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High up in the air, Y glides across the sky in her flying suit, and performs a midair somersault with Fletchy. She then does a double backspin, and tells Fletchy to try using Ember in that position. However, her balance suddenly goes off, and she begins to plummet towards the ground, causing her friends to cry out in horror. Fortunately, Froakie creates a giant cloud of frubbles and cushions her fall just in time. Everyone breathes out a sigh of relief, and Y thanks Froakie for its help, praising its superb frubbles. She gives Froakie a peck on the cheek, calling it Croaky endearingly, and remarks that she no longer has to worry about falling in her practices since it is her companion now and will always keep her safe.

Indeed, Y has finally decided to add Froakie to her party, although it has been some time since Prof. Sycamore gave their group the little water frog. According to Y's own words, she made the decision after an inspiration she experienced from witnessing X's changes. The truth is, right from the beginning, Trevor has always felt that Y and Froakie would make a great team. Now that the two have formed an alliance for real, he finds it both exhilarating and unbelievable.

Trevor wishes to let Prof. Sycamore know about the new companionship, and takes a snapshot of Y and Froakie on his Holo Caster. Y tells him to send the man her regards, and decides to end her practice for the day. Without warning, she begins to undress herself, which causes both Trevor and Tierno to blush and immediately turn away. Shauna hollers that Y cannot just take off her clothes out in the open, and yanks X out of his tent, ushering Y inside. Y protests that there isn't anyone else around, but Shauna cries that her act will make Trevor and Tierno distressed. Y argues that it doesn't matter since they have been childhood friends for years, and starts to complain how crammed it is inside the tent.

Trevor sweatdrops at Y's brazenness, and continues to type his message to Sycamore. He expresses regret that they did not get in touch him again before departing, and also makes an apology for losing Fennekin as well as one set of Pokédex, which he understands are very important to the professor. Trevor promises to find Fennekin and the Dex, but honestly has no idea where to start looking. He adds that the same goes for Shauna's Furfrou, who went missing after the explosion and whose current whereabouts are still unknown. Trevor ends his message by saying he will keep Sycamore updated by the Holo Caster, and mentions that the device is now functioning fully after the fix. As he types that, Lysandre's intimidating face suddenly pops up in his mind, and he hurriedly shakes his head to get rid of the image from his thoughts.

At that moment, Y lets out a scream and hollers that something is inside the tent. She jumps out wearing a terrified look but with no top on, and immediately freaks out Trevor and Tierno, who yelp and quickly turn their heads away. Shauna asks what has happened, and a four-legged creature dashes out from the tent. Y gasps that it is an Electrike, and sees that it has her clothes in its mouth. Croaky skillfully covers Y's body with its frubbles, and Shauna presses the boys to reclaim Y's clothes before Electrike runs away. X has no choice but to give chase along with Trevor and Tierno, but soon notices something familiar about the Electrike.

Meanwhile, at Team Flare's headquarters, a male Grunt pushes Grace back into her prison cell in a rough manner, and bolts the door shut. Chalmers wants to know how many times the woman has escaped already, and the Grunt replies that it has been five attempts in total. Chalmers fails to understand how she can still get out with all of her items and Pokéballs confiscated, and also finds her determination bothersome since she should know by now that escaping successfully is almost impossible due to their extensive network of surveillance in the area, which ensures that runaways are spotted before they could get help from others. Like this time, it is the woman at the Soda Pop store who reported Grace's whereabouts, leading to her recapture. The Grunt wagers that Grace probably thinks there is hope as long as she can get out, and Chalmers relents that they could only increase the number of locks to five on her cell door for now.

