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Yellow lets out a scream as the boulder she's standing on crumbles, and she begins to fall into the hot lava of the erupting volcano. Pika lashes out its substitute surfboard in the nick of time to support the young trainer, and Lance laughs that it's no use struggling. Determined to save Kanto from utter destruction, Yellow and Pika start surfing in the lava, and Lance orders his Dragonite to give chase. Dragonite edges close towards Pika, and Lance suddenly extends his hand out to Pika. Yellow gasps in surprise as she realizes that the dragon trainer is reading Pika's mind. Lance withdraws his hand and grins that he knew Yellow must be have grown up from Viridian as well the moment he saw her. Pika angrily unleashes a thunderbolt, but Dragonite counters with a hyperbeam and nearly rams the surfboard upside down.

Lance announces that his powers were also blessed by the Viridian Forest, and Yellow cannot believe she shares the same legacy as the young man. While Pika and Dragonite continue to fire at each other with thunderbolt and hyperbeam, Yellow wonders why Lance would destroy his own hometown. Lance compliments on the young trainer's efforts so far, and says she is the only opponent of his who has witnessed all four special abilities of his Dragonairs. Yellow doesn't understand what the young man is talking about, and Lance explains that his Dragonairs not only can navigate in air, but also have the ability to create hyperbeams with patterns of their own choice. In addition, they have control over climate, and can work as one to create devastating powers.

Lance says his other dragon pokemons are equally blessed with special abilities, and grins that Yellow wouldn't be able to find out as he'll put an end to her soon. He orders another hyperbeam from his Dragonite, and Yellow struggles to dodge with Pika. Mewtwo suddenly stirs in her belt, and she knows that the DNA pokemon wants to help. However, no one can command Mewtwo aside from Blaine, and Yellow decides to use the tactics Mewtwo employed earlier instead. She orders Pika to start surfing in circles, and soon creates a whirlpool in the hot lava. Pika directs the swirl towards Lance, and the young man grunts with anger as the hot lava hits his Dragonite like the tornado started by Mewtwo's psywave. Dragonite charges towards Yellow, and the whirlpool of lava splashes everywhere as Yellow pulls on her straw hat and covers her eyes.

The smoke caused by the splash slowly clears and Lance is nowhere to be found. Yellow begins to look around and wonders where the young man has gone to...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

086: VS. Dragonite!

Volume 07

Yellow survives the fall
Yellow, Pika & Mewtwo start to try to defeat Dragonite