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After her battle with Lorelei in the Viridian Forest, the young trainer called Yellow has travelled east along the stream on her little ice boat. After saying her goodbyes to Bill, she arrives in Celadon, the city where a very good friend of Red, Erika, resides.

At the Celadon University, Erika is giving a lecture on a rare type of Magikarps which are capable of using the dragon attack dragon-rage. She mentions that little is known about this type of special Magikarps, but more will be revealed once the researches are complete. The lesson then ends, and a student comes up to ask why Erika doesn't teach on a daily basis since everyone loves her classes. Erika pauses a little and says she has the gym to manage aside from teaching. The student notices her pale look and asks if everything is alright, and Erika puts on a weak smile while saying that she's worried about a friend. Erika returns to her own room and immediately logs onto the computer. She connects to Misty via the visual phone system and asks if they have any new information on Red. The Cerulean gymleader says a young trainer with a big yellow straw hat is currently taking Pika along to search for Red, but not much else is found so far. Erika wonders where Red could be right now.

In a mountainous area, Saur, Poli, Gyara and Aero lay unconscious on the ground as a Hitmonlee continues its assault on Red. The kicking pokemon slams its left foot into the chest of boy and Pika screams frantically as its trainer falls off the cliff...

It is night time in the forest next to Celadon. Pika wakes with a start and lets out a soft sigh after realizing that it was just a dream. But what happened in the dream wasn't just a nightmare, it did occur, and the little electric rat once again worries about the whereabouts of its trainer right now. It looks over at its sleeping companion, a young trainer called Yellow, and gets upset that the other doesn't seem to care as much. It starts to run off but Yellow tells Pika to calm down and take a rest while still having her eyes closed. Pika doesn't like what it was told and starts zapping the young girl. Yellow realizes Pika must be feeling unsettled after yet another nightmare about Red. She apologizes to Pika for not being sensitive enough and tells it to trust her that she shares the same desperation to search for Red, but Pika remains its hostility and keeps glaring at her.

Just then, Erika appears next to them with her Celadon Troop formed by skilled citizens and trainers in the city. She gently picks up Pika and remarks that Yellow must be the young trainer who set out from Pallet with Pika in search of Red. She introduces herself as the gymleader of Celadon, a close acquaintance of Red, and says Professor Oak has said some nice words about Yellow. The young trainer reveals her last name as Viridiangrove, and Erika says Pika must have trusted her as they both share the same hometown. Suddenly, a woman runs up to Erika and tells her that someone who looked like Red has appeared in the western countryside of Celadon. Pika immediately leaps off from Erika's arms and dashes off. Yellow hurriedly gives chase after the little rat, and Erika motions her Celadon Troop to follow.

At the western countryside of Celadon, Yellow spots Red standing behind the bushes, and Pika leaps towards the boy with a huge grin on its face. Red hugs Pika tight as Erika and her troop arrives. Everyone begins to rejoice and the Celadon gymleader happily walks up to the boy with tears in her eyes. Suddenly, Red delivers a punch on Erika's stomach and everyone gasps in awe as the young lady faints to the ground. Yellow immediately realizes the Red is fake and Pika begins to unleash a thundershock, but the impersonator smirks without a single damage and grips Pika by its ears. He remarks that he has worn insulating stockings to prevent electric attacks, and found a secret way to imitate the scent of Red for attracting Pika. He then pulls off his makeup and reveals himself to be a supernerd named William at the Celadon University.

The Celadon Troop starts to close in, but William warns them not to do anything stupid as he places a foot over the head of Erika. He releases a Marowak and orders a bonemerang to drive off the troop, then clutches Pika tight and starts to head off. Yellow yells for him to stop, and says she is now Pika's trainer and that she would not let him take it away...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

046: VS. Marowak!

Volume 04

Yellow meets up with Erika
William, A Student at Celadon Uni, pretends to be Red and tries to kidnap Pika