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The Alolan Meowth species has always been one of great pride. No matter how hard Sun's great grandfather tried to get them to face the camera, his three cats simply ignored him and carried on with whatever they have been doing. The old man apologized to his young great grandchild for their behavior, but Sun was happy enough to catch a glimpse of the rare Pokémon. His use of the term 'rare' momentarily confused his great grandfather, but the old man quickly remembered that the Meowth in Sun's region took on different appearances. Sun grinned that the Meowth in Alola certainly had more elegant fur, and his great grandfather revealed that in the past, they were given as gifts to royalty. It was said that the luxurious lifestyle has turned them into the selfish and self-indulgent breed today, and Sun, fascinated by the tale, looked forward to meeting them in person one day…

Since then, years have passed.

Underneath the clear blue skies, Moon stands on a sparkling beach and looks out to the deep blue seas in front of her. She could easily tell that Alola is a huge warm resort from this scenery and the many colorful flowers blooming around her. It has also probably been a correct choice to pick out the tropical attire she is wearing. However, none of these really fit her character to be honest, and she believes that her company, Rotom, would agree. The little Pokémon grins as it scratches its head with its bolt-shaped arms, and Moon decides that she should just get the delivery done with.

Suddenly, someone calls out in warning, and something slimy hits Moon straight on the face before she could react. A boy walking with a crutch and his left foot in cast shows up, and apologizes for accidentally targeting her. Moon wears a disgusted look as she demands to know what the slimy stuff is, and the boy explains that they are actually Pyukumukus, which he is tasked to throw back into the sea in his current part-time job. They are, however, slimy as Moon described, which makes it easy to slip up on the grip.

Moon mutters the word 'compensation', and the boy wonders what she means. Putting on an angry look, Moon states that she is in the middle of a delivery, and her clothes are now all wet and slimy thanks to his actions. She demands monetary compensation for what he has done, and the boy immediately bolts up in horror. He drops his head with a troubled look, and Moon wants to know what it is. Just then, the boy remembers something and his face lights up again. He reveals that the slimy mucous of Pyukumuku is actually a powerful moisturizer, and says it is in fact a product highly sought after among celebrities for skin care. Hearing that, Moon goes starry-eyed, and says her skin has indeed become smoother. She thinks she might even have to thank the boy for it, but before the boy could chime in with another word, Moon calls him a moron and hits him on the face with the Pyukumuku. The boy grunts that she should be tossing the Pyukumukus into the sea, and Moon doesn't understand how this Pyukumuku-chucking can be considered a kind of job.

The boy explains that although the sea cucumber Pokémon is cute, they can crowd a beach so much that it turns tourists away. He pulls out a high-tech electronic device form his bagpack to show Moon an entry on Pyukumuku, and adds that when Pyukumuku finds a place it likes, it will stubbornly stay at the same spot even if it runs out of food and starve. That said, he is actually doing them a favour to return them to the sea. As the boy continues to pick up Pyukumukus and chuck them into the ocean, Moon asks about the cast on his leg, and wonders if he broke his leg due to work. The boy sighs that he can only do this kind of work now due to the broken leg, and Moon wants to know why he must work so desperately. To her shock, the boy reveals that he aims to quickly save up 100 million yen, which is why he could not give her any monetary compensation but promises to make it up to her after he swiftly wraps up his work.

Soon, the boy manages to clear the beach of Pyukumukus, just as two black-attired people show up to announce that the time is up. Moon sees that the man and woman both wear skull-like helmets and cover the lower part of their faces with a black scarf. A metallic emblem that resembles the character 'S' hangs in front of their chests, and two cunning-looking Salandits accompany them. The man states that the beach should be clear of Pyukumukus by 3pm, and questions if the boy has fulfilled the task. The boy grins that he has, and the man immediately calls forward his Salandits to scout the area. It would seem that the boy has indeed done his job, and the man proceeds to get his payment ready.

At that moment, the woman secretly drops something between her crossed arms, and Moon sees that it is a Pyukumuku. The woman then nods to Salandit who quickly informs the man of a Pyukumuku being missed out. The man finds it pitiful that the boy didn't complete his job after all, and the boy desperately tries to explain himself. However, the man would hear nothing of it, and says the beach is important territory of Team Skull, since it is where they shall make money during the festival the next day. If no one shows up because of the Pyukumuku, it will be big trouble for them. That said, the male Grunt states that they are not the devil, and shall make a compromise. He would still pay the boy half, or on a deeper thought, 10% of his salary, but on the condition that the boy becomes a life-long Pyukumuku chucker for them at the beach.

Seeing the boy's troubled look, Moon speaks up and fails to understand why he should compromise. She states that the Pyukumuku was dropped by the female Grunt from her pocket, and points to her slimy hands to prove her point. The boy anxiously tries to quiet Moon, but the male Grunt has already been annoyed and gestures his Salandit forward. With a thwack of its tail, Salandit slaps Moon on the face, and causes her to fall onto her knees. The male Grunt, however, gasps that Moon may have broken Salandit's tail with her cheek, and thinks the boy should just use his salary to pay for Salandit's medical expenses.

In that instant, the boy lets out a sigh, and decides that it is time to draw the line. He raises his crutch and swings it down to the cast on his left foot, shattering it, and causes everyone to jump in shock. He believes that the healing should be done by now, and proceeds to send out an Alolan Meowth from his Pokeball. The male Grunt snickers at the boy's attempt to fight, and promptly calls forward his Salandits to attack. To Moon's astonishment, the Alolan Meowth easily fends off the dual hits from the Salandits, after which it retaliates with a powerful Pay Day to knock them back.

The two Team Skull Grunts jump in fright at the scene, and quickly retrieves the Salandits before scurrying off, vowing for revenge some day. The boy begins to pick up the coins scattered by Pay Day, and sighs that he ended up taking action after all, which means he can no longer work on this beach. Moon fails to understand why he still wishes to work under obnoxious people like those, and wonders what he plans to do with 100 million yen. The boy replies that it is a secret, and thinks it is time they talk about how he makes things up to her. He recalls Moon saying that she is in the middle of a delivery, and offers to help her out. Moon thinks she would actually like that, and the boy reveals that being a courier is in fact his true job. Learning that Moon's destination is the Science Lab of Prof. Kukui, he takes out his Ride Pager and decides on the 'Charge' Pokémon since there will be big boulders on the way. In a flash of light, a Tauros with a passenger seat on its back appears, and Moon sees that the boy has also changed into a special Riding Wear.

The boy thinks he should help her handle her wet clothes before they get going, and sends out a Litten from its Pokeball, nicknamed En. The little fire kitten creates a burst of flames from the fur on its back, and the powerful heat instantly dries Moon's clothes. She wonders if 'En' comes from 'ember', but the boy laughs that it actually comes from 'Yen' as in 100 million yen. He then takes out an abacus, and starts calculating his overall income after factoring in the loss from Pyukumuku throwing, gain from Pay Day, and deduction of necessary expenses. To his delight, his net is on the positive side, and he happily inserts the coins into his piggy-bank, which is shaped like a Spoink.

Climbing onto Tauros, the boy gets it going and introduces himself as Sun, telling Moon to call him Sun the Courier…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

001: VS Salandit!