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High up on a rocky moutain, Green's Pidgeot finally locates its trainer and flies down to deliver the letter from Professor Oak. Wearing a blue cape and a string-drawn bag over his back, Green thanks his Pidgeot and unfolds the rolled up letter from his grandfather.

Back in the western countryside of Celadon, the supernerd William lets out a maniacal laugh and says he would snatch Pika from Yellow if she is indeed its current trainer. He releases his Persian and Paras to attack with fury swipes and stunspore, which Yellow could do nothing but dodge and evade. William remarks that an inept trainer is not worth following, and proceeds to run off into the city. Erika weakly gets up from the ground, and Yellow calls out his Dodosk and Ratty to give chase. Erika states that Doduo and Rattata alone won't stand against the supernerd, but Yellow says that she has released all other pokemons she caught. Erika exclaims in shock and couldn't understand why. Yellow remarks that she is not on a quest to complete the Pokedex, and thus she only keeps her closest pokemons to assist her. The Celadon gymleader is stunned wordless as she watches the young trainer take off on her Doduo.

The Celadon Troop helps Erika up and she orders some of them to head into the city to assist Yellow. She then notices the sketchbook Yellow dropped on the ground, and picks it up to see the many drawings of Pika, Dodosk and Ratty with a funny written sentence which seems to reflect Pika's desperation to find Red.

At the city centre of Celadon, Yellow is searching for the supernerd William when the twisted young man is actually spying on her from behind a wall. William grins that bird pokemons like Doduo have poor vision during night time, and tugs hard on the ears of Pika. He remembers how an old woman approached him earlier to ask for his help specifically to capture the Pikachu of the Pokemon League Champion, and in return offered to let him keep it as research material. William is thankful that apart from the Pikachu, he also had the chance to get even on Erika who deemed him as a student with twisted mind and expelled him from the University. He orders his three pokemons to get ready, and prepares to finish off Yellow.

Still not able to find the captor of Pika, Yellow tells Dodosk and Ratty to be aware of surprise attacks in the dark. A bonemerang suddenly swoops down from above and narrowly misses Yellow, and the young trainer immediately closes her eyes to listen for the direction of the next attack. However, a screeching sound fills the place and the spinning boneclub strikes again once Yellow loses her focus. William smirks and orders his Persian to keep up the screech by clawing on the wall, while he tells Paras to soak Marowak's boneclub with spore. Yellow begins to run with Dodosk and Ratty, but Persian's screech is rendering them clueless of where they're heading. Marowak's bonemerang spins above them and puts Dodosk and Ratty to sleep, only to wake them again brutally when it twirls back and smashes into them directly. Pika watches on helplessly as Yellow suffers from the combined screech and bonemerang attack.

Back in the countryside, Erika wonders how the supernerd manages to imitate the scent of Red, and one lady of the Celadon Troop suggests that he might have been to the place where Red fought his challenger and found pieces of Red's clothes, then sewn them onto his own garments.

Another man then remarks that they should catch the supernerd and send those fabrics to Professor Oak for analysis, and they might figure out the whereabouts of Red. Erika agrees with his idea but says it will take a scientist more experienced than Oak to accomplish that. The Celadon Troop doesn't understand who she's referring to, and Erika states that apart from Brock, Misty and herself, there exists the fourth gymleader belonging to the Alliance of Justice, a man who was once involved in the evil operations of Team Rocket, who has his mind changed by Red eventually, and someone who is possibly the best scientist known alive.

Far away on Cinnabar Island, Blaine is researching at his lab with Rapidash's help on some articles about the relationship between trainers and pokemons born in Viridian. Next to his computer, Mewtwo rests quietly in a glass cylinder filled with liquid. The telephone suddenly rings, something that rarely happens in the lab, and Blaine curiously picks it up.

Meanwhile, Yellow is still suffering from the assaults of supernerd William's three pokemons. Pika attempts to shock the young man once again, but to no avail...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

047: VS. Persian!

Volume 04

Yellow tries to get Pika back