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At the Prism Tower, X activates his Key Stone and Mega Evolves Kanga into Mega Kangaskhan. This act astonishes not only the Editor-in-chief but also the other Pokemon in the room. Yet, Pangoro remains calm, and takes on both Kanga and Li'l Kanga as if nothing has changed. X then notices that the electric Pokemon from downstairs have all come up and gathered, and believes that they must have been attracted by all the actions on their floor. Their presence makes him troubled however, since he hates to harm bystanders, and this includes Alexa's Helioptile who is still being held captive by the Editor-in-chief.

X knows that he must take control of the situation quickly, but even with the combined efforts of Kanga and Li'l Kanga, they still fail to land blows successfully on Pangoro, who seems capable of predicting all of its opponents' moves. X flips out the Pokedex to check on Pangoro, and soon realizes the reason why. He hurriedly commands Salame to turn its attention to Pangoro, but strange enough, the fire lizard doesn't obey him and continues to target Spewpa. X calls out to Marisso instead, but just like Salame, the spiny nut only focuses on Spewpa, and X wonders why his two Pokemon are not listening to him.

Downstairs, Alexa hears the intense rumbling from above and wonders if X will be alright on his own. Y tells her not to worry, and Tierno says it is actually best that they leave X alone. Shauna explains that their presence will add to X's burden since he detests harming bystanders, and Alexa can tell from their words that X is a very gentle boy. Shauna then asks where Prof. Sycamore has gone, and is surprised that he isn't with Alexa for the interview. Alexa reveals that the man has already left before the Editor-in-chief showed his true self, and Tierno believes he must have gone down in another elevator the exact same time they decided to go up.

Y sighs and says they have no choice but to visit him at the Science Lab again after X returns, but both Shauna and Tierno strongly object to the idea. Shauna hollers that if the Lumiose Press's Editor-in-chief can be an enemy, anyone in the city could and it will be extremely dangerous for them to remain on these streets. Hearing Shauna's words, Y turns around to steal a glance at the people walking outside the Prism Tower. Suddenly, she finds them all looking suspicious, and just like Shauna says, nobody seems trustworthy anymore.

Back upstairs, X is frustrated that neither Marisso nor Salame is responding to his commands. In that instant, he notices that the Spewpas are constantly releasing a powder which they coat themselves in, and the Editor-in-chief is impressed by X's awareness. He explains that it is Rage Powder, a move that draws the attention of opponents and directs all attacks to the user, which is why Chespin and Charmander only have their eyes on his Spewpas now. He admits to be astonished when the baby Kangaskhan transformed and jumped out of its mother's pouch, but points out that his Pangoro can handle two foes at the same time and believes his team to be invincible.

Marisso and Salame deliver a combined Pin Missile and Ember, and finally manage to knock out the Spewpas. However, they are both exhausted from the fight, and slowly slump to the ground. The Editor-in-chief giggles that he should grab the chance to crush them first, and orders Pangoro to grasp them by their heads. Kanga and Li'l Kanga widen their eyes in horror, yet could do nothing but watch helplessly as the two get picked off the ground. The man laughs that Chespin and Charmander don't even have the strength to struggle, and asks Pangoro to finish them off. In that split second, X orders Salame to let go of its tail, which it always grabs onto, and as it does so, the flame on its tail tip lands on the twig Pangoro keeps in its mouth and quickly incinerates the leaves. X then orders Kang and Li'l Kanga to resume their attack, and both manage to land a direct blow on Pangoro's face this time, forcing it to let go of Marisso and Salame.

Kang and Li'l Kang catch the two Pokemon as they fall, and the Editor-in-chief is bewildered that X managed to discover Pangoro's secret. X shows him his Pokedex, and says it writes clearly that Pangoro uses the leaf in its mouth to sense the movements of its enemies. It turns out that whenever Kang and Li'l Kang made a move or shortened their distance, it created a small change in the air current, and by detecting this miniscule change in the air with its leaf, Pangoro managed to predict its opponents' attacks and dodged accordingly.

The Editor-in-chief realizes that X deliberately let Chespin and Charmander get caught so as to burn off Pangoro's leaf, and is completely taken by surprise. The sudden turn of events amuses the electric Pokemon in the room, and one particular Electrike looks especially intrigued. Kang and Li'l Kanga deliver another combined strike on Pangoro, and send it crashing through the glass window and out of the tower. It faints as it lands on the ground floor with a loud thump, and the other Vaniville kids rejoice that X has won.

The Editor-in-chief warns X that he still has Helioptile in captive, and threatens to hurl it out of the broken glass window if he comes near. However, X believes that Helioptile can manage things on its own, and turns to leave. The Editor-in-chief feels astonished, but soon realizes that sunlight coming through the broken window is powering up Helioptile. In the next instant, Helioptile zaps him with an electric shock and knocks the air out of his lungs.

