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The Z Festival Tournament at Iki Town rages on. Lashing out its front claws, Gladion's Type: Null unleashes an X-Scissor, and knocks out Hau's Komala. The Announcer cries that Komala is no longer able to fight, and declares Gladion the winner of the match. Hau marvels at the strength of his opponent, and compliments his strategy in raising Type: Null's speed by Flame Charge before dealing the finishing blow with X-Scissor. He feels glad to have taken part in such an enjoyable battle despite having lost, and wears a big grin on his face. However, Gladion responds with a glare of despise, and Hau knows better than to continue jabbering.

Moon watches as Gladion steps off the stage with Type: Null, and observes how the quadruple Pokemon lacks a unified quality to its structure. With drastically different front and hind legs, as well as a tail that hardly matches, it almost feels like a synthetic creature patched together from different entities. From its appearance and move pool, Moon finds herself unable to pinpoint its type, and wonders what exactly the name 'Null' means. Her thoughts are cut short when Sun suddenly shows up from behind and startles her by giving a big friendly clap on her shoulders, addressing her as 'Miss Customer'. He grins that she now knows who her upcoming opponent will be, and Moon acknowledges the fact with a half-annoyed nod as she recovers from her bewilderment. Sun states that he shall not go easy on her if they end up facing each other in the finals, and voices out his determination to claim the Island Challenge Amulet and sell the prize for big money.

Sun's words are overheard by Guzma, who snickers with amusement that the boy seems confident to beat him in their upcoming match. Sun feels slightly intimidated by the man's demeanor, but stands his ground in defiance nevertheless. The Team Skull Boss grins that it is time to destroy some brats, and as soon as he says that, Golisopod hooks its claws into Sun's shirt and hoists him off the ground. Hala immediately intervenes, and warns that brawling off-stage is strictly forbidden. Guzma scorns that he doesn't resort to cheap tricks, and says he is simply acting kind by giving a hand. With that, he gestures Golisopod to hurl Sun onto the battle arena, and steps onto the stage himself.

The Announcer proceeds to commence the first match of the second round, and introduces their challengers as Guzma the Team Skull Boss and Sun the Courier. Grunt A gets upset that the Announcer calls Sun the 'cooler' one, and angrily grabs him by the bowtie. The Announcer protests that he said 'courier' not 'cooler', and reveals that his name is actually Chair-taro instead of 'the Announcer'. Grunt A becomes more irritated and starts to yell at the man, but is soon silenced by Guzma, who wishes to have no distractions when he is in the middle of destroying a brat. Without another word, Guzma sends out his Masquerain, and Sun calls forward En. The little Litten glares its fangs as it charges towards its opponent, but stops in its tracks as Masquerain begins to irrigate the stage with a Water Sport.

Down at the judges' area, the Masked Royal approaches Hala, and voices out his surprise that the Tournament's top prize is the Island Challenge Amulet. Hala is curious as to what the Masked Royal expected it to be, and the pro-wrestler grins that he thought it would be the right to challenge Hala. He reveals that he was looking forward to earn the right to battle the Island Kahuna, but has unfortunately lost in the first match and thus the potential hope of doing so. Hala laughs that he feels honored to be regarded so highly, but states that the Island Challenge Amulet bears even greater worth. The Masked Royal acknowledges the well-known fact, and remarks that the Island Challenge has been a tradition since ancient times. However, it has been years since the tradition was practiced, and it was partly due to the fact that there were no suitable candidates. Hala admits it to be true, and recalls that Molayne and Kukui were the last two young trainers chosen to take on the challenge. The Masked Royal wants to know if there are plans to revive the tradition somehow since the Amulet is made the prize, but before he could get an answer from Hala, the Kahuna wishes to focus on judging and requests the man let him return his attention to the match.

Back on stage, En spits out a barrage of fire balls, but fails to deal any significant damage despite scoring direct hits on Masquerain. Hau exclaims that Litten's fire attacks have drastically weakened, and Moon states that it is the result of the stage being wet by Water Sport. To be frank, she is surprised that Guzma has resorted to strategies, as she expected shoddy guys like him to fight with all-out attacking styles. At that moment, Masquerain fires a powerful Bubble attack, and faints En with the super-effective move. The audience groans in dismay as the Announcer declares Litten incapable of fighting any further, and Guzma grins that he shall destroy Sun's next Pokemon in a similar fashion.

