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At the site of the abandoned ship, Kyogre continues to rampage on the stormy seas as the three gymleaders fight to safeguard Hoenn from utter destruction. Up in the air, Winona orders another flamethrower from Altaria, but Matts and his Vibrava manage to dodge the attack. Hovering in circles, Shelly has her Vibrava deliver a dragonbreath on Flannery, and the Lavaridge gymleader quickly jumps out of the way with her Vulpix.

Meanwhile, Wattson watches as the third member of the SSS Trio, Sean, emerges from the sea on his Pelipper, and remarks that the ocean certainly full of surprising revelations. Flannery then notices Sean’s presence, and warns Wattson that the Team Aqua admin is the man who directed the cessation of Mt. Chimney’s volcanic activity. Without warning, Sean orders his Pelipper to charge itself up by stockpile and swallow, and unleashes a stockpile, spit up combo which hits Manectric directly.

Wattson quickly tends to the electric Pokémon, and grunts that Pelipper can be a killer as well if not taken seriously. Now that the enemy’s number has increased to three, he knows that he himself will be occupied as well, and worries about Kyogre getting out of control. However, he doesn’t have time to ponder on the matter, as Sean has swiftly discharged another attack from Pelipper. Hopping out of the way, Wattson orders a quickattack from Manectric, and instantly knocks the water bird out.

The Mauville gymleader states that his electric type prevails over Sean’s water types, and wonders what his opponent will send out next. To his surprise, Sean reveals that he has left all his other Pokémon at the Seafloor Cavern, and does not have another member in his party. Hearing this, Shelly tosses a Pokéball to Sean, and the man thanks her while remarking in recognition that it is one Pokémon of theirs with the highest status. A Nincada pops out from the Pokéball, and Wattson immediately climbs on Manectric to charge forward.

Manectric delivers a powerful blow with its paw, and the bug Pokémon gets knocked back without much effort. Wattson becomes curious as the Nincada seems too weak to be deemed as strong, let alone being one with the highest status, and wonders if the enemy is holding something else up his sleeve. He commands a roar from Manectric, but it only causes Nincada to duck down in fear instead of being switched out, and he knows that Sean indeed has no other Pokémon.

Noticing Wattson’s confused look, Sean grins that Nincada will sure appear held back as it is already growing tired of its old body. The bug Pokémon then begins to glow, and Wattson exclaims in shock. In a flash of light, Nincada evolves into a Ninjask and quickly unleashes a fury attack. The Mauville gymleader soon has trouble keeping up with the ninja Pokémon’s impressive agility, and realizes that the term highest status was referring to its speed after evolution. Sean laughs that Ninjask’s ability is speed boost, which causes its movements to accelerate gradually over time, allowing it to gain the upper hand in battles by its swiftness.

Grinding his teeth in frustration, Wattson commands Manectric is raise its own speed by doubleteam, and manages to catch up with Ninjask and pin it down onto the ground with tackle. He then hollers that it is necessary to put behind oneself’s own safety at such critical times, and Sean gasps in surprise when he notices electric charges building up in the storm clouds above. The Team Aqua admin instantly realizes what Wattson is planning to do, but it is too late to act. A surge of electricity blasts down from the sky as Manectric fires off a thunder and conducts the powerful current directly into the body of Ninjask by using itself as a lightning rod, fainting both its foe and itself at the same time.

Standing proudly over the two knocked out Pokémon, Wattson grins that although Manectric took down its opponent at the expense of itself, Ninjask is the only Pokémon Sean possesses while he himself still has other reserves, making him the overall winner of the battle. However, as soon as he says that, something strikes him hard from behind, and the Mauville gymleader begins to fall as he gaps his mouth wide in disbelief that there is still one more Pokémon in Sean’s party.

With an evil smirk on his face, Sean remarks that Wattson might be the most senior gymleader of all with excellent battling skills and a good sense of humour, but he has lost the battle because the one secret he doesn’t know is that when Nincada evolves in a Ninjask, its empty shell becomes a Shedinja as an extra Pokémon.

As the befallen old man slowly slips off the cliff, Winona and Flannery watch with horror and cannot believe that Wattson has failed. The Lavaridge gymleader dashes over and tries to help her companion, but Shelly jumps in the way and orders Ludicolo to grab her by the neck from behind, taunting that she is the one Flannery needs to fight.

On the verge of losing his consciousness, Wattson forces the words out of his mouth to urge Winona and Flannery to stop Kyogre and protect Hoenn, and plunges into the stormy seas as Flannery screams in a frenzy after him while Sean and Shelly grin that they have taken care of one gymleader out of three...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

246: VS. Ninjask!

Volume 20