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In another stalactite cave, Blue and Sabrina are also wandering through the extensive tunnels on the island. Blue says it has been long since they met, but Sabrina remarks that she is not someone who enjoys cheesy reunions. The Saffron gymleader notices a small stone pillar with the Marsh badge glowing on top, and Blue wonders why it is there. A voice calls out that they need not know, and an ice cuff suddenly materializes to fasten Blue's right hand to Sabrina's left one. The two turn around to find Lorelei sitting on her Cloyster, who is grinning evilly and drawing a cross with her lipstick on the ice figures of them. Lorelei remarks that Red and Pika have experienced the same spell before, and says that if any part of the ice figure breaks, that particular part of the real person will break off as well.

Sabrina and Blue glare at Lorelei with disgust, and the twisted young woman orders an ice beam from her Cloyster. Sabrina and Blue start heading towards opposite directions and end up falling onto the ground together. They start bickering at each other for choosing the wrong direction, and Lorelei laughs that they shouldn't have formed a team if they can't cooperate. Blue grunts and releases her Nidorina, Nidory, and orders a double kick from it. Sabrina also releases her Venomoth and commands a sleep powder, but Cloyster reflects it with blizzard and the attack knocks Nidory to sleep instead. Blue starts yelling at Sabrina again, and Lorelei calls out her Jynx to deliver a thrash. The ice pokemon smashes the ground where Blue stands, and Sabrina pulls the girl from the broken cliff just in time.

The Saffron gymleader is wondering why all attacks were directed on Blue when Lorelei holds up a tied up Horsy. Blue hollers in shock as Lorelei threatens to throw it off the cliff in return for the smokescreen that hit her in the Viridian Forest. Sabrina warns that it is a trap but Blue charges forward all the same, and Jynx quickly swats the girl down with a pound. Blue lands on her head and is immediately knocked unconscious. Sabrina gets frustrated and tries to break free of the ice cuff, but Lorelei grins and says they won't be able to free themselves until they've taken the ice figures from her. Sabrina orders her Venemoth to snatch the figures from the Cloyster, but the bivalve pokemon uses withdraw and protects itself from the poison moth's attack. Venomoth attempts a few more tries, but Cloyster clamps itself tight and wouldn't let go of the ice figures it holds. Suddenly, Cloyster stops moving and Lorelei quickly takes away the ice figures herself. She realizes Venomoth has been secretly using megadrain, and grunts with anger as Sabrina puts on a proud grin.

Meanwhile, in another tunnel, Bill is complaining about his miserable day. Lt. Surge turns back to shoot him a look, and the young inventor immediately says he's not referring to the man. Lt. Surge starts cursing the Elite 4 for destroying Vermillion City, and reveals that Ken, Ryu, and Harry were actually sent off by him to collect information on the Elite 4. They were told to take over S.S. Anne and reestablish their root in Vermillion, but then Yellow spoilt their whole plan. Lt. Surge shoots Bill a look again and says Yellow can be a trouble sometimes, and Bill quickly says he knows nothing about the S.S. Anne incident. The Vermillion gymleader suddenly halts and Bill wonders what he is doing. Lt. Surge points towards two rocky bridges over a lake of water ahead of them, and the two wonder if they should proceed across the shaky bridges...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

073: VS. Venomoth!

Volume 06

Blue & Sabrina get Ambushed By Lorelei
Surge & Bill keep searching for the Elite Four