of the Pokémon Association has assigned her as the central commander, and she is required to stay along the borderline between the two disaster fronts to supervise the situation on both sides. She then decides to call the Chairman and inform him of the latest happenings, but the signals are heavily interrupted on her Pokégear, and she could hardly make contact. She rationalizes that the heat and drought conjured by Groudon in Hoenn’s north-eastern region is probably hitting Lilycove seriously, and knows that the Pokémon Association Headquarters must be affected as well.

Just then, Wallace hears the sound of heavy engines nearby, and looks up into the sky to see a giant shadow edging close to them amidst the heavy downpour. Wallace and Winona gasp in surprise and soon realize that it is an enormous airship bearing the logo of the Pokémon Association. Suddenly, Winona’s Pokégear begins to beep, and she answers to find the Chairman calling from inside the airship. The Chairman explains that Groudon’s drought ability has already turned Lilycove into a burning inferno, and that it is no longer possible for anyone to remain in the city. The association has thus activated its emergency transport system, and the giant airship they see right now, called the Ba.Goon, is housing the headquarters’ building within.

The Chairman remarks that he shall take over the role as the central commander by supervising from above, and tells Winona to head off and assist the other gymleaders in combating the ancient titans. Thrilled by the idea, Winona accepts the order, and quickly hops onto Altaria, stating that she will join Flannery and Wattson in the fight against Kyogre.

The old couple from Mt. Pyre voice their wish to go in search for Tate and Liza, and the Chairman urges them to embark on Ba.Goon. He explains that he was the one who bestowed upon Tate and Liza the duty of protecting the two orbs, and says it will be better for the old couple to wait for news inside the airship as it is perilous to venture around the disaster-struck Hoenn at the moment.

As the two Chimechos lift the old couple up into Ba.Goon with their psychic powers, Winona prepares to take off. But then she hears Wallace calling out her name, and turns around to see the Sootopolis gymleader holding out his hand without a word. After a moment’s hesitation, Winona does the same and slides her hand into Wallace’s. The two look into each other’s eyes, and share a moment of silence before heading off to their respective destinations on Altaria and the air-car. With all its passengers gone, Sapphire’s Wailulu flaps its giant tail and sinks back into the sea.

Up in the air, a small flying saucer attaches itself to the underside of Ba.Goon, where part of the Pokémon Association Headquarters building is not covered, and a chubby man wearing a blue shirt with sunglasses soon emerges from it. He grins that it is fun to intrude, and proceeds to climb into the airship through a window.

Meanwhile, out in the flooded fields near Littleroot Town, Prof. Birch is sitting atop a tree as the heavy rain continues to pour. The Pokémon Association’s evacuation warning to all Hoenn citizens plays over and over again through his Pokégear, and Birch knows that their homeland is possibly suffering from the worst catastrophe in history. While the land is being stretched out in the north-eastern region under the effect of drought, the sea is quickly expanding itself in the south-western region due to the heavy downpours, savaging the whole of Hoenn with two opposing natural disasters.

He rationalizes to himself that it is surely a suicidal act to stay outside under such situations, but the young boy he is expecting that day has yet to show up. He takes a look at Treecko in its Pokéball, who’s wearing a worried look, and says it is really a pity that they should get caught up in such conditions when they are about to meet the long-awaited trainer who will receive the little grass starter and the third Pokédex. He sighs that he has even completed the registration process for the kid, and proceeds to access the registered user screen on the Pokédex, where the photo of a young boy with crescent-shaped yellow hair appears. He remembers how the boy made a promise to come no matter what, and wonders if he is going to make it afterall.

As the rain falls heavier, Birch thinks of the Pokémon Association’s warnings earlier about huge tidal waves hitting the region where he is, and starts to get worried. As soon as the thought crosses his mind, a wall of water materializes from afar, and quickly edges close, brutally sweeping down the tree Birch is sitting on. The young professor lets out a yell as he gets knocked into the flooded fields, and loses grip on his bagpack which contains the Pokéball of Treecko as well as the third Pokédex. He struggles to reach out, but soon gets engulfed by the tides as the quick current carries his bagpack away...

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239: VS. Kyogre & Groudon VII!

Volume 20