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On Cinnabar Island, Bozz and William holler in shock as an army of dragons start destroying the place. A Dragonair blasts the Cinnabar Gym with a hyperbeam and the whole building is reduced to rubbles immediately. William exclaims that the gym is gone, and Bozz tells him to have faith and trust the trainers on Cerise Island.

Back in one of the stalactite caves on Cerise, Sabrina orders a psychic from her Alakazam while holding onto an unconscious Blue, but Lorelei's Slowbro increases its special attack with an amnesia and remains unharmed. Lorelei remarks that her Slowbro has in fact noticed Blue's Horsea the moment it attached itself, and that it only pretended not to see so as to lure them there. She explains that the Shellder on Slowbro's tail has its own eyes, which enable Slowbro to detect vision in two directions at the same time. Knowing that Shellders help to increase the activity of Slowpokes by biting on their tails, she wonders what would the result be if a Shellder attaches itself to a Slowpoke's head.

Lorelei orders a lovely kiss from her Jynx and instantly puts Alakazam and Venomoth to sleep. Sabrina gets disoriented by Alakazam's disturbed psychic waves for a moment, and slips on a rock near the cliff. Blue falls into the crack and Sabrina struggles hard to pull the unconscious girl back up. Lorelei grins that she should have simply chopped off Blue's hand to ease her burden, but Sabrina says although they used to be enemies, she wouldn't hurt someone who's now fighting on the same side of hers. Lorelei grins and remarks that the Saffron gymleader should perhaps care less about such things if she's attempting to resurrect Team Rocket. Jynx then delivers a pound, and swats both Sabrina and Blue off the cliff along with Alakazam and Venomoth.

Lorelei looks down at the deep opening and turns to leave, but a Blastoise suddenly propels itself out with its water cannons, and Blue hops off to shoot her a grin while holding onto a fainted Sabrina and her two pokemons. Lorelei smirks and says she knew that Blue wouldn't be that easy to take care of, and asks if the girl understands why she directed all the attacks on her earlier. Blue grins, and answers that the young woman is taking revenge on her for constantly helping Yellow to slip out of the Elite 4's hands. Lorelei admits that she feels humiliated everytime Blue got the better of them, and remarks that she would be interested to hear about the girl's involvement in the whole thing right from the start. Blue decides that she no longer has reasons to hide anything, and decides to tell her story...

Since the Pokemon League ended two years ago, Blue has been away on her own to search for the big bird that kidnapped her when she was young. This one day, she receives a call from a friend in the western land, Johto, while flying on her Jiggly. She gasps in surprise as she learns that Lance of the Elite 4 is scheming to control a giant bird pokemon, and that the dragon trainer has the special ability to heal and communicate with pokemons.

Her young friend warns her that the only way to fight against Lance is to find a Viridian trainer blessed with the same abilities, and to pair him or her up with a pokemon that originates from Viridian as well. Blue thanks her friend and hangs up, and wonders where she will find that special Viridian trainer. Suddenly, she sees a battered Pikachu being chased by a Hitmonlee, and immediately recognizes it as the Pika of Red. She notices the severe wounds on its bodies, and quickly realizes that something bad must have happened to Red.

A while later, Yellow is fishing with her Rattata along a stream in the Viridian Forest. Blue happens to be looking for Pika in the same area, and decides to ask for directions after she spots the young girl whose yellow hair is tied back into a ponytail. Yellow tells her to wait, and places her hands on the Rattata to read its mind. Blue gasps in shock as she realizes the young girl before her possesses the special ability that her friend referred to. Blue then sees the sketchbook of Yellow, and is surprised to know that there is a drawing of Red. Yellow explains that Red saved her from a wild Dratini two years ago, the time when the evil Team Rocket exploited the forest to house their biologically engineered pokemons.

Blue thinks for a moment, and reveals to Yellow that Red is in danger. She hopes that Yellow would agree to go on a quest to search for Red, and the young trainer decides to help after a short thought. Blue then teaches Yellow some basic pokemon battling skills, and prepares the materials for her to set out. The next day, Blue tells Yellow to first head towards Pallet and find an injured Pikachu which belongs to Red, and reminds her not to reveal her name or where she comes from to anyone. Yellow is about to leave when Blue hesitates over her appearance. She then puts on a big straw hat on the young trainer's head to cover her ponytail, and says it will be safer for her to travel as a boy. Yellow thanks Blue and pulls tight on the big straw hat. She puts on a determined look as she embarks on her long journey...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

083: VS. Slowbro!

Volume 07

Cinnibar Island gets attacked
Sabrina & Blue continue fighting Lorelei
Blue remembers how she got Yellow to help stop Lance