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In one of the stalactite caves on Cerise Island, Green is facing off Agatha's Golbat with that of Koga's, while Koga himself struggles to get free from the constraints of the old woman's Arbok. Koga orders his own Arbok to use glare, but the attack has no effect and Agatha's Arbok rams it down with a body slam. It then gnaws off the tail of Koga's Arbok with a bite as Agatha grins that one of the man's pokemons is down. Koga wiggles free and releases his Weezing and Muk. The two unleash a poison gas and smog combo, but Agatha quickly makes her Arbok immune to poison attacks by slightly altering its corpse form pattern, and the cobra swiftly knocks out Weezing and Muk in one hit.

Meanwhile, Green is having trouble dodging the attack of Agatha's Golbat without his vision. He remembers that Koga is the expert of poison and paralyzes, and knows that he must find a way to get to the man quick. Agatha laughs as three of Koga's pokemons go down, but the man is more concerned about Green on the other side, and thinks hard on a way to help the boy restore his sight. Koga starts hurling out his ninja-star shaped pokeballs, but Agatha easily dodges and mocks at the man's bad accurary. Koga then remarks that he is going to destroy her Arbok's corpse pattern and orders his own Arbok to get up. To the old woman's surprise, the injured cobra wiggles its body and sprouts a new tail from its wound. Koga explains that he has trained his Arbok to regenerate itself, and that as long as its head remains intact, it can reform any broken body parts. He recalls how it was spliced into half by Green's Charmeleon two years ago, and says it was the special ability that helped it survive.

Agatha grins that she still sees no way how the man could break her Arbok's corpse pattern, and remarks that Green must have fallen by now. A Golbat slowly flies back from the other side, and Agatha is about to laugh over defeating Oak's grandson when she notices that the Golbat belongs to Koga. She exclaims in shock as Green hops over the stalactite barrier with his vision fully restored and throws her back her fainted Golbat. The boy hands a ninja-shaped pokeball back to Koga, and she immediately realizes that the man has attached paralyz heals to the pokemons inside his pokeballs, and was actually trying to hurl them over the barrier to the boy earlier.

Koga then decides to retaliate and orders his Golbat to use leechlife on himself. The blue bat digs its fangs into the man's right arm and begins sucking blood into its mouth. It then spits the blood onto the belly of Agatha's Arbok and the cobra pokemon quickly loses its strength once the pattern on its belly is messed up. Agatha fumes with rage and orders her Arbok to strike with its tail, but Green's Golduck quickly fires a confusion and knocks both the cobra pokemon and the old woman down. Green asks Koga if his arm is alright, and the man tells him not to worry.

Koga is about to say that Green could have left Agatha's Arbok for him to finish off when he notices the poison sting on the fallen cobra's tail. Green remarks that Agatha is an old woman who uses snide tactics and says it's safer to strike at her from a distance. He drapes Koga's arm across his back and supports the injured man as they continue they way into the stalactite caves...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

072: VS. Weezing!

Volume 06

Green & Koga Strike back at Agatha