The Announcer vocalizes the disgruntlement of the crowd, and points out that Team Skull is an organization of misfits who wreck havoc in Alola. He reveals with tears that he himself has been mugged and robbed by them just a few days ago, and feels pained that the Boss of such rogues are winning his way into such a sacred match dedicated to the Tapus. Before he could say anything else, Grunt A stuffs a grilled Slowpoke tail into his mouth, addressing him as 'Announcer-taro', and reminds him that he is supposed to give an objective account of the situation rather than adding his own personal thoughts.

On stage, Sun sends out Dollar, and the Alolan Meowth starts lashing out its claws at Masquerain. However, every one of its strikes ends up hitting the stage rather than its opponent, and the Announcer gasps that Sun's second Pokemon doesn't seem capable of turning the table around. Guzma, on the other hand, doesn't seem too happy with what he sees and wears a frown on his face. Suddenly, Masquerain begins falling from height, and the Announcer exclaims with bewilderment along with the crowd. As Masquerain plummets towards the stage, Sun orders a Night Slash, and Dollar swiftly knocks out its opponent with the powerful blow. Moon realizes that Masquerain has lost its flight because its antennae do not cope well with moisture, and Hau also sees at that moment that Meowth's attacks have not been a miss but were deliberately meant to splash up water from the stage.

The Announcer states that both challengers are down to one Pokemon, and Guzma grunts that Sun is indeed infuriating. He proceeds to call forward his Golisopod, and the giant arthropod immediately launches a First Impression, landing a direct hit on Dollar. Hau gasps that the attack was not only powerful but also unanticipated, and everyone watches in terror as Golisopod deals blow after blow on the Alolan Meowth with its sharp claws. The Announcer cries that Meowth is completely overwhelmed, and likens it to a bean bag being helplessly beaten around. Guzma grins that the best is yet to come, and says this is payback for looking down on Team Skull. He steals a glance at the row of video-cameras in front of the stage, and decides that this is a good chance to show Alola what happens when one tries to ridicule Team Skull. With that, Golisopod steps up its game, and continues a fury of assaults on Dollar. The Alolan Meowth is knocked back towards its trainer, and Sun lifts his arm up in an attempt to shield his Pokemon. However, human flesh and bone is clearly no match for an armored arthropod, and as the heavy claws make contact, Sun's forearm buckles with a loud and painful crack.

Moon states that Sun's left wrist has been broken, and Hau is appalled that she can speak with such calm demeanor. Guzma mocks that trainers should not get personally involved in the battle, and Grunt A teases the Announcer that he must feel bad for the boy for not being able to evade the hit. Olivia hurries towards Hala, and wants to know why he isn't interrupting the match. She points out that Guzma shall emerge victorious if this goes on, but Hala stands firm that the tournament must be just and fair. He reminds her that whoever claims victory shall be bestowed upon the Island Challenge Amulet, and this person ought to be genuinely strong and not just a weak trainer they favor. Olivia purses her lips in frustration, but knows well that Hala is right, and could only hope for a miracle to happen.

With another swing of its claws, Golisopod pins Dollar onto the stage, and the Alolan Meowth gets floored on its back. Guzma shrugs with a wistful grin, and feels content that he has won. However, Sun giggles that things are starting to look grim, and Guzma wonders what the boy is talking about. Sun remarks that Golisopod honestly stinks, and believes that it must have been raised from a Wimpod, who is a natural scavenger that chows down on anything edible, including rotten food. He postulates that Golisopod must still carry this habit, since its claws both reek of rot and dirt. Guzma doesn't see what this has to do with anything, and Sun explains that Dollar hails from a royal line, giving it a sense of great pride. It is extremely intolerant of dirt on its forehead's gold coin, and not even Sun himself can stop it if it gets hysterical. In other words, Golisopod is frankly calling for trouble by laying its dirty claws on Dollar's gold coin.

Indeed, the Alolan Meowth's suddenly clasps its paws around Golisopod's claws as its eyes burn with rage. Then, to everyone's shock, it lifts the giant arthropod off itself and the ground, and slams it hard onto the stage. Sun is slightly disappointed that Guzma didn't get knocked over at the same time, and Dollar dives in ferociously to unleash a fury of hysterical scratches. The Announcer exclaims that Meowth is fighting claws with claws, and Hau finds himself amazed by the unexpected turn of events. He soon notices that Moon is no longer standing by his side, and turns around to find the girl fiddling with a medical box. He wants to know what she is doing, and Moon explains that she is preparing the ailment for Sun's broken wrist, since the pain will probably keep him from performing in the final match. Hau is bewildered that Moon already knows Sun will emerge victorious in the current match, but Moon simply acknowledges it as a matter of fact.

