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At the Seafloor Cavern, Team Aqua is closely monitoring the weather status above ground via a laptop computer. However, things don’t seem to go as they have hoped. While Groudon’s power continues to expand over the north-eastern region of Hoenn, Kyogre appears to have been halted in its rampage on sea route 108.

Archie grinds his teeth in anger, and couldn’t understand why the sea titan is losing its power struggle against the land titan when it has clearly awakened first, and their team has even ceased the volcanic activity of Mt. Chimney in order to suppress the energy of the land and favour that of the sea. He grunts that Team Magma and Maxie must be to blame for the current situation, and dispatches Sean to spy on their activity. Sean quickly takes off on Pelipper, and promises to figure out ways to thwart their rival team’s plan.

In another part of the underwater cavern, Team Magma members gather close as their leader continues to exert his control over Groudon and Kyogre with the help of the Red and Blue Orbs. Like magic crystal balls, the orbs show the activities of the two titans above ground through their transparent suface, and Tabitha watches with bewilderment as the creatures continue to sabotage the land. Maxie lets out a maniacal laugh as he thinks of how helpless Archie must be feeling right now, and cackles that by holding back Kyogre, Groudon will dominate Hoenn and Team Magma shall win the battle.

Suddenly, he gets overwhelmed by the powers from the orbs, and topples over with a blank look on his face. Tabitha immediately rushes over with a worried look, and attempts to snap his leader out of his trance by shaking him rapidly. Maxie soon returns to himself, and pants that controlling the titans requires more mental power than he has initially thought. Knowing that he will be worn out in no time if he continues to command both Groudon and Kyogre simultaneously, Maxie orders Tabitha to take the Blue Orb and help him out. Thrilled by the offer, Tabitha picks up the blue jewel, and is told to control it in another part of the Seafloor Cavern, since they will be giving opposite mental commands to the titans and there is the risk of an energy clash.

Tabitha together with his Torkoal then decide to head back towards the small lake near the entrace where they docked the Submarine Explorer 1, and retrack the long and winding path they came from, unaware of Sean spying on them from above in the large crevices of the rocky cave. Just as Tabitha arrives at the lake, soft glowing lights all of a sudden start to surround him, and he recognizes them as the attack tail glow. He quickly orders a yawn from Torkoal, and the hiding Volbeat instantly falls asleep and drops to the ground.

Sean and his Carvanha, Pelipper and two other Volbeats then materialize out from the dark and the bald man grins that Team Aqua clearly hasn’t done their homework in not knowing the existence of orbs that are capable of controlling Groudon and Kyogre. Tabitha grits his teeth in frustration, and orders another yawn from Torkoal. However, to his surprise, the fire Pokémon seems to have trouble doing so, and he realizes that Sean’s Carvanha has prevented it from using the same attack consecutively by torment. The big man demands to know Sean’s name, but Sean smirks that lowly people like him doesn’t deserve to know, and orders his Volbeats forward.

The two bug Pokémon unleash a combined signalbeam, and Tabitha and Torkoal quickly jump away from the high energy attacks. Tabitha then commands a heatwave from Torkoal, and in no time engulfs Sean and all his Pokémon in burning flames. Placing the Blue Orb on Torkoal’s back, Tabitha has it enter the submarine quickly by spinning, while he himself slowly climbs down the ladder at the entrance. He looks out from the window of the submarine and grins that Sean must be stewed by now, but to his shock, the Team Aqua subleader jumps into the submarine after him without warning, and constricts him by the neck and arm.

Tabitha sees that Sean’s Volbeats and Carvanha are still suffering from the flames outside, and calls Sean a fool to come in by himself. Sean laughs that he alone can deal with Tabitha, and Tabitha decides to prove him wrong by ordering another heatwave from Torkoal. However, Sean holds on tight, and grunts that he will not give up until he claims the Blue Orb. Unsure of what his opponent is going to do, Tabitha looks out of the window and sees one of Sean’s Volbeat flapping its wings rapidly.

Suddenly, a beam of light shoots out from the Volbeat and charges in from the submarine entrance to hit Torkoal. But Torkoal doesn’t seem hurt in any way, and Tabitha wonders what has happened. Just then, he notices with a start that the Blue Orb on Torkoal’s back has been replaced by a Figy berry. He knows that the Volbeat must have taken it by some way and attempts to climb out of the submarine, but Sean throws him onto the ground and restrains his motions. Sean laughs that trick is a skill that exchanges a Pokémon’s held item with the opponent’s, and that their leader will resume Kyogre’s rampaging very soon.

Outside, Volbeat hands over the Blue Orb to Archie, and the man exclaims at the beauty of the mystic jewel which is capable of controlling the sea titan. Sean then calls out to Archie and requests assistance, but to his surprise, the door of the submarine bolts shut, and the vessel starts to sink back into the waters as its auto-navigation system gets activated.

Archie thanks Sean for his hard work, and smirks evilly that he is granting him some time off to venture freely in the deep seas. He adds that, however, he has taken away the special engine starter, and both Sean and Tabitha gasp in horror, knowing that the submarine will not be able to stand the powerful water pressure at their depth without the engine starter.

Being even now in terms of advantage with his longterm rival Maxie, Archie laughs that it is time to determine who the final winner will be, and vows not to let any intruders get in their way. Meanwhile, as Submarine Explorer 1 drifts away and slowly collapses from the high water pressure, Ruby and Sapphire grips tight on Relili the Relicanth in their descend, and soon sees the opening to the Seafloor Cavern ahead...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

242: VS. Volbeat!

Volume 20