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At the Pokemon Center of Heahea City, Moon takes a seat with Lana and Mallow at the Café area, and learns about what Lana wants from Sun to earn her recognition. Brooklet Hill, as Rotom-Dex chimes in to explain, is apparently a hilly area made up of several lakes which are linked together by creeks. Although it is a famous tourist spot on Akala Island popular for fishing and water sports, a Pokemon known as the 'Totem' resides there, and Lana wishes it to be defeated. She believes that if Sun possesses the skill to defeat a 'Totem', he should be a suitable candidate to take up the Island Challenge. Moon expresses her understanding, and decides to head outside to get the person who really should be hearing what the Captain has to say.

Outside, Sun and Kiawe stare down at one another in combative stances, and finally proceed to a 'showdown' as they reveal their bank account records, Sun's from Bank Spoink and Kiawe's from Bank Alola. Sun cringes when he sees the puny amount Kiawe has saved for his overseas studies and Kiawe also sweatdrops when he learns how little Sun has achieved for his 100 billion yen target. Kiawe sighs that they both have a long way to go, but Sun cries that it is a taboo to despair when it comes to saving money.

At that moment, Moon's Grubbin approaches Sun from behind, and entangles him with silk threads like a cocoon before dragging him into the Pokemon Center at Moon's orders. Sun demands to know what Moon is doing, whom he still addresses as Ms Customer, and Moon believes that he should hear Lana out since the Island Challenge is his job after all. Despite feeling a little annoyed, Sun knows that she is right, and sits down to learn what the 'Totem' Pokemon is. Apparently, the creature is 8 meters long, and resides in the waters of Brooklet Hill. It generates powerful splashes and giant whirlpools to suck away fishing rods, rubber floats and beach balls. Sun rationalizes that it must be causing a lot of distress to the visitors and Lana wants him to beat it and reclaim peace. Lana stutters in her response, and Sun starts to wonder why as local powerful trainers, Lana and the other Captains couldn't take care of the 'Totem' themselves. His query causes Lana to well up in tears, and Moon thinks he should give her a break since she obviously has reasons she doesn't want to delve into. As Mallow tries to comfort Lana, Sun relents that he would do as requested, since Hala would take care of all his expenses anyway.

With that, the group exits the Pokemon Center, and Kiawe excuses himself since he really ought to return to work. Sun wonders if he could possibly get a job at Thrifty Megamart as well, and Kiawe promises to talk to his boss about it. Sun beams enthusiastically at Kiawe's words, but is quickly reminded by Moon about his Island Challenge, which makes him sigh in frustration. He wonders why Moon is still sticking around, and says her task is supposed to have completed after getting Rotom to merge with the Pokedex. He teases that she must have too much time on her hands and thus feels reluctant to go home, and Rotom-Dex gets irritated by the boy's condescending attitude.

Moon pacifies Rotom-Dex, and decides to ask whether Sun recalls the content of Hala's job request. Sun confidently remembers that he is to deliver the Mirage Berry to the Tapus, but when Moon questions him on where the Mirage Berries are, Sun only then learns with surprise that neither Moon nor Prof. Kukui have them in possession. Realizing that his mission also includes hunting for the Mirage Berry, Sun freaks out and feels stumped because he has absolutely no idea what the Mirage Berry looks like, not to mention where it can be found. He fears that this will lead to failure in delivery, meaning he gets no payment for the job, and desperately asks Moon's help since she seems to have too much time on her hands. Rotom-Dex once again gets infuriated by Sun's words, but Moon doesn't seem offended and even agrees to it without hesitation, much to Sun's astonishment.

Moon reveals that part of the reason she came to Alola was actually to look for Berries that grow exclusively in the region, which is why she would be touring the four islands anyway, with or without Sun. That said, she is helping him with his mission not because she has too much time on her hands. Rather, she is regarding it as a tag-on side quest to her own task. Sun's mind boggles at Moon's explanation, and wonders how much she would be charging him in that case. To his relief, Moon wears a smirk, and says she is doing it for free. The truth is, right after the festival the night before, Prof. Kukui has personally requested Moon to assist Sun in finding the Mirage Berry, since he had doubts that the boy could do it on his own. The Pokedex she received from Kukui was actually her reward for accepting the request, but Moon decides to keep this deal a secret from Sun for now.

Mallow steps up, and thinks it is time to get going. While Sun heads to Brooklet Hill with Lana, Moon would be coming with her to Lush Jungle. Moon reminds Sun to watch out his left wrist since he had a broken bone after all, and Sun acknowledges her nag with a half-hearted grunt.

A while later, at the Dimensional Research Lab, Kukui finds the file wanted by Burnet, his wife, and uses the visual phone system to contact her. Burnet is elated that he has located it, and wants him to digitalize and send her the first 10 pages, which are documents on Palkia, Giratina and Bronzong. She thanks her hubby for his help, and wants to know what Sun and Moon are up to now. Kukui explains that they have gone off with the Captains, Sun to Brooklet Hill and Moon to Lush Jungle, and asks about the situation on her side back at his Science Lab.