At that moment, Dollar unleashes a Pay Day, and faints Golisopod with the barrage of gold coins. The crowd erupts in excitement as the Announcer declares Meowth the winner, and Olivia lets out a sigh of relief. Guzma trembles with rage and disbelief, and lets out an angry roar as he arches backwards with a twisted look on his face. He curses at himself for failing to let his vaunted Pokemon destroy everything, and slams his forehead onto the stage, cracking it along with his sun-glasses. Grunt A hurries onto stage to stop his Boss from hurting himself further, and Guzma proceeds to retrieve his Pokemon into their Pokeballs. With blood running down his face, he commends Masquerain and Golisopod for their hard work, and promises to have them destroy everything next time. The Team Skull Boss then begins to leave the scene with his two Grunts, but Olivia interrupts them and states that he is supposed to stay until the end of the tournament like other participants even though he was a barge-in. Guzma snickers that he doesn't take orders from an 'auntie', and the term startles Olivia so much that she freezes with rage and Nanu has to support her from toppling over. Guzma walks off into the horizon with a snort, and mutters that there is only person he answers to.

Back on stage, Sun merrily picks up the gold coins scattered everywhere even though his left forearm is severely hurting. Moon helps him gather his earnings, and proceeds to apply her medical ointment on his broken wrist, indicating that it is free of charge since she knows it is the only thing the boy is concerned about. She then looks for materials to create a splint, and Sun thinks he has a long and narrow piece of rock that will do. Moon has no opinion on that, and proceeds to send out a Grubbin to spit silk around Sun's injured wrist, creating a cast. Sun wonders when Moon captured the Grubbin, and the girl explains that she got it after she decided to participate in the tournament. She helps Sun get off the stage to where Hau is, and tells Rowlet and Grubbin to look after him. Sun is astonished that Moon isn't bringing the two Pokemon to her upcoming match, and Moon grins that she has something else up her sleeve.

Soon, Hala calls Moon and Gladion back on stage, and commences the second match of the second round. Moon pops her Pokeballs to reveal an Alolan Grimer and Mareanie, and Hala reminds her that they are having single battles. Moon explains that she is simply showing her line-up to her opponent for fairness, since she has known from the previous match that Gladion uses a Porygon and Type: Null. Gladion snickers at Moon's peculiarity, and picks Porygon as his first battler. Moon calls forward Grimer in response, and the two Pokemon immediately engage in a close-up struggle. The Announcer exclaims that both Pokemon are wasting no time in lunging at one another, and wonders what the outcome will be.

As the two Pokemon battle it out, Moon suddenly addresses Gladion, and apologizes for asking a question in the middle of a match. Gladion wonders what it is, and Moon states that it is the 'crack in the sky' he mentioned earlier. She believes that she has witnessed the same thing as he did, and wishes to know what it really was. She postulates that it is linked to the reason Gladion is taking part in the Z Battle Tournament, and the blonde buy is slightly taken aback by her words. After pausing for a moment of thought, he decides that he shall tell her if she manages to beat him in battle, and Moon giggles under her breath that she knew the boy would say such things.

Taking note of Moon's Mareanie and Grimer, Gladion wishes to ask a question of his own, and inquires if the girl has a particular fondness for Poison type Pokemon. Moon reveals that she is a pharmacist, and in order to create potions, she needs to know about poisons. She states that certain kinds of poison can actually be used as medicine, and Gladion thinks she is treating her Pokemon as some kind of research tool. However, Moon says there is so much more to it, and suddenly goes starry-eyed as she marvels at the unmatched cuteness of Poison type Pokemon. She giggles that the wonderful colours of Alolan Grimer particularly charms her, and the girl's unexpectedly drastic change in behavior causes Gladion to lose his cool and widen his eyes in bewilderment. Down at the contestants' area, Sun cringes upon hearing Moon's words, and wonders what kind of venom girl he has mingled himself with…

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006: VS Golisopod!