Later, back on the ground floor, Alexa breaks into tears of joy as she hugs Helioptile and expresses her gratitude to X. She then hands the kids what appears to be some magazine clippings, and Y wonders what it is. Alexa explains that it is a piece from the Lumiose Journal 3 years ago, which is the only document possibly related to the Vaniville incident that she didn't give to the Editor-in-chief. Everything else, including files and photo and video evidence, has been burnt to ash, and she unfortunately didn't make any backups. She recalls that this short piece she did failed to draw significant feedback at that time, and is also uncertain how many people it actually reached. However, she hopes that the kids will read it and find it useful to them.

Alexa then gets a cab and requests to be taken to the gate to Route 4. As she climbs in, Y wonders where she is going, and Alexa replies that she plans to find her sister at Santalune. After the current incident, it is clear that she can no longer return to the Lumiose Press. However, she shall say faithful to her duty as a journalist, and keeps seeking for the truth. With that, she wishes the kids best of luck and bids them goodbye as the cab drives her off.

Soon after Alexa's departure, Trevor regains consciousness, is greeted happily by his friends. Trevor asks where he is, and is shocked to know that they are in front of the Prism Tower. Y states that they must leave this dangerous city immediately, but Trevor protests that they haven't really discussed anything with the Professor yet and still know nothing about the winged Pokemon and antlers Pokemon.

At that moment, X speaks up and reveals that the winged Pokemon is named Yveltal while and the antlers Pokemon is called Xerneas. His words shock everyone, and Trevor wants to know where he learnt the names from. X explains that he heard them from Sycamore when they were leaving the Science Lab earlier, and recalls the man speaking about the video recording Trevor sent him, which showed Yveltal wilting trees and Xerneas reviving them. The footage led Sycamore to the conclusion that the two Pokemon symbolized 'take' and 'give', and although the discovery was mostly thanks to Trevor, Lysandre also played an important role in making the observation.

Trevor cringes when he hears Lysandre's name being mentioned, and begins to tremble with fear once more. X notices Trevor's anxiety, but decides not to say anything about it. He tells Trevor to rest up instead, and apologizes for letting him shoulder so many things on his own so far. Y, Shauna, Tierno and Trevor gap their mouths wide open at X's remark, but as the same time feel thankful, since it seems that their childhood friend is finally taking a step out from his gloom, no matter how small it is.

Back at the Prism Tower, Bonnie frets at the scene in front of her eyes, and fails to understand why all the electric Pokemon supposedly in the lobby have gathered on this higher floor. She sees that the window glass has also been broken, and an unconscious man is lying in the middle of the room. Feeling frightened, the little girl squeals that she only did what her elder brother instructed guarding the place from upstairs, and even kept her promise not to wander in the lower floors. She really doesn't know how all of this happened, and decides to turn her back on it. However, she suddenly notices something, and turns around again to count the electric Pokemon. To her horror, one of them is missing and her mind boggles at the thought that it might have run away.

At the city gates to Route 5, the Vaniville group proceeds to leave Lumiose City. However, no one is aware of the fact that an Electrike has escaped from the Prism Tower and is trailing after them.

Meanwhile, at Cyllage City, Clemont speaks on the phone impatiently, and soon hangs up with a sigh. Grant, who is rock-climbing next to him, wonders what is wrong, and Clemont replies that his sister Bonnie has called to say that something happened at the Prism Tower during his absence and one electric Pokemon escaped. Grant thinks Clemont shouldn't have left a little girl alone to guard the place, and Clemont immediately gets annoyed. He questions how Grant could say something like that as a friend, but Grant says he is exactly speaking as a friend. He reminds Clemont of his wish to collect electric Pokemon to power up his Prism Tower, which is why he has told him about the Emolga swarm on Route 10. Clearly, Grant would not admit that his words indirectly led Clemont to leave Bonnie on her own, and Clemont decides that it is no use arguing about it.

Grant remarks that he is simply a man who excels in rock-climbing and cycling, unlike Clemont who is an inventor and an expert in electricity. He is about to say how Clemont should work harder to solve the Prism Tower's problem when something suddenly catches his attention. Clemont asks what is wrong, and Grant replies that he has spotted someone he knows. Clemont uses the extendible Aipom Arm on his bagpack to hoist himself onto the cliff wall next to Grant, and Grant gestures towards a woman who is sitting on a bench in front of the Soda Pop store. Clemont doesn't recognize her, and Grant explains that she is the Rhyhorn Racer, Grace, who has an unbeatable 25 consecutive winning streak. He states that no one matches up to her impeccable Rhyhorn riding skills, and she is certainly an idol to rock type users like himself.

At that moment, four men in bright red suits appear and approach Grace, and the woman bolts right up to her feet. The four men form a circle around her in silence, and before long, Grace is escorted away by them. Clemont watches the strange scene with confusion and wonders what is going on, but Grant says he has no idea either…

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013: VS Spewpa!