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Sitting inside his tent, something catches the attention of X, and the boy bolts right up to his feet with a Pokeball in hand. His sudden emergence from the tent startles Y, Shauna, Tierno and Trevor, and the four wonder what is going on. Without a word, X sends out Kanga, and activates his Mega Ring to Mega Evolve it. At that moment, everyone sees that a wild Noibat is swooping down from the sky menacingly towards them, and X flips out his Pokedex to check on it before commanding a Thunderbolt from Kanga and Li'l Kanga. Noibat is zapped hard by the electric attack, and quickly turns around to fly away. Shauna sees that it has run, and Tierno believes that it probably knew it was no match for a Kangaskhan.

Trevor thanks X for saving them again, but X doesn't say a word, and simply reverts Li'l Kanga into its usual form before climbing back into his tent. No one in the group is surprised at X's response however, since the five of them grew up as childhood friends. X may be a guy of few words who prefers to be alone, but he has always kept his friends safe on this journey by battling threats like the Noibat. His four companions, in turn, look out for him and make sure that X has minimal exposure, because the Mega Ring he carries has made him a constant target of some bad people.

Y and Tierno look around, and feel secure that there doesn't seem to be anyone around. Y states that there is always a chance that someone is spying on them for the mysterious Ring, and says they should always remember the saying 'Walls have ears, and dolls have eyes'. Trevor and Tierno cringe immediately at Y's misquote, and Shauna thinks someone should butt-in to correct her. Indeed, X says his first words of the day, and mutters that it should be 'doors have eyes'. Y blushes in embarrassment, and subsequently breaks into a rage, annoyed that X only speaks at such times. However, Tierno, Trevor and Shauna are again not surprised by her response, as these are just the typical interactions of this tight group of five.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man with a goatee and a Scraggy cap springs out from the tall grass to greet them, and startles everyone. The man marvels that it was an extraordinary battle they just had, and Y is troubled that someone did see them after all. The group starts to move away, but the man urges them to stop and says he isn't a shady person. Shauna argues that no shady person ever admits to be one, and the man sweats that she indeed has a point. He explains that he simply wants to invite trainers across the land to try out a new facility, and Shauna barks that his aim doesn't make him any less shady.

The man hopes they will just give him a second to demonstrate what he is saying, and gestures towards a dome-shaped building nearby. He takes out remote control to press a few buttons, and to everyone's surprise, two giant balloons in the shape of a Magneton and Geodude soon inflate and emerge from the top of the dome. Y jumps in recognition, and realizes that it is the Super Training, or just ST. The man is exhilarated that Y knows of it, and reveals that he is the spokesperson of Super Training. He presents her with a special coupon, and urges them to check it out right away since they are at their pre-open period and guests are given free trials.

The group follows the man towards the Super Training Dome, and Trevor exclaims with dreamy eyes that it looks like a giant soccer field. Shauna twists Trevor's ears and hisses that he shouldn't display his feelings so openly in front of strangers, and Trevor cringes that he will tone it down, but thinks it's no use to hide it now since the man has obvious noted X already. Indeed, the man walks over to the tent to uncover it, and says he is honored to have X at their facility. The fact is, from the boy's battle with Noibat, he recognized him right away that he was the prodigy who claimed championship at the Junior Tournament few years ago, who was also said to end up being a Gymleader or even the Elite 4 someday.

X remains silent as he ponders for a moment, and starts to climb off the tent. Trevor wonders if X is alright with this, and X says he isn't, but it seems that their Pokemon are intrigued. He tells Trevor to send out the two Pokemon who still don't really belong to anyone, and Trevor instantly beams at X's words. Shauna feels glad that X to taking a positive step, and wonders when the two Pokemon will officially join their teams.

Chespin hops onto a floating net that resembles as soccer goal next to X in the middle of the stadium, and a balloon shaped like an Axew starts to inflate across the field. The man explains that the Balloon Bot is the main target for training, and one should aim and shoot the balls on the targets that will appear on its surface. The man commences the round, and Chespin starts firing its shots onto the target points of the Axew Balloon Bot. The Bot unleashes its own barrage of shots towards Chespin, and the man hollers that one must try not to let them enter the goal. X directs Chespin to maneuver around the field evading the opponent's shots while scoring their own, and after one final shot that hits the Bot on its chest, it begins to deflate and fly off into the sky.

The man congratulates them or completing the round, which ends when the Balloon Bot is struck off. He goes on to explain that an Axew shaped Balloon Bot gives effort points to the attack stat, and a Pokemon who has higher effort points in attack will have stronger attack than one of the same species at the same level. The man also hands X an Attack S training bag, and says there are also regimens on speed, sp. attack, defense, sp. defense and HP. He tells them to feel free to try the rest and to let him know whenever they want to.