As the Team Flare Admin and Grunt make their leave, the other captured residents of Vaniville begin to speak up and voice out their concern for Grace. Grace ensures them that she is alright, and people start asking if she was able to find out how many days it has been since the incident, if anyone is currently looking for them, and whether or not she got in touch with her daughter. Grace apologizes that she didn't manage to find out anything since she was recaptured almost right away, and sighs that she really thought she could make it this time. She recalls the day the incident happened, and remembers how smoke and dust that enveloped the town when she returned from her Rhyhorn racing trip. People, Pokémon and buildings are thrown around in the air by the powerful currents, and she herself eventually got caught up as well, knocking her unconscious. The next thing she knew, she was captured along the other residents and kept inside their current cells, forced to do weird tasks every day.

Some of the residents sigh and drop their heads in despair, and Grace wants to know what is wrong. An old lady believes that they will be kept imprisoned forever, and an elderly man agrees, stating that if someone as strong and athletic as Grace fails to get out, there is practically no hope for the rest of them. Grace gets emotional after hearing their words, and strong urges everyone not to give up. She promises them that they will break out from this cell someday, and return back to their hometown together.

Somewhere in the countryside of Camphrier Town, Clemont is on his way back to Lumiose City after having successfully captured more electric Pokémon to power up the Prism Tower. He takes out an old issue of the 'Rock Type Magazine' which Grant gave him in piles, and reads the cover story on Grace and her Rhyhorn racing, which also mentions her young daughter, apparently said to be aspiring to be a Racer as well. At that moment, he hears shouting from ahead and sees three boys running towards him from a distance. As they pass him by, he realizes that they are chasing after an Electrike, and soon notices two girls trailing behind them, one running along and another sitting in a tent atop a Rhyhorn half naked and demanding her clothes back. He finds the second girl's face strikingly familiar, and quickly flips back to the page on the magazine which has the photo of Grace's daughter.

Still with Y's clothes in its mouth, Electrike starts scaling up a cliff but strangely turns around every now and then, almost as if to make sure that the kids are still following. Tierno pants that Electrike is really agile, and Trevor has to stop on a boulder to catch his breath. Electrike makes it to the top, and the boys have no choice but to start climbing. Croaky puts on a frown, and starts to create a handful of frubbles. It then hurls them towards Electrike to stop its tracks, and jumps onto the cliff itself to confront it.

Shauna feels worried as Electrike is an electric type, and indeed the lightning Pokémon begins to attack by delivering a jolt of current from its tail. Croaky bounces itself up high into the sky to evade, and everyone is astonished by the power of its jump. Electrike redirects its current upwards, but Croaky adeptly dodges by using Double Team, and both Y and Shauna are amazed at how it overcomes its type disadvantage. Out of the corner of its eye, Electrike spots Croaky sneaking up on it from behind, and quickly turns around to pounce on it. However, it turns out to be just a body double made from frubbles, and the real Croaky thumps hard onto Electrike from above before snatching Y's clothes back. Trevor, Tierno and X are tremendously impressed by Croaky's work, and Y throws her arms around it to hug it tight, thanking it for reclaiming her clothes. She gets inside the tent to pull her top back on, and the Electrike hops down from the cliff with a dejected look.

Nearby, Clemont witnesses the whole battle, and is certain that the girl whose clothes were stolen is the same girl in the photo, although her hair was let down in the picture and is tied up into a ponytail now. He believes that coincidence may just fate at play sometimes, and feels amused to encounter Y na Gabena, the daughter of Grace the Rhyhorn Racer, in person right after reading about her.

The Vaniville group stands in a circle around Electrike, and Y steps out from the tent with her casual top on but still has the flying suit on her lower body. Shauna wonders why exactly Electrike stole her clothes, and as soon as she says that, Electrike pounces on Y again and starts yanking at her flying suit. Y demands it to stop, and X voices out the possibility that it is preventing Y from changing out of her suit. Trevor asks why, and X points out that it has been leading them towards higher grounds since they started chasing it, and he has noticed that its gaze is constantly aiming upwards. He postulates that it is trying to get Y to fly again, and thinks there is something high up somewhere which it is trying to find.

