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Lance places he hands over the heads of the Dragonairs, and a warm light slowly glows. All the wounds of the two dragons heal themselves, and Yellow wonders if Lance possesses the same power as her. The masterball begins to stir in her belt, and the young trainer reads from Mewtwo's mind that it has sensed that ability in Lance as well. She watches as Lance heals his Aerodactyl, and comes to understand that the young man can also read the minds of pokemons and heal them, just like she does. She realizes that Blue must have known about thtat when she sent her off on her journey, and the whole picture soon becomes clear to her.

Yellow explains to Mewtwo that Viridian means forever green, and that once in a few years, the forest blesses a new-born with special abilities. She tells the DNA pokemon that she is one of them, but says that their enemy possesses a similar if not more powerful ability, and wonders if she alone can stand against him. Mewtwo gives Yellow a confident look, and she thanks it for the support. Her pokemons start to catch up with her, and the young trainer puts on a content smile, knowing that her team will always be there for her.

Flying on his Dragonite, Lance has led Yellow to the rim of the volcano at the centre of Cerise Island. Yellow watches in bewilderment as the hot lava bubbles up and down, and Lance smirks that unlike the dead volcano on Cinnabar, the one on Cerise is a live one. He remarks that Dragonite and Gyarados have helped increase its activity by their underground work earlier, and says the place will be their final battle field. Dragonite rams into the rocks with a strength attack, and the lava starts bursting out. The volcano gives off a mighty eruption and flaming boulders quickly shower down from the sky. Lance says that dragon pokemons are hard to capture and train, but are no doubt strongest among all species. Yellow watches the burning rocks and remembers the special training Green and Blain had before. She wonders if the two have been practicing for the situation all along, and wishes that she had worked harder in her training.

Yellow orders a peck from Dodosk and a superfang from Ratty, but the attacks barely tingle Dragonite, and the giant dragon swats them off with its big tail. Golosk then charges forward with a take-down while Omask and Freesk unleash a watergun, stringshot combo, but the attacks once again don't do much, and Dragonite knocks the three pokemons down in one flap. Lance laughs that Yellow won't be able to harm his tough-skinned dragon pokemons, and tells her to give up, but the young trainer says she wouldn't stand aside and watch Kanto fall into total destruction.

Lance says pokemons live better in a world without humans and their materialistic desires, and that they won't have to worry about running out of food or living places again once mankind is wiped out. Yellow yells with agony that no one has the right to kill others or destroy cities, and it's certainly not right to use pokemons as killing machines. She tells Lance to think about all the wounded people and pokemons in Kanto, and says she truly hates pokemon battles simply because she feels bad when either her pokemons or those of her opponents get hurt. She questions why someone blessed with the ability to heal and communicate with pokemons would abuse the power to cause destruction, and Lance begins to get aggravated by her words. Yellow remarks that she remembers the boy who introduced her to the pokemon world once taught her about the need to treat pokemons like friends, and says she's always sticked to the teaching.

Unable to argue back, Lance angrily commands a fireblast from his Dragonite on the girl. Yellow screams in pain as the the fire courses through her, and the boulder she's standing on begins to break off the volcano's rim. Lance lets out a maniacal laugh as the girl starts falling into the hot lava...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

082: VS. Raticate!

Volume 07

Yellow tries to battle Lance