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Along a stream near the Viridian Forest, Yellow is fishing with a pokeball as her bait. She takes in a big yawn after not having much luck the whole day, while Pika starts to trot off and wonder around in the forest. Suddenly, the fishing rod trembles and a Seaking leaps out from the water. Yellow immedaitely swings the pokeball at the end of her fishing rod towards the wild pokemon, and crosses her fingers as the pokeball begins to shake from the pokemon's struggle. Unfortunately, her luck runs out again and the pokeball snaps, releasing the Seaking back into the stream. Yellow laughs in embarrassment as she thinks on how big a loser she is in pokemon captures.

In another part of the Viridian Forest, the pokemon inventor Bill is doing field research with some heavy instruments on his back. He recalls his last visit to the place was two years ago when he accompanied the three young Pallet trainers back home from the Indigo Plateau, and muses how quick time flies. A wild Sandslash and Weezing pop out from the bushes, and Bill remembers how the ecology of the forest has changed after the evil Team Rocket exploited the area to house the biologically altered pokemons. He quickly puts down the new finding on a note pad, and imagines the excitement he'll stir up among his audience when he gives his seminar at the Celadon University.

A little shadow then appears behind the bushes and Bill starts to give chase, wondering what specie it is. The little pokemon hops onto a wooden plank across the stream, but the man is too caught up in thoughts to notice the water, and falls right into it. The little shadow reveals itself to be Pika, and Bill begins to struggle as his heavy instruments start dragging him down. Pika puts on a worried look and hurries back to find Yellow.

The little rat waves its little hands frantically upon seeing Yellow, and the girl tells it to calm down as she places a hand over its head and closes her eyes. She seems to pick up something from Pika's thoughts and hurries off to where Bill drowned. Noticing a small ripple on the water surface, Yellow throws a piece of rope towards the spot, and Bill immediately grasps hold of it and resurfaces. Yellow is about to pull the man back on shore when a whirlpool starts to form in the stream. A wild Seadra emerges from it and begins to generate turbulent water currents to trap Bill. Yellow orders a thunderwave from Pika but the distance is too far for the attack to take effect. Pika then leaps onto the thin rope securing Bill, and thundershocks the Seadra from a closeup spot. However, this further enrages the wild pokemon and it starts to release a jet of water to propel Bill and Pika to the lower stream.

With no time to hesitate, Yellow quickly grabs her fishing rod and stands on the shore of the stream. She starts to enter a trance state and slowly allows the pokeball at the rod's end to swing forward like a pendulum. The pokeball strikes directly onto the wild Seadra just as it swims downstream and captures it, halting the turbulent currents all at once. Bill lands on the bottom of the stream where the water is shallower, and looks stunned for a moment before thanking Yellow's help. The youngster tells the man to thank Pika and starts to yawn again. She helps him climb onto shore, then holds Seadra's pokeball to restore its HP.

Bill watches on, amazed, and wonders if the young trainer's Pika is the same Pika as the one he knew before...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

043: VS. Seadra!

Volume 04

Yellow meets Bill
Yellow Gets A Seadra