Upon hearing X's words, Electrike climbs onto Y's head and happily wags its tail, and Shauna exclaims X might have made the right guess. Y is less than amused however, and refuses to let it have its way. She barks that changing in and out of her flying suit takes a tremendous amount of time, and demands Electrike to come down right away. Suddenly, Electrike begins to glow and shake, and in a flash of light evolves into a Manectric. Everyone gasps in surprise, and Y's face turns an intense shade of red, her neck on the verge of snapping from the unexpected increase in weight. She finally gives in and says she shall fly as it wishes, but begs the electric Pokémon to just let her go. Manectric hops down from Y's head and the girl checks on herself to make sure that nothing is broken. However, she barely has time to breathe as Manectric quickly claws at her and starts ushering her back into the tent to change.

At that moment, Clemont speaks up, and says it is probably his turn to shine. His sudden interruption finally alerts the Vaniville group of his presence, and everyone immediately puts on their guard, wary that he might be an enemy. Clemont grins that searching for items located on high-up places like trees and cliffs is a common problem, but thinks flying is too cumbersome a method. Instead, he suggests they check out his specially designed Aipom Arm, which can be extended and retracted at will. With that, he sends out a mechanical hand attached to a cord from his bagpack towards the group, and it indeed resembles Aipom's arm-like tail. Unfortunately, Tierno, Trevor and Shauna are more freaked out than impressed by it, and Y demands to know who Clemont is. The boy merrily introduces his name to them, and calls himself the Master of Invention of Kalos. Tierno sweatdrops at his uncanny attitude, and Shauna and Y share inquisitively looks with one another, neither really having heard of such a title.

X, on the other hand, feels intrigued by the Aipom Hand's modifiable length, and picks it up to check on it. He wonders how high it can reach, and Clemont, although not too pleased that X handled his tool item without asking first, decides to give him a demonstration. He proudly extends the Aipom Arm high up into the sky, but before he can brag any further, Croaky takes a leap and easily mounts over it. Shauna snickers that Croaky's jump seems more reliable, and Clemont feels both stumped and upset. However, X thinks the device has other merits, and points out that there seems to be a camera and sensor attached. Clemont is exhilarated that he noticed, and explains that images captured by the camera will show up on a screen inside his backpack as well as on his glasses, which makes it extremely useful to search for things at height.

Tierno and Trevor find it unusual that X is interacting so actively with a stranger, and Shauna wonders if it means the blonde boy is not an enemy. Y has her reservations though, and tells Fletchy and Croaky to stay alert just in case. Clemont turns to Manectric, and wants to know what exactly it is looking for. X thinks he has a vague idea of what it is, and sends out Kanga from its Pokéball. He gestures to Li'l Kanga, and the baby Kangaskhan quickly fishes out the Mega Stone from its mother's pouch. X believes that Manectric is searching for something similar, and Trevor feels extremely astonished, wondering how he came to the conclusion.

Before X could explain however, Clemont picks up Li'l Kanga's Mega Stone with the Aipom Arm and begins to scan its data into the system, including its shape, size and texture. He then sets the sensor to detect objects with similar parameters, and proceeds to search the area, starting with the nearby trees. The blonde boy turns around to let everyone follow the sensor's findings with the monitor screen attached to his bagpack, and slowly moves the Aipom Arm between the tree branches. The Vaniville kids keep their focus on the screen, but don't seem to see anything remotely resembling the Mega Stone. Y asks Manectric where the item is, but the electric Pokémon shakes its head, and Tierno guesses it only knows the approximate but not precise location.

High up in the branches, a male Team Flare Grunt hurriedly picks up his Tyrunt and narrowly evades the Aipom Arm scanner which has just moved to the tree they are on. He breathes out a sigh of relief, and finds it a close call since they are literally an arm reach away from their target. In front of him, a Mega Stone sits in a pitted part of a tree twig, and the Aipom Arm scanner lets out a beep as it gets near. The Grunt tells Tyrunt to get ready, and grins that they will certainly not let someone else snag their prey from them…

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018: VS Electrike!