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Mewtwo's psychic spoon changes itself into a fork, and extends itself all the way to strike at Lance's pokeballs on his belt. Three hyperballs scatter onto the ground with their switches broken, and Yellow exclaims that they have succeeded. Lance begins to fall from the strike, and Blaine slowly drops to his knees as well with all his strength exhausted. Mewtwo's turns weak and its psychic spoon disappears, and Yellow realizes that the 3-minute is up. She cheers with Pika that they have defeated Lance, but the caped young man slowly gets up and lets out a maniacal laugh. He pulls off his torn cape, and compliments on the Blaine's attempt to strike at his reserve pokemons. He then snaps his finger and Aerodactyl swiftly bursts the three hyperballs on the ground. Yellow gasps in shock as she sees that they are empty balls, and Lance remarks that his other dragon pokemons have long been called out.

A Dragonite and Gyarados emerge from the underground, and Lance remarks that the force which propelled them out of the cave earlier were created by the two. Standing against the full dragon team of Lance, Yellow is wondering what to do when Mewtwo suddenly creates another psychic spoon to strike. Gyarados easily blocks the blow, and Lance smirks that the DNA pokemon is sure faithful to its trainer, but doesn't seem to have much strength left with Blaine fainted. Mewtwo's legs begin to buckle and it suddenly gets sucked back into the masterball.

Yellow picks up the ball, and knows that Mewtwo cannot stand alone without Blaine. She decides to face Lance herself, and releases her full team of pokemons. Lance takes a look at the weak pokemons and starts laughing. He asks why they are mostly unevolved, and Yellow states that she cancelled the evolutions every time. Lance laughs again and says it's interesting, but vows that he wouldn't go easy on her. He starts flying away on his Dragonite, and Yellow turns around to take a look at the fainted Blaine. She decides to look after Mewtwo for a while, and releases her full team to give chase after the dragon trainer.

Lance grins that she trailed after him the same way in Vermillion, and turns to place his hands on his two Dragonairs. Yellow watches with shock as the two dragon pokemons glow with a warm light, and their wounds slowly heal...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

081: VS. Aerodactyl (Part 3)!

Volume 07

Blaine & Mewtwo Pass out
Lance flees but Yellow follows him