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At Lumiose City, AZ unexpectedly shows up in front of the Vaniville kids, and wants to know how they plan to live on as Pokémon trainers in a Kalos like this. While Trevor's first reaction is an expression of relief that AZ is alright, Tierno seriously ponders on the man's words, and Shauna, still unable to come to terms with the behavior of the Lumiose citizens, scoffs that she doesn't really know what to think of anymore.

X recalls that Emma once asked him if the people on the streets will start treating her kindly once Team Flare is taken down, and the group immediately thinks of the passerby couple who disdained them as filthy street children just now. Y begins to tremble with uncertainty, and states that although they all know their actions so far were just, she couldn't help but wonder what is it that they are really fighting for. In particular, where or not these people around them are really worth saving. Tierno and Shauna both echo Y's sentiment, and AZ draws their attention by pulling out a metallic key, asking if they remember what it is. The kids promptly gasp that it is the key that activates the Ultimate Weapon, and AZ reveals that while they were fighting Team Flare, he went back to Geosenge to retrieve it. Since he was the one who created the Ultimate Weapon, he really couldn't bring himself to destroy it. However, he could at least make sure it doesn't get activated again, so that what happened 3000 years ago would not repeat itself.

Hearing that, X wants to know why AZ continues to keep the key in possession if what he said is true. Y realizes the flaw in his claim as well, and says he should have anticipated evil people like Team Flare who would scheme to reactivate the weapon to bring about mass destruction. Trevor sincerely wishes to understand why AZ did not simply destroy the key, and AZ, with a sigh, remarks that it is because he feared that there would eventually be a time when the key is needed, a time of utter despair in which everything is beyond salvation, which is why he has not allowed himself to let go of or destroy the key.

AZ's words astound the Vaniville kids. As the Lumiose citizens walking by regard the tall man with both astonishment and fear, AZ states that nothing has changed in the past 3000 years. People are still unforgiving, lack imagination, and only know to eliminate others who are different from them, whom they cannot understand. That said, it is perhaps for the best that things come to an end. At that, the citizens scurry off in horror and both Tierno and Trevor gasp at what AZ is implying.

Without another word, AZ sends out his Golurk, who instantly lashes out a punch towards Trevor. X gets his Chesnaught, Marisso, to fend off the strike just in time, and Golurk begins to turn it focus to the screaming citizens. It is about to close in on the couple who spoke ill of the kids earlier when Tierno throws himself towards them and push them out of the way. Golurk then retracts its legs to turn its hind into cannon form, and quickly fires off a devastating beam towards the street stores, which Shauna protects by setting up a shield with Skitty.

Y notes that AZ is about to leave through the city gates, probably to reactivate the Ultimate Weapon, and hurriedly chases after him on Fletchy, begging him to stop. AZ demands to know why he should, and reminds her that they themselves have questioned these people's worth of salvation. He thinks it is perhaps for the better of Kalos that all of these people get wiped out all at once, and Y retorts that this kind of thinking is exactly the same of that of Team Flare's and Lysandre's.

At that moment, Y realizes that Golurk has had its canon aimed at her, and X lets out a cry of horror as a beam is about to be fired. He hurriedly orders a Pin Missile from Marisso, but before the move hits Golurk, AZ jumps in between and takes the attack instead. The tall man slumps to his knees with a gasp as Y cries out his name, and as the kids gathers around, they see a faint smile on the man's face. Retrieving his Golurk, AZ grins that they seem to have given him their answer, and shows them that the shattered Ultimate Weapon's key in his hand.

Trevor wants to know if AZ attacked them simply as a means to destroy the key, but Y thinks it is more than that. She believes that AZ is trying to help them see the right path even in despair, and AZ puts on a smile upon hearing that, thanking the kids for what they have done. Just then, red petals begin to fall from the sky. AZ picks on up with astonishment, and his eyes widen with recognition and disbelief. He quickly looks up, and like a dream come true, he sees his beloved Floette floating down towards himself, his beloved Floette which he has been searching for in the past 3000 years. Gently holding the Pokémon in his palms, the tall man falls to his knees and weeps with tears of joy.

As the Vaniville group bids farewell to AZ, Trevor couldn't help but think of Lysandre, the man who has always wanted to make Kalos and better place and incessantly 'given' to the people, even with his own money. Trevor thinks Lysandre must have felt the same despair and exhaustion as they did towards the Lumiose citizens, day after day, year after year. Eventually, these built up to the point where his heart and mind were overwhelmed, leading him to have the twisted thought of categorizing people as ones who are worth and ones who aren't. However, if AZ taught them anything, what you choose to do is your fault alone and no one else's, and one must be responsible for how to opt to go on with life.

As soon as AZ goes out of sight, an astonished Prof. Sycamore shows up with the Kalos Gymleaders along with Bonnie, Viola and Yvette. Sycamore explains that they were alarmed by all the actions on the street and thought the city was under attack by remnants of Team Flare. At that moment, Shauna spots the Furfrou next to Clemont and Bonnie, and immediately recognizes it as her Big Fur. She rushes towards it as Furfrou does the same, and the two throw themselves at one another with a big hug, overjoyed to be reunited after so long. Shauna turns to Tierno, wanting to know if what she sees is real, and Tierno grins that it is real and not just an illusion. Clemont is glad that his guess about the Furfrou being Shauna's is correct, and also proceeds to return a Pokeball to Trevor, which contains the powerful Delphox they battled on Route 10. He explains that after they have finally knocked it out, Shauna's Furfrou stood guard next to it with a look of worry, making him think that it used to be a Pokémon in the group. Trevor realizes now that the Delphox was the Fennekin the lost in Vaniville, and thanks Clemont, clarifying that it was meant to be one of their companions. On a second thought, he decides that it will be one of their companions from now on, and clutches tight to the Pokeball.