X places a hand on the training bag, and asks if it is for Pokemon to train on their own. Trevor reads from the guidebook on Super Training to confirm it, and says it is apparently called core training. X wonders if Chespin wants to do it, and the spiny nut Pokemon eagerly nods. Chespin then starts hitting at the training bag, and X decides to retreat into his tent. Shauna lets out a sigh, and says she thought this could keep X active for a while.

Tierno thinks they should let Froakie give a try to Super Training as well, and crouches down to ask the water frog if it wants to see how the HP course is like. Trevor looks around to see that Y is nowhere to be seen, and Shauna gestures towards the sky, stating that the girl has changed into her flying suit to do some practice, which she hasn't been able to since they started their journey.

Up in the air above the Super Training Dome, Y glides around with her Fletchy and keeps a keen eye on everything. The truth is, she isn't doing so much training but rather wishes to patrol the area. Knowing that the enemy is after X's Ring, she cannot feel secure unless she is certain that there are no fishy activities around. The Super Training guy in particular, seems to be just who he claims to be and hasn't really done anything suspicious, but they still cannot trust him completely. She thinks back on the Noibat that attacked them earlier, and wonders if it is really just a wild Pokemon. She believes there is always a chance that it belongs to the red suited people who are on their tail, and decides to alert her friends about it.

She glides towards Trevor to call for him, but to her shock fails to make a sound. She then realizes that her voice isn't the problem but her ears. For some reason, she cannot hear her own voice, just like one would if speaking underwater. She realizes that something is wrong, and begins to descend. However, she is intercepted by two Team Flare Grunts who each command a Noibat, and the two Grunts deliver an upward thrust together to knock her back. Y grunts in agony as she struggles to stay airborne, and is both furious and frustrated that Team Flare is indeed behind this again.

The Grunts grin that the initial hit-and-run was deliberate, as it serves to lower their guard as they plan their real ambush. All along, their Noibats are sending off low amplitude ultrasonic waves that block hearing, which are gradually increasing in amplitude. They believe that at their current amplitude, everyone in their group is now unable to hear, and on deeper thought, thinks it's pointless to explain anything since Y probably cannot hear them anyway.

Indeed, Y fails to get her friends to hear her, and not even Fletchy manages to hear her commands. Fortunately, Shauna looks up at that moment to see what is happening, and quickly alerts Tierno and Trevor. However, her voice fails to reach their ears either, and both boys remain oblivious to her calls. Shauna gets impatient, and violently pulls at their ears to get their attention. Finally, all three are aware of Y's aerial battle with Team Flare, and they quickly send out Flabebe, Skitty ad Corphish to help. Trevor commands a Fairy Wind, Shauna a Fake Out, and Tierno a Bubble, but their Pokemon fail to hear them.

While Tierno and Shauna try hard to relay their messages to Corphish and Skitty, Trevor turns to X for help. Before he could reach the tent, X jumps out himself and runs towards Chespin, who is still working with the training bag. X taps it on the head to get its attention, and beckons it to follow as he rushes towards the Wailmer Balloon Bot which is set up for Froakie's HP course. Shauna cries that he has gone off to the wrong direction since Y is on the other side, but X apparently has something else in mind. He imitates horns with his fingers and then points towards the Bot, and Chespin quickly catches his meaning. It hardens the quills on its head and jams them into the Wailmer Balloon Bot, which immediately punctures it and causes it to deflate rapidly. The deflating balloon shoots into the sky towards the Team Flare Grunts, and carries them along as it disappears into the distance, putting an end to the battle.

Later, Shauna is glad that she is able to hear properly again. Trevor sighs that they have been caught off guard again, and Y wonders what else they can do to stay more inconspicuous. At that moment, the Super Training guy walks up to them, and says they gave a great show. He reveals that he has captured X's training on video and wonders if they mind him using it as part of their commercial to advertise the facility. The four Vaniville kids widen their mouths in shock, but before either of them could do anything, Li'l Kanga jumps forward to strike down the video recorder, crushes it under its foot and hops back into its mother's pouch while the Super Training guy turns speechless.

And so the Vaniville group resumes their journey. Trevor always knew that one might not see the full picture of something right away, just like how the evil scheme that was lurking in the Kalos region remained a mystery to them at that point, apart from the fact that the enemy was after X's Ring. In order to find out the truth, Trevor and his friends try to stay as stealthy as possible as they continue on their way to meet the renowned professor at Lumiose City…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

008: VS Noibat!