Burnet knows that he is referring to Lillie, and grins that the girl is actually working hard fixing the holes in the wall he created. Kukui apologizes for the mess he has made, and wonders if Lillie is actually fit for the task. Burnet assures him that the girl has a strong will to contribute something, which is why she made the proposition in the first place. In fact, she suggests Kukui hire Lillie as his assistant after he returns, and her idea causes the man to bolt with astonishment. Burnet explains her rationale that Kukui would surely create new holes in the ceiling and walls with Pokemon attacks as soon as he gets back, and thinks it would be nice to have a dedicated assistant to fix them. Kukui feels a little uneasy since it sounds like his wife is complaining about his wreckage, but Burnet giggles that she is just teasing him. The truth is, she thinks Lillie would feel more at ease if she is given something to do rather than just being under their watch or guard.

Kukui wonders if Lillie expressed the sentiment herself, but Burnet replies that the girl didn't actually say anything. However, one thing she has learnt is that Nebby, the little Pokemon she carries around, is actually a legendary creature known as Cosmog according to some old scriptures she has read. Although she has attempted to explore how the girl came to possess such a rare Pokemon, she seemed reluctant to answer. To be frank, Burnet doubts that Lillie truly realizes what Cosmog is, but it is surely related to whomever she is apparently running away from. At that moment, Lillie hurts her finger with the hammer, and wells up in tears as Cosmog watches her with amusement.

Back on Akala Island, Sun and Lana have made it to Brooklet Hill. Sun finds himself in high spirits, and decides to go search for the Totem Pokemon right away. However, before Lana manages to warn him about the slippery planks, he slips on one and trips over, causing a coin to fall out from his pocket and roll off. To his horror, it drops into the water and disappears from sight. Sun immediately freaks out, and wonders what he should do since the waters are too dark to see. Lana suggests he forget it since it is just 1 yen, but Sun reacts violently and hollers that 1 yen means a lot when someone is trying to buy a Pokeball that costs 200 when he only has 199. At that moment, something emerges from the waters, and holds in its mouth the coin Sun has dropped. The boy exclaims in joy as he retrieves the coin from the blue and white fish, and wants to know what kind of Pokemon it is, since he has never seen one before. Lana explains that it is a Wishiwashi, and Sun marvels at how petite and cute it looks. He wonders if such small fish would be bullied or even eaten by the 8-meter giant Pokemon residing in the same area, and Lana recalls being told that they are tasty. Sun decides that he shall protect the Wishiwashi by adding it to his team, and nicknames it Baht after seeing its cross-shaped eyes, which reminds him the crosses on charts. Lana is astonished that Sun isn't capturing it with a Pokeball, but Sun explains that it can wait. He wants to know if Baht knows where the 8-meter Totem Pokemon is, and the little fish happily gestures with its fins. Sun is elated that it can lead the way, and uses his Ride Pager to change into his Riding Wear before summoning a Lapras. He gets En out of its Pokeball to ward off anything that tries to attack Baht, and excuses himself as he leaves Lana on the shore and to paddle out on the waters. Soon enough, he spots a splash, and quickly heads over. To his dismay, it is merely a wild Alomomola, and he continues to sail forward. He then encounters a whirlpool, but again, it is just a wild Poliwag rather than the Totem Pokemon.

As Sun continues to paddle across the lakes, he keeps checking out splashes and whirlpools, but after nearly 5 hours of search, with the sun already setting, he has yet to locate his target. He starts to query if Baht really knows where the Totem is, and the little fish wears a sad look at his statement. Sun apologizes for doubting it, but feels frustrated that all the splashes and whirlpools were only false alarms. The boy stares into the dark waters, and thinks he should perhaps just jump in to confront the creature. He hops off Lapras to take a dive, but to his disappointment sees nothing but a large school of Wishiwashi. He resurfaces to approach Baht, and wants to know if it has simply led him to its home after all. Hearing that, En glares at the little fish, which causes it to tremble and tear up in fear. In the next instant, En lashes out at Baht with its claws, and Sun quickly holds it back, telling it to stop. Baht frightfully backs off, and disappears into the water when En angrily spits a few fire balls after it.

Sun desperately tries to call Baht back, and says En shouldn't have acted so hostile to scare it off even though the little fish may taste good if grilled. At that moment, Sun sees the silhouette of a Wishiwashi surfacing, and thinks Baht may be coming back. However, he soon notices many more Wishiwashis schooling along, which begins to create a giant whirlpool around him. The powerful swirl nearly knocks him off Lapras's back, and in the next instant, a humongous fish emerges from the waters to create a big splash. Sun spots Baht on the left eye of the creature, and realizes right away that this humongous fish constructed by the large school of Wishiwashi is in fact the Totem Pokemon of Brooklet Hill.

Meanwhile, at Lush Jungle, Moon and Mallow walk through the dense forest, and Moon wonders whether things are going smooth for Sun, whom she still addresses as Mr. Courier. Mallow tells her not to worry since people with clear wills and considerable skills and tactics will usually get their tasks done just fine. She hopes that their walk has not exhausted Moon, and Moon assures the Captain that she is fine since she has had training in doing field work.

At that moment, Moon notices what appears to be some kind of shiny pollen floating around, and asks Mallow what they are. However, Mallow has apparently never seen them as well, and comments that its texture is quite strange. Moon squeezes one between her fingers, and starts to wonder if this is what she is looking for. In that instant, a bright light above catches her attention, and she quickly looks up to see a peculiar pink humanoid Pokemon shaped like the head of a butterfly. Rotom-Dex recognizes it as Tapu Lele, and Mallow exclaims that it is the guardian deity of Akala Island. The Captain wonders what it is doing at Lush Jungle, and Moon soon realizes that it is fighting off a strange entity shaped like electric wires which is half emerging from another of those strange rifts in the sky…

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009: VS Wishiwashi!