Prof. Sycamore urges everyone to go to his Science Lab, and says their celebration party is about to start. The Vaniville kids wear looks of surprise, and Sycamore grins that they are actually having more than a party. In fact, they shall host a celebration parade in Lumiose to honor their group for saving the entire Kalos. The young professor goes on about how he plans to make the parade beyond gorgeous and live broadcast it outside of Kalos, but the Vaniville kids share a knowing nod with each other, and Trevor humbly states that their group wishes to skip out on the party and parade. Sycamore gasps in astonishment and wants to know why, and X, with his usual nonchalant demeanor, remarks that they kids have better things to do than festive commotions, which is really more of an adult thing. With that, the Vaniville group departs from Lumiose, and begins to make their way back to Vaniville. As they retrace their steps on the paths they have walked on in the past few months, they walk past the places where they have met new people, places where they have fought, places which they have lost, and finally, the place where they call home. Arriving at the arched gate of Vaniville, Y's eyes well up in tears as she sees her mother Grace waiting for her. Without a word, they wrap their arms around each other in a hug as everyone else watch with a smile and similarly tearful eyes.

And so, three months have passed. After earning her qualification as a Furfrou Stylist, Shauna begins working at the Lumiose City's Friseur Furfrou salon. She makes a quick name for herself with her skilled handicraft, and customers often applaud her in front of the salon owner. In the street alleys nearby, it has become a common scene that musicians and dancers gather for a variety of street performances, drawing a large crowd of audience every time. As the founder of the dance unit of these performers, Tierno happily shows off his dancing skills across Lumiose. At the beginning, it was only Tierno alone, but he managed to catch people's attention and even got some of the Lumiose Gang kids to join him. Soon, it became a sensation and both tourists and performers across the land would come to see them on the streets.

As for Trevor himself, he now lives near Jaune Plaza on the northern half of Lumiose, and works in place of Dexio and Sina as the assistant of Prof. Sycamore. This is all thanks to some new information that surfaced three months ago right after the Team Flare crisis was over. At that time, Green and Blaine paid Prof. Sycamore a visit, and informed him about a mysterious green shadow they saw at the Pokémon Village. After the Vaniville kids have left, Green and Diantha stayed behind to ensure that Lysandre and the Team Flare Scientists were brought to justice, and noticed a small green creature watching them. However, as soon as it was spotted, it left and vanished. Prof. Sycamore has asked whether it was one of the squishy blobs disintegrated from Zygarde's body, which he dubbed the 'Zygarde Cells', but Green said while they appeared similar, that particular one was different. Sycamore decided that further investigation was warranted, but Blaine pointed out that the creature seemed to have left the Pokémon Village. Sycamore then revealed that such green shadows have actually been spotted in other regions as well, and bestowed the task to investigate upon Dexio and Sina. At the end of the conversation, Green wanted to know what region he was talking about, and Sycamore revealed it to be the warm islands of Alola.

Being residents of Lumiose now, Trevor, Tierno and Shauna work hard to make their daily routines rich, so as not to feel the exhaustion and despair that might engulf them. They also gather regularly, and often wish that X and Y are there with them, so that they can be a group of 5 again just like the old times.

Meanwhile, in Vaniville, Y hangs her flying suit out to dry on her rooftop and marvels at the fine weather. She thinks it would have been a good day to fly around and finds it a pity that she has just washed her suit. Just then, she hears something in her front yard and looks down to see X dismantling the tent on Rhyrhy's back with the help of Kanga. She wonders what he is doing, and X explains that since his house has been fully rebuilt, he no longer needs to sleep on Rhyrhy. Indeed, since their return, X has spent his nights inside the tent as he did while they were travelling, due to the fact that his old house was completely demolished. X pats Rhyrhy on its horn to thank it, and Y finds it amusing to hear words of gratitude coming from X. X immediately blushes that Y overheard him, but Y thinks he has no reason to be embarrassed. She wants to know if he is setting out soon, and X replies with a nod, explaining that he shall travel to Shalour since Korrina has been pestering him about getting his formal successor ceremony done. Y laughs at that, and says all seniors behave the same, recalling how Yvette insisted that she joins their group and become a Vivillon specialist. She wonders if he plans to meet up with Trevor and the others at Lumiose, and X says he will. Y wishes that she could join them, but the third semester of Sky Trainer School is starting and she doesn't really have a choice. She tells X to give the others her regards and wave him goodbye as she retreats into her house through the window.

Staring after Y, X wears a faint smile and softly whispers a 'thank you' to the girl. As he turns to leave however, Y pops her head out from the window to tease that she didn't quite catch that, and X's face immediately turns bright red. Y wants to hear it clear and loud once more, but X stammers that it is not meant to be heard...

--Fin. The Twelfth Chapter--

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