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At the headquarters of Team Skull, Guzma the boss sits on his chair, and finds it a joke that his Grunts scurried off after being beaten by some kid. The two Grunts bow in apology to their leader, and think they are going to be punished for their failure. However, Guzma simply asks if they find their actions shameful as a Team Skull member, and wonders if they actually have any excuses. The male Grunt thinks the fault really lies in his Pyukumuku, but the sea cucumber Pokémon is apparently not too pleased about the blame. It lashes out a fist to hit the man in the face, and knocks him out along with the female Grunt as their heads collide. Guzma thinks they should go get ready for their 'Slowpoke Tail Grill' stall for the festival the next day, and wants them to inform him if they come across the kid again, so that he may punish him in person as the boss of Team Skull.

Back on Melemele Island, Sun begins to ride off on Tauros after introducing himself to Moon, but soon makes his way back again. He realizes that he actually forgot to take the goods from Moon, and asks what it is that she is delivering to Prof. Kukui's Science Lab. Speechless at the boy's behavior, Moon reveals that the goods are actually Rotom and herself, and Sun diligently jots them down in his receipt book. He then grabs both Moon and Rotom as if they are really items, and places the receipt on Moon's hat as he pulls her onto Tauros.

Heading south, Sun makes it past the road sign of Route 2, and gets into Hau'oli City. He wonders if it is Moon's first visit to Alola, and Moon admits that she hails from another region and has come to deliver Rotom. Sun informs her that they are entering Hau'oli City's Shopping District, which shall lead them to the Science Lab through its eastern exit. As Tauros trots along, Moon sees that the citizens of Hau'oli seem to know Sun well, and everyone greets him warmly as they pass by. A Dancer walks up to them, asking if Sun is on a date, but Sun quickly clarifies that he is actually working. He explains that Moon is the goods, or rather, his customer, and wants everyone to welcome her on her first day in Alola. The crowd immediately joins to say unified 'alola' to Moon, and the Dancer places a ring of flowers around her neck. Moon cringes that she isn't really a flower person, and freaks out when something pecks at her face. It turns out that the ring of flowers around her neck is actually the Pokémon Comfey, and Sun lets out a roar of laughter after seeing Moon's reaction. He rolls on the floor as he laughs, and recalls being tricked the same way when he first came to Alola.

Moon fails to see what is so funny about it, and with an annoyed tone, says he doesn't really seem to be serious about helping her make the delivery. Sun tells her not to fret, and reveals that he is actually good friends with Prof. Kukui. It turns out that his Litten, En, and the Pokedex were both from the professor, and Moon realizes that the Pokedex refers to the high-tech electronic device the boy pulled out from his bagpack earlier. Sun then complains that Moon has sidetracked too much and they should get back to delivering, and Moon once again finds herself speechless. Clearly, Sun was the one who got them sidetracked to begin with.

Just as Sun is about to climb back onto Tauros, he lets out a shriek, and Moon lets out a sigh, wondering what it is this time. He cries out in pain that his left foot has not completely healed after all, and Moon calmly tells him to take his shoe off, making Sun freak out.

After checking on his injured foot, Moon ensures that the bone alignment is alright, and states that some painkillers should do the trick. She proceeds to pull out a medical box from her bagpack, and checks that she has enough bone powder from Cubone's Thick Club, Miracle Seed, Honey as well as Nepenthes leaves. Sun realizes with astonishment that she is making medicine, and wants to know if she is a doctor or nurse. Moon grins that his guess is close enough, and reveals that she is actually a pharmacist. She remarks that she will still need a spicy flavored Berry, and soon spots a Figy Berry tree nearby. Unfortunately, it appears to be meal time for some wild bird Pokémon, and Sun sees that it is a horde of Pikipeks.

Moon decides that she has no choice but to interrupt the Pikipeks' meal, and without warning pulls out a bow and arrow from her bag. Sun cries out in bewilderment at the item she is holding, but Moon tells him to stay quiet and not to disturb her focus. Taking aim at the cluster of Figy Berries near the tree top, Moon swiftly lets loose an arrow and the shot quickly startles the wild Pikipeks, causing them to pull back from the Berries. Moon then shoots a second arrow, and successfully strikes down a Figy Berry.

Sun exclaims at Moon's marvellous skills, and sends out his Alolan Meowth, nicknamed Dollar, to retrieve the Berry. The grey-furred cat slumps its shoulders as it nonchalantly walks over to do so, and wears an expression that couldn't any duller. Taking the Berry from the cat's paw, Moon wonders if it is really the same Meowth that battled the Salandits since their behavior is so drastically different. Sun explains with a laugh that Dollar always appears as if it couldn't get any duller outside of battles, and the cat proves his point by sprawling itself on the ground.

