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Lorelei listens patiently as Blue finishes narrating how she sent Yellow out on her quest. The young woman remarks that Blue must have installed devices on the young trainer's straw hat to monitor her location and pick up her speeches, and Blue grins that she guessed it right. Blue then states that she shall now finish the battle, and throws out a pokeball to release her Clefable, Clef. Yet nothing seems to appear after the pokeball pops, and Lorelei wonders what is going on. Blue smirks that she has ordered a minimize from her Clef, and Lorelei turns in surprise to see the diminished fairy pokemon trotting silently next to Cloyster.

Clef snatches the ice figures from the bivalve pokemon, and Lorelei quickly orders Jynx to attack it, but Turtley blasts a jet of water on the ice pokemon to cover for Clef. The pink fairy rushes back towards its trainer, but trips on a rock all of a sudden, and drops the ice figures to the ground. The right hand of Blue's figure breaks off, and the girl hollers in shock as her own right hand detaches from her body. Lorelei also gets stunned for a moment, and yells that Blue shouldn't have tried to challenge her. Blue pants with a weak smirk that she won't lose easily, and faints to the ground.

Lorelei calls out to the girl again, then decides that she should be glad about her own victory and turns to leave. A pink blob starts to elongate out from Blue's broken hand and crawls towards Lorelei. It then takes her by surprise and wraps itself around her as the young woman realizes that it is a Ditto. Blue gets up with a grin to show her real right hand, and says she has created a fake one with her Ditty while putting on her coat after landing on the island. She remarks that one should keep plenty of tricks up her sleeve when dealing with the Elite 4, and stands to look proudly at Lorelei. Lorelei compliments on the girl's skills, and admits defeat. While Ditty continues to tighten itself around her, she says she truly hopes that pokemons could live in an ideal world where they do not have to suffer from the results of human's destructive activities again, and slowly passes out from the choking constraint.

Blue remarks that there are always alternative ways to achieve a goal, and retrieves Ditty into its ball. Knowing that Lorelei should regain her consciousness after a while, she decides to wake Sabrina, but she turns around to find that the Saffron gymleader has already waken, and is glaring at her with an annoyed look. Sabrina accuses Blue of not letting her know about the sleeve trick, and says it caused her quite a lot of trouble trying to protect the girl when she was unconscious. Blue sheepishly grins, and remarks that one has to hide information from her companions as well in order to fool the enemy successfully, and Sabrina yells that she is hugely angry.

Meanwhile, in another stalactite cave, Bruno holds his head in pain after seeing Red. The big man wonders why his memory seems to black out every now and then, and Bill tells Red to be careful of the Hitmonlee. The young inventor angrily says that his home was destroyed by its extra flexible legs, and Red says he's already learnt of its power. The boy then tells Lt. Surge to let him battle alone, but the Vermillion doesn't understand why. Red explains that he has to finish his promised one on one battle with Bruno, and Lt. Surge grins that the boy never changes his stubborn attitude.

Bruno looks up at Bill, and couldn't understand why he has no recollection at all about ordering his Hitmonlee to destroy the young man's home. He remembers feeling the same kind of pain in his head midway through his previous battle with Red, and wonders why his memory after each episode of headache seems to be unclear to him. The big man then stomps his foot on the ground, and decides to leave his questions all behind. Red has once again stood before him, and the only things he wants is to complete their unfinished match.

Bruno straightens up himself on the rocky bridge formed by the wild Onix, and proceeds to order a firepunch from his Hitmonchan. Red decides to retrieve Saur and release Poli, but the fighting pokemon follows up with a thunderpunch, and he quickly changes his mind. Bruno remarks that Hitmonchan knows three different elemental punches and can take down a wide range of pokemon types, and Red remembers that he has a pokemon with similar abilities. Bill and Lt. Surge watch in surprise as Red calls out Eevee, Vee, and takes out three elemental stones. Bruno orders an icepunch from his Hitmonchan, and Red quickly flashes the firestone to evolve Vee into a Flareon. Flareon releases a flamethrower on Hitmonchan and the fighting pokemon counters with a firepunch, but Red flashes the waterstone and Flareon instantly changes into a Vaporeon to unleash a watergun. Bruno gasps in surprise, and Red explains that his Eevee is capable of freely transforming between its three elemental evolutions. Together with the legendary reusable elemental stones from the Vermillion seaport, he can maximize Vee's special ability to its full extent.

Bruno calls Machamp onto the Onix bridge to assist Hitmonchan, and Red quickly releases Poli to help Vee. Bruno orders his Machamp to snap off its belt, and remarks that he has deliberately kept the belt on after Machoke evolved to store up its power, and wait for an appropriate chance to fully unleash it. Machamp delivers a slap on Poli and quickly knocks it off the bridge together with Vaporeon. Poli clings on and releases a watergun, but Machamp picks it up and rams it down hard on the wild Onix's body. Its water soaks the rocky blocks of the Onix, and Bruno says he's sorry that Red has lost his priced Eevee. A face slowly takes form in the water Poli spilt on Onix, and Vaporeon suddenly hops out to surprise the Machamp. Red grins and says Vaporeon can melt in water by its acid armour ability, and that it was only hiding in Poli's watergun attack earlier.

Red flashes the thunderstone and Vee transforms into a Jolteon. It unleashes a pin missile, and quickly flattens Machamp and Hitmonchan onto the sides of the cave. Bruno goes wordless for a moment as his pokemons struggle to get free, then all of sudden bursts out in laughter. Red doesn't know what's going, and watches with surprise as the man retrieves the two fighting pokemons.

Bruno admits defeat to Red, and says he has decided to stop supporting the plan of Lance. He remarks that the boy's other companions should have defeated the other members of the Elite 4 as well, and tells the boy to remember that both the trainer and the pokemon can grow stronger from a battle. He lets out a final grin to say that he is content with his match with Red, and turns to leave as Red watches him disappear into the dark tunnels...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

084: VS. Clefable!

Volume 07

Blue defeats Lorelei
Red defeats Bruno
Bruno decides to go against the Elite Four