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Blaine orders Mewtwo to lift off the barrier, and Yellow find themselves charging towards Lance and Aerodactyl in the form of an energy ball. Mewtwo thrusts it arms forward all of a sudden, and knocks Lance off Aerodactyl with a blast of psychic power. Lance lands on the ground and lets out a grunt. He releases his two Dragonairs and orders them to summon a combined thunderstorm and tempest. Lightning starts coursing through the sky as a strong wind begins to blow. The Dragonairs spin the turbulent currents around with an agility, and Yellow hollers in shock that the two dragons look like the god of wind and the god of thunder.

Blaine remarks that Dragonairs are one of the rare species that can alter weather conditions, and says Lance has reinforced the effect by using two Dragonairs with different climatic abilities. The Cinnabar gymleader then tells Yellow to stay put, as he is going to remove the barrier to unleash their counter-attack, and the young trainer climbs onto the shoulder of Mewtwo. Lance laughs at Mewtwo's foolish choice of removing the barrier, and orders his Dragonairs to close in on it. Mewtwo raises its left arm and starts creating a tornado with its psywave. The Dragonairs get thrown into a swirl and quickly lose their control over the climate. Lance smirks and compliments Blaine's attempt, but says the power of a tornado lies on its rims only. The two Dragonairs fasten themselves onto each other like a circle, then start spinning towards Mewtwo through the hollow centre of the tornado. The DNA pokemon quickly halts its psywave, and hops out of the way with Blaine and Yellow under its arms.

Lance decides to use the close-up attack strategy next, and orders a take-down from his Aerodactyl. The fossil pokemon aims its sharp wings straight for its foes, but Mewtwo pulls out a psychic spoon just in time to swat off the attack. Blaine explains to Yellow that Mewtwo can create weapons with its psychic powers, and suddenly clutches to his right arm as a new wave of pain courses through. Yellow remarks that Blaine has directly taken a lot of attacks himself, and suggests that he commands Mewtwo from a distance, but Blaine sighs and says it is not possible. He explains that he and Mewtwo share some of each other's cells, and that is why he can freely command it. But because of the same reason, the DNA pokemon's body cannot afford to stay too far away from him on the field. In the glass cylinder at his lab and in the masterball, a special solution helps to maintain the body of Mewtwo, but once out of the solution, Mewtwo has to stick close to him and can only sustain its strength for a maximum of 3 minutes.

Yellow listens with surprise as Blaine adds that his right arm has started to corrode two years ago, and that he and Mewtwo have grown to live on each other and formed a special bond between them. Aerodactyl continues to attack with its wings as Mewtwo fends it off with its spoon. Blaine tells Yellow that they have to come up with another strategy since Mewtwo cannot stand for much longer, and they don't know how many more pokemons Lance has. Yellow wonders if they have to attack the young man directly, but Blaine corrects her and says they are aiming for the other pokeballs on his belt. He explains that pokemons are trapped inside their pokeballs if the switches are damaged, and that they have to stop Lance from sending out more dragon pokemons.

Blaine orders Yellow to distract Aerodactyl while he takes care of Lance's pokaballs, and the young trainer quickly calls Pika forward. Aerodactyl swiftly strikes at the electric rat with its wings, and Blaine makes use of the time to work with Mewtwo. The DNA pokemon's psychic spoon starts changing into a fork, and all of a sudden extends all the way behind Lance and strikes at his pokeballs...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

080: VS. Aerodactyl (Part 2)!

Volume 07

The battle between Mewtwo and Lance's Pokémon continues fiercely