Moon takes out a mortar and pestle and starts grinding the ingredients into a paste. She then applies it onto Sun' injured foot, and as Sun tests it out by thumping his feel on the ground, he is fascinated that the pain has really gone away. He quickly thanks Moon, but gets hesitant when he thinks about the medical fee. Fortunately, Moon never intended to charge him, and Sun rejoices that his customer is truly a talented person. Having no shame in accepting the compliment, Moon reveals that she learnt pharmacology at school, and there is no drug that she couldn't make, provided that she has all the ingredients. Sun thinks it is amazing that school taught her archery, and his words instantly make Moon speechless, since she remembers distinctly that she said pharmacology.

Sun is curious to know why Moon resorted to bow and arrow to get the Berry, and thinks it might have been easier to ask help from a Pokémon. Moon begins to explain something in the past which made her reluctant to depend on Pokémon, but her words are cut short when something suddenly appears in the sky and causes Sun to cry out in shock. Moon quickly looks up, and sees a peculiar yellow and orange creature high above which is shaped like the head of a rooster. She wonders if it is a Pokémon, but Sun exclaims that he has never seen one like that before. At that moment, the creature opens up its rooster-head-shaped exterior to reveal its true body inside, and without warning fires off a bolt of electricity towards Sun and Moon.

Narrowly escaping the powerful attack, Moon lets out a cry and Sun quickly sends out En and Dollar to fight. However, the two instantly begin to claw at one another, and Moon demands to know what is going on. Sun explains that the two don't really like each other and always fight as soon as they meet, and Moon barks that he should just retrieve either one of them in that case. Just then, the rooster-like creature sends out a pulse of energy and shrouds the entire area with electricity, which sparks at Sun and Moon and even snaps En and Yen out from their cat-fight. Sun suddenly realizes what it must be doing, and believes that it is trying to heal his foot with electrotherapy. Moon collapses upon hearing that, and hollers that it is clearly a means to power up its own moves. She rationalizes that the Pokémon must be of electric type, and as soon as she says that, the creature fires off another powerful bolt of electricity directly at her.

Fortunately, Sun once again manages to get them both out of the way with Tauros, and the boy hopes that his customer would spare him a little more time to deal with this before he completes his delivery. As a courier, Sun thinks it is his job to bring the goods unharmed to their destination to justify his salary, and in order to do so, there are times when he has no choice but to fight. Moon is alarmed by Sun's declaration since the Pokémon is obviously incredibly strong. She wonders if they should flee instead, and Sun, despite being slightly discouraged, ignores her words and lunges straight towards the creature. Calling for a barrage of Ember from En, Sun manages to stop his opponent from attacking and also shortens the distance between them. He then has Dollar charge in for its signature Pay Day, and just as the move goes off, the rooster-like creature retreats back into its shell to shield itself. In the next instant, it glows with an intense light, and shoots up into the sky, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye.

Sun wonders with grin if the creature simply wanted to play, and Moon once again becomes speechless, although she is starting to get used to the boy's style. At the moment, Sun discovers that the creature has left something behind, and Moon glances over to see a sparkling stone which appears to have something embedded in it shaped like the character 'Z'.

Later, Sun and Moon arrive at Prof. Kukui's Science Lab, and Moon is instantly bewildered by the loud bangs and crashes coming from the house. A man inside is apparently calling for all sorts of attacks, and the entire house shakes so vigorously that Moon thinks it will fall apart anytime. She wants to know what is going on, but Sun's nonchalant grin tells her that this is not something unusual. The boy suggests she stand back a little as the man inside the house calls for a double attack, and Moon wonders what is going to happen. Before Sun could answer, something blasts out from the rooftop of the house and lands right in front of Moon with a crash, causing the girl to freak out. It turns out that it is no other than Prof. Kukui who crashed, and the man happily compliments his Popplio and Rowlet for their Bubble and Leafage as soon as he gets back on his feet. Sun calls out merrily to greet Kukui, and the well-tanned professor seems equally pleased to see the boy.

Meanwhile, on Ula'ula Island, the three Island Kahunas, Hala of Melemele, Olivia of Akala, and Nanu of Ula'ula have gathered at Malie Garden. Nanu wants to know the status of Poni, and Hala states that although the island still lacks an official Kahuna, there have been sightings of Tapu Fini circulating among the Seafolk residing there. Olivia says the same is happening with Tapu Lele on Akala Island, and Nanu reports a similar situation with Tapu Bulu on Ula'ula Island. Unsurprisingly, Hala informs the two that Tapu Koko has also been spotted around Melemele, and he thinks this is alarming since the Tapus, who are the guardian deity of each island, usually live deep in the ruins and seldom show themselves in front of humans. The fact that they are seen so frequently by people across the islands means the Tapus have for some reason become angry…

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002: VS Pikipek!